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Peter Attia: Is the obesity crisis hiding a bigger problem?

Peter Attia: Is the obesity crisis hiding a bigger problem?

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How to embrace the near-win: Sarah Lewis at TED2014 Sarah Lewis. Photo: Bret Hartman “In that moment, my view of success and creativity changed,” says Lewis. “I realized that success is a moment, but what we’re always celebrating is creativity and mastery. We often want the moment of completion, but what really propels us is the unfinished.” Two ADAs: Same Awful Advice Whether you're talking ADA, as in, American Diabetes Association or, ADA as in American Dietetic Association, the advice is the same and the effects are the same: not helpful at best, deadly at worst. This is a sort of follow-on to my recent post on registered dietitians. One of my readers, Steve Cooksey, offered to share his experience with the "ADA," and it doesn't really matter which one, or both. He might have died but for his finding Mark Sisson and from there, others in the paleo / primal blogging community. Before you see Steve's amazing story in his own words, let's pause for a little history.

8 math talks to blow your mind Mathematics gets down to work in these talks, breathing life and logic into everyday problems. Prepare for math puzzlers both solved and unsolvable, and even some still waiting for solutions. Ron Eglash: The fractals at the heart of African designs When Ron Eglash first saw an aerial photo of an African village, he couldn’t rest until he knew — were the fractals in the layout of the village a coincidence, or were the forces of mathematics and culture colliding in unexpected ways? Here, he tells of his travels around the continent in search of an answer. How big is infinity? 12 pieces of advice for giving talks that have impact Courtney E. Martin hosts a session called “The 19th Minute,” and shared valuable insight on how to give a talk that has real impact. Photo: Marla Aufmuth/TED Sharing an idea isn’t like snapping your fingers — things don’t just instantly change.

Killer Fact: 30-40 Percent of Health Care Spending in the U.S. Is Tied to Excess Sugar Consumption Photo Credit: January 10, 2014 | Like this article? Join our email list: American Promise Raising Black Boys to Succeed in School and in Life (Random House, 2014) by Joe Brewster, M.D., and Michele Stephenson with Hilary Beard In this book we share what we learned along our journey that helped us to support our son in fulfilling his promise. We also reached out to more than 60 of the most accomplished researchers in the nation, experts who are performing cutting-edge studies on a wide variety of issues that impact the intellectual, social and emotional well-being of Black boys. Indeed a lot is known about how to create an environment in which a Black male will succeed. Promises Kept presents 10 parenting and educational strategies that researchers have discovered can assist parents, educators, and other members of their proverbial Village to help Black boys become the happy, healthy, well-educated, well-developed people they are capable of being.

10 talks you won't be able to stop thinking about Now playing Here's a TED first: an animated Socratic dialog! In a time when irrationality seems to rule both politics and culture, has reasoned thinking finally lost its power? Watch as psychologist Steven Pinker is gradually, brilliantly persuaded by philosopher Rebecca Newberger Goldstein that reason is actually the key driver of human moral progress, even if its effect sometimes takes generations to unfold. How to Win an Argument With a Nutritionist I love nutrition, but I really hate the way it tends to be practiced. Many dietitians are NOT basing their nutrition advice on the latest science (1). The general guidelines are completely outdated.

70+ book picks from TED speakers and attendees The tables in bookstores can be overwhelming: Every book cover looks appealing, every blurb glows with praise. Sometimes, you just need a recommendation from a human, someone you trust. Below, 10 members of the TED community — with very different points of view — share the books they think you’ll enjoy this summer. Their selections are wonderfully untethered to new releases and bestsellers, with a little something for everyone. Mind-bending fiction, picked by David Eagleman David Eagleman is a neuroscientist whose sensory vest may just expand the limits of human perception.

LCHF for Beginners Do you want effortless weight loss? Or type 2 diabetes reversal and other health benefits? Then a low-carb diet could be right for you. You can eat all you need to feel satisfied – there’s no calorie counting required, ever. No products.

21 Short Videos Worth More Than an MBA If you're determined to get a job that requires an MBA, by all means spend the time and money to get one. However, if you want to know more about business than 99.9 percent of your colleagues, you can spend a day watching these TED Talks. Motivation 1. Why we do what we do Tony Robbins discusses the invisible forces that make us do what we do and how to use them to your advantage. High-Carb ADA Diabetes Diet Advice Slowly Killing Type 2 Diabetics Diabetes is quickly becoming an out-of-control epidemic with no signs of slowing down anytime soon unless something dramatically changes in the way people are treating this terrible disease. According to The 2011 National Diabetes Fact Sheet, 25.8 million Americans currently have diabetes (mostly Type 2) and another 79 million are well on their way to developing full-blown Type 2 diabetes with elevated fasting blood glucose numbers identifying them as prediabetic (with fasting blood glucose levels between 100-125 mg/dl). Unfortunately, the primary source of consumer information about treating diabetes comes from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and their horribly misguided recommended meal plans that are decidedly too high-carb to control blood sugar and insulin levels to adequately control the complications that come from diabetes. I feel really moved to tell you that my mother has just passed from complications of her diabetes. She was 68.