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Anatomy of A Tweet- Must See Guide for Teachers

Anatomy of A Tweet- Must See Guide for Teachers
Using Twitter for educational purposes starts with understanding how this social networking and microblogging platform works. This is best done via going through the tutorials found in its FAQ page or through videos other volunteers created and posted in YouTube or Vimeo. Now that your students have understood how to create their profile on Twitter, they will need to know what a tweet is all about. This is where "anatomy of a tweet" comes in handy. By dissecting the tweet into its constituent parts and showing students what each part is about, they will not only make a head start in tweeting but will also transform their tweeting experience. Anatomy of a tweet is a phrase I learned from SandyK's blog. 1- Avatar This can be a photo or any other graphic that a user is known by. 2- Tweeter's name This is the name of the person sending the Tweet. 3- Twitter username or handle This is a name by which a tweeter is known in the twitter community.

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See The Beauty Of Math, Even If You Don’t Understand Math There comes a moment in most of our lives when we realize that some secrets of the universe will remain hidden from us--not because mankind hasn't discovered them, but because those secrets are encoded in complex math and physics problems that few of us have the talent or patience to understand. But Beauty of Mathematics, a new video by Yann Pineill & Nicolas Lefaucheux, gives the mathematically challenged a peek into living equations. The animated triptych shows an equation on the left, its quantified schematics in the center, and its real world manifestation on the right. The video is like academic X-ray vision, but in reality, its inspiration was never math or science. It was beauty.

The 8 Must Have Skills for The 21st Century Students June 23, 2014 Here is a wonderful little visual I came across through Edudemic which outlines the 8 skills students need in order to live up to the expectations of the future job market. These skills which are highlighted in the recent report "The Learning Curve" by Pearson are a big departure from the conventional literacy skills : Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.That being said, the report also underscored the fact that for kids (in developing countries) to get a grasp of the 21st century skills, they need to first master the basic literacy skills. Developing countries must teach basic skills more effectively before they start to consider the wider skills agenda. There is little point in investing in pedagogies and technologies to foster 21st century skills, when the basics of numeracy and literacy aren't in place. Here is the 8 needed skills for the future:LeadershipDigital LiteracyCommunicationEmotional IntelligenceEntrepreneurshipGlobal CitizenshipProblem SolvingTeam-Working

Get ready for your new class Welcome. The acrostic elements were generated by Year 6 right at the start of the year. Ownership of the room was thus subtly established as being shared with the teacher. A big question when you finally get to the holidays is the extent to which you get ready for your new class before the term starts. I want to look at how you can prepare your classroom for the new school year and still have some time for yourself. 5 Time-saving Gmail Tips for Teachers June 21, 2014 I spent the whole day today catching up with the piles of emails I have in my inbox and I still did not reach inbox zero. However, while working on my Gmail, it dawned on me to share with you some useful tips I am using on my Gmail and which can make your emailing experience way better.These tips are features provided by Gmail team. All of features can be accessed from the setting button on the top right side : 1- Undo sent messages If you have hit the "send" button too soon or by mistake then the "undo Send" feature allows you to stop messages from being sent for a few seconds after hitting the send button. You can set a cancellation period from 5 to 30 seconds.

12 Rules Of Great Teaching - 12 Rules Of Great Teaching by Terry Heick Recently, I’ve been thinking of the universal truths in teaching. Teaching With ChronoZoom - A Timeline of Almost Everything A couple of years ago Microsoft launched an open source timeline tool called ChronoZoom. At that time ChronoZoom was an impressive interactive timeline of the history of the world. But that's all it was. Recently, I learned that ChronoZoom now allows students and teachers to create their own timelines. Timelines created in ChronoZoom can include multiple layers so that you can see how events and eras overlap.