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Prepare for Change

Prepare for Change

New Age Stores : Lightworkers | Wiccan + Pagan Supplies Silver Legion Home The Aquarius Paradigm | Assisting in Informing and Awakening Humanity Ascension Gatekeepers Q: Hi Carla, What are gatekeepers? I just listened to a reading with AA Michael and there was mention of gatekeepers. What do they do? AAM said that some people went to the 5th dimension on 11-11 and now they are acting as gatekeepers. A: Great question and very timely! Firstly I want to explain what gatekeepers are NOT. Metaphorically speaking, gatekeepers are not keeping the gate closed and deciding your fate. There is no entity between you and the realization of your vaster self. Those referred to by AA Michael as “gatekeepers” are also called “the first wave”, or similar type references. On a vaster scale, everything has a particular harmonic resonance. As Spirit explained to me, using the term “integrity” in the scientific way – there needs to be a certain “integrity of resonance” for creation to maintain harmony. A similar thing is happening with the gatekeepers/wayshowers. Energetically speaking this template is a vibrational example. Espavo ~ Carla

Awakening with Suzanne Lie Elen Sentier Blog A Healing Place - Fran Zepeda Lady Nada: It Is Like You Are Completely Cushioned in LOVE Now – Channeled by Fran Zepeda - 4.4.14 Hello dear ones, my precious frequency travelers and way showers for Peace and LOVE. You are magnificent. I cannot tell you this enough. You are riding along an ever-increasing wave of LOVE now. Can you feel it? It is like you are completely cushioned in LOVE now, as you accept the beautiful energies coming in and as you spread them out. Oh, my dear ones, you are no doubt discovering that you really did not fully fathom before what it would be like to swim constantly in this Lake of Love, this Ocean of Love, this expanded you that encompasses so much more now. I once again commend you for this giant leap many of you have taken. For you are so much more entrenched in LOVE energy as the base and core of you that it rules and governs now every perception and every action you make. I beseech you to continue your self-care. And always come back to your Heart Center and lead from there.

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