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11 Chrome Extensions to Improve Your Social Media Experience

11 Chrome Extensions to Improve Your Social Media Experience
If there's one thing that ties all your digital experiences together, it's your browser — let's presume it's Chrome. Maybe you use it on mobile in addition to desktop. It gets to know you, and you, it. But everyone has a few tricks up his or her sleeve. We did a little recon and found quite a few Chrome extensions that impact and enhance the way we use social media. See, most social sites try to keep things simple — if they add too many features, it would start to confuse people, especially new users. Have you tried any of these Chrome extensions? 1. While it doesn't support Instagram videos quite yet, the Instagram extension easily checks in on your stream without opening a new window. 2. Reddit is not a pretty site — the focus is the content and minimalist functions, so the platform does without any bells and whistles. 3. Some common recommendations for strong passwords: Use bad grammar and never apply the same password to multiple sites. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Related:  barn og unges bruk av sosiale medier

What to Share Using Social Media, and Social Media Etiquette When using social media, there are general etiquette tips you should follow. Just like in real-life, you don’t want to become known as that jerk who just doesn’t have a filter. Instead, follow these tips, and you’ll understand how to properly use social media accounts. Too Much Information Shouldn’t Be Shared Have you ever heard of the acronym TMI? 100 Pictures of Your Child, Pet, or Anything Else is Irritating Image via Flickr by Alan Bruce Ok, we get it. Don’t Overuse Hashtags Image via Flickr by daneilmoyle Hashtags are great. Keep Personal Information Private It’s important that you keep your personal information private. Vaguebooking is Vague It’s easy to fall into a pattern of posting vague status updates. When you’re on social media, you need to make sure that you’re following good etiquette. Resources: 10 Commandments of Social Media Etiquette 8 Essential Tips for Social Media Etiquette Practice Good Facebook Etiquette Ladylike Laws: Social Media Etiquette By: Emma Kavanagh

Using Google Docs If you're interested in a brief tutorial about using Google Docs, you've come to the right place! I was first introduced to Google Docs in my undergraduate educational technology class waaaaay back in 2007 :) At that time, I was thoroughly unimpressed with Google Docs. It seemed so much easier to use Microsoft Word...because that's what I was accustomed to using. I never really gave Google Docs a second chance until this school year. A few comparisons... Google Docs automatically saves any document, and any changes to documents, in Google Drive...Microsoft Word does not. I actually have a personal Google account and a work Google account...which means two Google Drives for me! When you open up Google Drive... Select "Create." To collaborate with other viewers... Google Docs has really improved since it was first introduced. Here are some great articles about Google Docs! Check out and comment on my Google Doc for this post here! Thanks for reading :)

Socially Stephanie: LinkedIn Best Practices | Social Media Advice Column Dear Socially Stephanie, I am on LinkedIn, but I must admit, my profile could use some work. I have a lot of endorsements, but they don't seem to do anything to help my cause in finding a job. Designer in Dallas Dear Designer in Dallas, First of all, props to you! LinkedIn is one of the oldest social networks out there, and also one of the most important networks for those in the service industry. Once regarded as merely a "resume holder," LinkedIn is now anything but that. The first thing I want you to focus on is making your profile complete. Now, let's talk about the specifics. While we're on the topic of keywords, listen to me, and listen good: keywords will make or break you. While it's nice that you have endorsements on your LinkedIn profile, they don't count for much. Lastly, showcase your work through your LinkedIn profile. Your visual portfolio will give your future employers a place to check out what kind of work you're capable of and to make sure it fits in with their vision.

How to Create an Instagram Video in 7 Simple Steps Instagram video, a new feature of Instagram 4.0, is now available for download, and we tested this new and super-easy video shooting and sharing capability. Below is a pictorial view of how to create your own videos using the new Instagram 4.0. After you install the new version of Instagram, tap on the middle icon with the blue background, as if you're going to take a picture with Instagram. After that, tap the movie camera icon to the right of the Instagram camera. When you're ready to start recording video, press the red movie camera button — as long as you keep pressing, the video will continue recording, up to 15 seconds. When you take your finger off the movie camera icon, the recording stops. Tap again on the trash can, and it's gone. Just like the photo section of Instagram, you can choose one of 13 new filters. Here's where you can choose the most pleasing cover frame. This is an elegant and dead-simple way to create videos and instantly publish them. Watch the finished video:

Cheetah-cub: A robot that runs like a cat Thanks to its legs, whose design faithfully reproduces feline morphology, EPFL's four-legged "cheetah-cub robot" has the same advantages as its model: it is small, light and fast. Still in its experimental stage, the robot will serve as a platform for research in locomotion and biomechanics. Even though it doesn't have a head, you can still tell what kind of animal it is: the robot is definitely modeled upon a cat. Developed by EPFL's Biorobotics Laboratory (Biorob), the "cheetah-cub robot," a small-size quadruped prototype robot, is described in an article appearing today in the International Journal of Robotics Research. The purpose of the platform is to encourage research in biomechanics; its particularity is the design of its legs, which make it very fast and stable. Robots developed from this concept could eventually be used in search and rescue missions or for exploration. This robot is the fastest in its category, namely in normalized speed for small quadruped robots under 30Kg.

How to use #hashtags properly. | Vato Co. Digital Creative Agency It’s a little sad that so many people in 2013 still don’t understand what a hashtag is and how it works. Hopefully this blog article will help put an end to the fact that you radiate stupidity everytime you post something. Firstly, if you don’t know what a hashtag really is for, and have no intention of reading the rest of this article, how about this.Stop using hashtags. Just stop. So what is a hashtag? A hashtag looks like this: #examplehashtag You can use them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in your updates. Tagging has been around for a long time in the blog world. The same applies in Social Media, except most of you simply don’t get it. Just as on a blog tag, clicking on a hashtag will allow you to see other similar posts. It means, that if my friend posts a photo of a nice sunset, and tags it with #sunset, I can click on #sunset and see all the other beautiful shots of sunsets on Instagram recently. The uneducated The stupid Read that 5 times, and then write it on your hand. ps.

Differentiate Instruction Using Google Apps - Electronic BrainsElectronic Brains Theories that Inspire Great Instruction As a trained Special Education teacher, I have always believed that it is essential to offer a variety of learning strategies and project opportunities to the students in my classroom. I have always worked hard to create interactive multi-modal activities and learning opportunities, often providing manipulatives, games, posters, white boards, mini chalkboards, personal anchor charts and graphic organizers for students, aiming always to provide the tools and strategies individual students need in order to succeed, never believing in the on-size-fits-all model of instruction. Over the years, I have been inspired by a number of great instructors and theorists, with Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences being most influential in my instructional planning, delivery, and assessment. Essential Technology and Google Apps When I first began teaching, I used technology to find resources and lesson plan ideas, and to communicate via e-mail.

How to Write Press Releases: Best Practices for Content That Can B... Source: Instagram Will Get Video On June 20 We’ve been working on getting more details on a press event that Facebook is having this week. Earlier, we wrote it could launch a news-reading app, but we have since heard more details that point to something else entirely. On June 20, a source says Facebook will unveil that Instagram, its popular photo-sharing app, will begin to let people also take and share short videos. Call it the Vine effect. We are still looking for more information because we understand that Facebook has not wanted the details of June 20 to leak out — so this could be an intentional blind alley. Earlier reports about Instagram getting video provide some indication, though, that this is not coming out of the blue. Getting video on Instagram is a move that would make sense. The Vine app — which lets users take six seconds of video footage on an iOS or Android handset and then share those clips to Vine’s own network, Twitter or Facebook — has shot up in popularity since going live in January.

Fear of thinking war machines may push US to exascale Tianhe 2 (credit: National University of Defense Technology, China) China’s retaking of the global supercomputing crown was discussed at a congressional forum this week on cognitive computing, Computerworld reports. Unlike China and Europe, the U.S. has yet to adopt and fund an exascale development program. Rep. An exascale computer is operates at 1,000 petaflops (one petaflop is one thousand trillion floating point operations per second). Earl Joseph, an HPC analyst at IDC, said that “$200 million is better than nothing, but compared to China and Europe it’s at least 10 times too low.” What inner city kids know about social media, and why we should listen — I.M.H.O. I know which of my teenage students smokes weed in the park after class on Fridays, and which other students are with him. I know which ones are struggling with making friends in their first few weeks at college, and which ones aren’t. I know which of my students chafe against overly strict parents on a regular basis. I know which one spends every weekend in the hospital due to a chronic condition. I know which ones got arrested last night. I know all these things because I follow them all on various social media services. Are actual teachers—that is, those employed by the school system—tapped into this wealth of information from their students? Becoming Techie Teacher First, I want to clear the air before I muddle it up again. Which is why, when I found myself speaking in front of ~150 teenagers for six weeks this summer, it was unlike anything I’d ever done before. One of the goals behind Civic Innovation Summer was, in fact, violence reduction. I was a bit surprised.

15 Must Have Google Lessons Plans to Teach Students Effective Search Skills April , 2014 Google is one of the primary search engines students turn to when doing their research. On the face of it, searching Google seems as simple as typing in a search query and waiting for returned results. In fact, effective Googling is way trickier than that. To be able to tap into the real potential of Google and to understand how to get accurate search results, students need to learn different search tips and skills that most of them overlook or at best ignore. Google search tips section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning features a wide variety of materials and resources that teachers can use to teach their students about the art of effective Googling. Additionally, Google has also designed a set of 15 wonderful lesson plans ready to be used in class with students. Click here to check the entire lesson plan map. Lesson 1: How can appropriate search terms and queries guide targeted searches?

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