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Motivational and Inspirational Quotes Online Etymology Dictionary 'em Middle English, now taken as a colloquial abbreviation of them, but originally a form of hem, dative and accusative of the third person plural pronoun. -ean variant of -an after names ending in -ea, -es, -eus. -ectomy word-forming element meaning "surgical removal," from Greek -ektomia "a cutting out of," from ektemnein "to cut out," from ek "out" (see ex-) + temnein "to cut" (see tome). -ed past participle suffix of weak verbs, from Old English -ed, -ad, -od (leveled to -ed in Middle English), from Proto-Germanic *-do- (cognates: Old High German -ta, German -t, Old Norse -þa, Gothic -da, -þs), from PIE *-to- (cognates: Sanskrit -tah, Greek -tos, Latin -tus; see -th (1)). Originally fully pronounced, as still in beloved (which, with blessed, accursed, and a few others retains the full pronunciation through liturgical readings). -ee word-forming element in legal English (and in imitation of it), representing the Anglo-French -é ending of past participles used as nouns. -een -eer -ella -eme -emia

Reasons Why Running Keeps You Happy and Healthy Running Helps You Process Pain Running puts you in tune with your body in a way few other exercise regimes can do. You get to know how you function under physical stress and exactly how much you can take. Great Poems « Greatest Books of All Time » Life-Changing Arts A selection of great poems from centuries of brillant authors and poets. Whether you are new to the world of poetry and wish to savor it, or a well-versed poetry connoisseur, either way you will probably enjoy the classics of world poetry. The poems are sorted by vote. To vote for a poem, click on the left of it. Voting is possible once per day. Votes PoemAuthor IfRudyard Kipling EchoChristina Georgina Rossetti If you think the best poem of all times is not even on this list, by all means, let us know which poem it is and why you think it should be added. Get inspired.. inspire others.. Back to Greatest Books of All Time

A Better Way to Answer ‘How Have You Been?’ | SUCCESS What have you accomplished in the past year? Don’t like the answers? Wish you had better ones, more fulfilling ones? You can—just one year from now. You have within yourself the power to decide that when someone asks you just one year from now, “What have you been up to?” You aren’t getting any younger, and neither am I. 1. What is it exactly? 2. Maybe you want to lose weight. 3. Stop telling yourself negative things, and include thoughts, not just verbal talk. 4. I don’t mean join a theater group. If you do the above, if you decide what you want, put a physical reminder of it where you will see it, increase your positive self-talk and take actions that will propel you toward your goals, you will ignite your life!

PEPC LIBRARY Index Helen Adam, a selection of poems Hélène Aji , Writing (as) (and) thinking: Charles Bernsteins Work in Language (2006) Richard Aldington, "Daisy" (1915) Bruce Andrews & Charles Bernstein, eds, L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Lines (1988) [pdf, theory/praxis by Weiner, Drucker, McCaffery, Inman, Grenier, Mandel, Silliman, Hejinian, Benson, Howe, eds]. Bruce Andrews, "if the social is made coherent by discursive arrangements..." (1990) David Antin, Some Questions about Modernism Guillaume Apollinaire, "There Is" Guillaume Apollinaire, from Calligrammes: Poems of Peace and War (1913-1916) – "Lettre Océan" and "La Colombe Poignardée et le jet d’eau" Yubraj Aryal, ed., The Humanities at Work: International Exchange of Ideas in Aesthetics, Philosophy and Literature (2008): Introduction and table of contents & main body of text Djuna Barnes, Book of Repulsive Women (Sun & Moon) via PIP Susan Bee, Liquid Perceptions (1994) Susan Bee, Not (New York: Asylum's Press, 1980) Disfrutes (1974) [complete book] __________.

5 Life Lessons You Never Learned in School To the untrained ear, the advice given to Jim Rohn by his mentor Earl Schoaff sounds contradictory. “Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job,” the late philosopher says with his unique cadence and tone. But listen to the words from Rohn’s mouth and you know that this man’s advice is anything but contradictory. He’s not saying you shouldn’t work hard at a job you love. The hard work comes naturally when you love what you do. What Rohn is saying is that personal development—the building and strengthening of you—is how you become better at everything else. SUCCESS has compiled a series of five guides on communication, time management, goal setting, leadership and personal development, based on the transcripts of Rohn’s most popular lectures and writings. Here we share the SUCCESS editors’ five favorite lessons from the series: Lesson 1: Communication “In order to be effective, your communication should be on purpose. —from The Jim Rohn Guide to Communication

FREE Online Rhyming Dictionary 7 Keys to a Flawless Conversation The ability to hold a natural conversation is key to success in the professional world. Knowing when to initiate a discussion, keeping it interesting by asking effective questions, sharing your own stories and ending dialogue with kindness is an art. So, are you a smooth talker? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Get more content like this in Seeds of SUCCESS, a weekly newsletter with valuable ideas, tips and inspirational insight you can apply to your personal and professional life today.