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The Loire Chansonniers : indexes for Laborde, Mellon, Copenhagen and Wolfenbuttel Four of the Loire Valley Chansonniers are available on the web in facsimile editions. They are the Laborde Chansonnier published by Octavo /, the Mellon Chansonnier by the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University, the Copenhagen Chansonnier by Det Kongelige Bibliotek and the Wolfenb├╝ttel Chansonnier by the Herzog August Bibliothek. These sites represent a marvelous resource but unfortunately none of them provide detailed indexes linked to the facsimiles of the works contained in the manuscripts. This not only makes finding individual songs tedious but also means that they are poorly indexed by the search engines. The aim of these pages is to provide detailed indexes sortable by page number, song incipit and composer for the four chansonniers and so to facilitate acces to their contents as well as exposing them to the search engines. Attributions to individual composers are those given by the sources from which the indexes are drawn.

CMME: Dynamic early music editions: About WIMA: Werner Icking Music Archive: How to produce a pdf score WIMA has merged with IMSLP Music Archive Home | Other Composers How to produce a pdf score Instructions for typesetters using graphical sheet music editors The instructions below on installing printer drivers and postscript utilities are primarily meant for users of graphical sheet music editors under the Windows operating systems. Procedures for other operating systems like Apple MacOs may differ somewhat. 3 main approaches to producing pdf scores are described: generating the pdf score immediately on your own pc - requires installing a Windows to-file pdf printer driver generating the pdf score on your own pc based on an initial postscript score - requires installing a Windows to-file postscript printer driver plus Ghostscript/Gsview generating the pdf score by means of an on-line pdf conversion service based on an initial postscript score - requires installing a Windows to-file postscript printer driver Installing to-file printer drivers Generating a pdf score

Data Fields -- MOTET Online Database Information is entered into the database in fields that provide information about each source and work as well as in fields used strictly for sorting. The source of most information in the data fields is listed in brief form in the Citation field. 1. Source For printed anthologies, this is an abbreviated title of the volume; the definitive identification for prints is the RISM siglum in the Date field. 2. For prints, the date and superscript as assigned by RISM amounts to a positive identification as well as a dating of the source. 3. These are the names indicated in the original source or as proposed in recent scholarship. Place Information Place information for the sources has been broken into three separate fields, as listed below. 4. The court, church, city, or individual patron associated with the source, if known. 5. 6. 7. 8. Citations refer primarily to the sources of the inventories. 9. This field simply identifies the source as a manuscript or print. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

XML and Music Several initiatives have addressed the need for a standardized markup-based music notation. Some examples: SMDL - Standard Music Description Language SMDL standardization is organized by Working Group 3 of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34 (Information Association). "The Standard Music Description Language (SMDL), an application of the HyTime Hypermedia/Time-based document structuring facilities, is described. References: Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) "The Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) DTD is an XML DTD for the representation and exchange of music information. [September 2002] The proposed Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) draws upon the design of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) and other standards in its goal of creating a markup-based music encoding standard. MusicXML Definition "MusicXML is a universal translator for common Western musical notation from the 17th century onwards. [October 21, 2002] MusicXML Definition. [November 07, 2000] Historical; see preceding. WEDELMUSIC XML Notation FlowML