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Innov8Social - Exploring Social Innovation InSTEDD iLab América Latina Keeping tabs on Canada’s Parliament | Engine Service Design Open Living Labs | The First step towards a new Innovation System Calgary Climate Action Network – Building the climate movement in Calgary KNOW-HUB KNOW-HUB bridges the gap of shortage of knowledge, skills and experience of European regions in designing and implementing smart and effective strategies for innovation. The practitioners from 10 EU regions will collaborate in reviewing their policies and practices to identify issues for improvement and good practices to share with others. They will learn together how to apply the knowledge and experience identified in the peer review process, and sharing this knowledge with the aid of modern knowledge management tools. Now, more than ever before, Europe needs to remove the obstacles to the knowledge based economy in Europe, such as little demand for innovation, poor social capital, red tape, institutional barriers, shortage of skills and competencies of human capital or poor connectivity between innovation actors. European regions have a crucial role in helping their economies to develop and gain durable competitive advantages. The objective The activities: Benefits for the partn

Desis Lab Vision DESIS Lab members explore the relationship between design and social change. Our goal is to advance the practice and discourse of design-led social innovation to foster more equitable and sustainable cities and practices. In a complex world facing numerous systemic challenges, DESIS Lab members rethink assumptions about cultural and economic environments, bringing nuanced approaches drawn from integrated design practices to communities of all kinds. In the DESIS Lab, service design is considered an advanced approach, one integrating many design disciplines. Foundations Three foundations guide our research in design strategies: Bridging structural holes: Social settings often suffer from severe information asymmetries. Local and Global The lab works with local partners in New York City and with global partners through the DESIS Network, participating in large-scale research programs and projects to effect social change. Visit the DESIS Network website for more information.

Standard Setting Agencies In the May 2002 review of Data Provision to the Fund for Surveillance Purposes, the IMF Executive Board discussed the dissemination of international reserves data to the public under the SDDS. The Fourth Review of the Fund's Data Standards Initiatives was completed in July 2001. Staff monitoring of observance of the data dimension and advance release calendar element of the access dimension of the Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS), beginning by end-June 2000, was mandated by the Executive Board. A three-year transition period (ending March 2003) for the dissemination of quarterly external debt statistics with one-quarter lag as a required category of the SDDS, was also approved. The Board endorsed the Data Quality Assessment Framework and integration into ROSCs in July 2001.

S3 Platform - Home InSTEDD | Innovative Support To Emergencies Diseases and Disasters OpenGov Picks Up $25 Million More And Adds Marc Andreessen To The Board OpenGov announced the close of a refreshingly sized $25 million in additional financing today. The startup initiative to provide government financial data closed its Series B round of $15 million, led by Andreessen Horowitz, a year and a half ago. A16z, along with previous investors Formation8, Thrive Capital and AITV, has now padded OpenGov with another shot of financing to help scale the sales side of the business. The new round pulled in some new and noteworthy investors, too. Also, notably, OpenGov has now added Marc Andreessen to the OpenGov board. “The company definitely has good potential as a business, but I also think it has potential to affect outcome, particularly in how government spends money, which is a central issue for government and taxpayers,” Andreessen told TechCrunch in an interview. Watching the democratic debates, these are very abstract debates about all this money getting spent. — Marc Andreessen OpenGov works on the local city and county government level for now.