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Published on Apr 21, 2014 djwidow420·303 videos Resonance Circuits on eBay (RSS) "HIGHLY MODIFIED MULTI-LAYER SQUAREWAVE CASIO FROM RESONANCE CIRCUITS. FOLLOW ON TWITTER @ RCircuits for sale via ebay" via this auction

Computer Music Center at Columbia University The Garden of Dreams This musical and visual installation proposes to the visitors the interactive exploration of dreams coming from all over the world, in many different languages, recorded both on the Internet and at the two installation locations in New York and Lyon (France). These dreams take part in a collective memory, which visitors of the installation can consult by traveling through oniric universes. New Metasonix Product Unveiled! Well, I've been sitting on this information for a little over a week now, and it's been HARD! Haha, seriously. Lucky me, Eric Barbour once again gave me permission to break the news of his new product, on the eve of the NAMM show. He said "tuesday morning", but really wasn't clear on what time ;) Since it's now technically tuesday morning (yeah, even in California, I waited....), and since there's already been a bit of info starting to float around, I'm not sitting on this any longer! Anyway, without further ado, yes you speculating bastards, yes indeed...

HotPot Membrane Potentiometer - 500mm - SparkFun Electronics.url Replacement: None. We don't carry a direct replacement for this sensor but check out the flex/force category for more softpots, flex sensors and the like. This page is for reference only. Description: When you need to track movement in a volatile environment, HotPot provides a thin and sealed form-factor with operating temperature tolerances of -40 to +85C. MetaSynth audio mac Version 5.4 has just been released and is fully Mavericks compatible. If you own MetaSynth, retrieve the download info here. MetaSynth is an award-winning electronic music and sound design studio for OS X. Its six "rooms" provide six unique environments for creating and manipulating sound.

NICK'S WORLD OF SYNTHESIZERS - Synthétiseurs - Gros Modulaire J'ai toujours aimé les modulaires. Ces espèces de grosses machines remplies de boutons qui ont fait les beaux jours des studios dans les années 60/70 et grâce aux quels les premiers titres de l'histoire de la musique électronique ont été réalisés. Quelques artistes les ont toutefois amenés sur scène. Le prix d'achat est resté un frein incontournable. Le DIY synthétiseur est un moyen d'accéder à la possibilité de pourvoir utiliser et jouer sur un vrai modulaire.   Modular Analog Synthesizers for Electronic Music

Yamaha TG-33 VOICE system manages a total of 32 voices polyphony or elements and 2 syntheses or tones:- AWM PCM samples (16 voices) - FM frequency modulation (16 voices) Tech: the structure reminds a VERY simple version of Sy99, sadly Sy22/tg33 miss a filter section. AWM + FM STRUCTURE basic patch combines the tones in 2 modes: - 1 PCM + 1 FM - 2 PCM + 2 FM. PCM are always assigned to TONE A-C and FM to TONE B-D, then elements can be mixed or detune using the apposite vector joystick.