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Quel fil choisir pour faire ses bijoux?

Quel fil choisir pour faire ses bijoux?
8 types de fils que j’utilise régulièrement pour fabriquer des bijoux fantaisie! Il existe une multitude de fils pour enfiler ou travailler les perles. Mais lequel choisir? Fil câblé ou fil de pêche?Fil de soie ou fil polyester? Il est donc important de choisir son fil à bijoux avec soin. Voici donc Les 8 types de fils que j’utilise pour faire des bijoux Le fil câblé J’aime ce fil car il est très résistant, existe dans de nombreux coloris, permet un enfilage de perles très rapide. Mais, je le trouve un peu rigide et donc je ne l’utilise pas pour des colliers longs. Sa taille est définie en diamètre (0.010 jusque 0.024 un des plus épais). Noter que ce fil se trouve en gris neutre, couleurs diverses, argent, or, plaqué argent et plaqué or. Le fil de pêche J’ aime car ce fil est résistant. On termine un bijoux avec le fil de pêche par un noeud carré ou par une perle cache- noeud. Vous pourrez voir certains colliers finis avec des perles à écraser. Le fil polyester, soie ou coton Le fil serpentine

Deluxe Duplex Bracelet 1 Step 13: Now we need to make the "end" wire component. This component allows us to connect our duplex bracelet to a single clasp instead of a two way clasp. If you have a two way clasp, you can eliminate this component and modify your bracelet. Begin making the end component by cutting a 1 1/2 inch segment of 18 gauge wire, preferably 1/2 hard. Make a loop in one end of this wire segment. Step 14: Straighten this wire segment by pulling through the jaws of your step jaw pliers Step 15: Now position two metal pegs in your jig and place the initial loop over the lower, right most peg as shown at right. Step 16: Now wrap the wire around peg 8 as shown at right Step 17: Wrap the wire around peg 9 as shown below left. Step 18: Remove the wire from the jig and cut the excess wire. Step 21: Repeat steps 19 and 20 to connect all five duplex wire components. Step 22: Now we need to connect the 2:1 end link to the duplex wire components on either end. Alternative Designs-- Deluxe Triplex Bracelet

Easy Adjustable Spiral Ring Tutorial | Art-Z Jewelry This adjustable spiral ring is quite easy to make with just a little wire, a bit of muscle and a few standard tools. Supplies - Two 6 inch pieces of round, soft, 16 gauge wire One 14 (or more) inch piece of 24 inch, round, soft wire Ring mandrel or other round object ¾” to 1 inch in diameter Round nose pliers Flat nose pliers Wire cutter for thick wire Ruler Rubber, plastic, rawhide mallet (optional). Steps - 1. 2. to cover more of the back of the ring. in neatly on the inside of the ring. 3. Slightly bend the two top wires up in a soft curve and the two bottom wires down in the same way. 4. different lengths. reversed if you want the wires facing a different direction. 6. 7. Spirals so they curve gently, but firmly. all around the ring at this point. That’s it, your ring is finished! You could make this ring in just about any metal as long as you can manipulate it easily. Like this: Like Loading... I'm Zoraida and I design and create handmade, one of a kind jewelry.

Easy Step to Make Creative Golden Flower Earrings Most girls like flowers, but how about this dedicate flower earrings? Do you like them? I hope the answer is “yes”. Instructions on making golden flower earrings: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Golden flower earrings are done! Earcuff TUTORIAL!!! (on BIG demand) - JEWELRY AND TRINKETS I started making ear cuffs half a week ago, and already LOTS of people were asking me to make a tutorial.I made two.One on the basic cuff, just to get the hang of it, and one more expanded, where you can use your own imagination. What you need: The 18g wire can also be 20g 1. Basic Ear Cuff Cut from the 18g wire a piece of 2,5" Bend the right end 3/4" 180° upwards. Do the same with the left end, downwards. Make a loop to the right with the round nose pliers out of the upper end. Do the same with the lower end, to the left, in opposite direction. Bend the side parts backwards around round nose pliers or a pencil. Ready! 2. Cut from the 18g wire a longer piece f.e. 5" Bend the right end 180° upwards. Bend the left part 180° downwards, but see that the middle part is app. 1" Finish the upper end by making curls and loops with the round nose pliers. Bend the lower part 90° downwards in the middle. From this point I turned the piece around. Bend the wire further to hold the bead in it's place. Done!

How to Use the Bail Forming Pliers Tutorials There are many tools you can use to coil wire and make consistent sized loops. The bail forming pliers is yet another option which can help you make connectors, clasps, ear wires and jump rings. I bought the large sized bail forming pliers because I already had other tools like the 3 step loop forming pliers and wanted to avoid duplication. It makes two different sizes of rings - 9 mm and 7 mm. The inspiration for this tutorial are these beautiful cubic zirconia fans from Art Bead's cubic zirconia collection. These are not flat at all and presented a design challenge! Making Connections First cut about 4 1/2 " of 20 G wire. Now wrap one end completely around one cylinder - I've rotated the pliers anticlockwise to show the wire ends going in opposite directions. Take the wire end on the right and wrap it around the other cylinder and down the other side. Now this is the part which I suspect frustrates people. First reinsert one of the cylinders. Do the same for the other loop.

Bizsugyár How to Make a Spiral Wire Ring | Art-Z Jewelry This is one of the easiest wire rings I’ve ever made. I can’t believe I didn’t come up with this sooner. It only requires one piece of wire and looks great in copper, silver, brass, bronze or whatever wire you like. The wire should be 16 gauge, soft and round. *This sample was in size 8 so if you want a smaller ring, you can decrease the length by either cutting it 1/2″ shorter or creating a bigger center spiral. For bigger sizes do the opposite and cut a longer piece of wire to begin the project. Tools for this project Supplies One piece of 16ga, soft, round wire 10″ long for a size 8 ring – *see note above regarding sizes. Ring mandrel Rubber or rawhide mallet Round nose pliers Flat nose pliers Needle file or steel wool #0000 Steps Using your round nose pliers, made a small right angle bend 2 1/2″ from the end of the 16ga wire. Step 1 Step 2 Continue forming a flat spiral with your fingers until the spiral is big enough to grip with your flat nose pliers. Step 3 Step 4 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9

Wire Ring Base Tutorial I decided to make some polymer clay rings to sell,but turns out it's almost impossible to buy ring bases here.So after I finished beeing mad at the local craft store I came up with the idea to make my own ring bases. And I'm going to share the idea,since I know some of you have trouble finding tha bases too. This is how they look without the clay. -tutorial-Step1 Gather the things you will need:- thick wire (I don't know what gauge it is) I got 5 meters of the wire for really cheap at the craft store.- wire cutters- hammer- a piece of wood or iron - and some kind of an item that is the size of your rings.I used a little bottle of nail polish from Avon.Step2 Measure and cut 17cm of wire. Curl up one end of your wire to form a swirl.And curlp up a little bit the other end.Step4 This is how it should look like.Now get out your hammer and piece of wood or iron.Step5 Hammer the hole thing flat. :) Trust me,it's easier then it sounds. Start wrapping the wire on the item you are using as the form.

Handmade & Handcrafted Jewelry Techniques Jewelry Techniques for Making Handcrafted and Handmade Jewelry History of Handcrafted and Handmade Jewelry: The history of making handmade jewelry goes back 8,000 years. In about 6,000 BC, in the Babylonian city of UR, wire was made from metals including gold. Jewelry Making Techniques That Are Covered in our Web Site: To say that our web site has a plethora (an abundance) of articles on making handcrafted jewelry and handmade jewelry might be an understatement. Jewelry Making Techniques for Making Handcrafted and Handmade Jewelry Not Covered in our Web Site: In many ways, it is easier to describe what jewelry making techniques are not addressed in our web site. Summary: Our hope is that some of the information that we provide in this section of our web site will help you, our reader, to improve their skills in making handmade jewelry.

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