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MetaSynth 5 Version 5.4 has just been released and is fully Mavericks compatible. If you own MetaSynth, retrieve the download info here. MetaSynth is an award-winning electronic music and sound design studio for OS X. Its six "rooms" provide six unique environments for creating and manipulating sound. MetaSynth is an electronic music studio for Mac OS X where you create, compose, design and transform music and sound in a unique environment that invites exploration. You can compose and mix full-length compositions in MetaSynth or use it to create or process elements that you use inside the DAW of your choice. MetaSynth is not a soft-synth or plug-in. Words don't do MetaSynth justice. VIDEO TUTORIALS AND DEMONSTRATIONS: See MetaSynth in action and learn some great tricks as well. Below are links of interest to anyone that wants to get more out of MetaSynth. MetaEssentials Galbanum has created some great collections of MetaSynth resources. Homeless Balloon Other Links of Interest

Drummachine & Synthesizer Database, News & Community: Sequencer Synth Drum Machines Music Media Computer Mac & Nerdic Walking  ---  Modular Analog Synthesizers for Electronic Music Synthesizer and electronic music news, synth and music software reviews and more! Computer Music Center at Columbia University The Garden of Dreams This musical and visual installation proposes to the visitors the interactive exploration of dreams coming from all over the world, in many different languages, recorded both on the Internet and at the two installation locations in New York and Lyon (France). These dreams take part in a collective memory, which visitors of the installation can consult by traveling through oniric universes. On a website specially designed for this purpose, or in a “Dream Station” in another room of the exhibition’s building, one can video record herself/himself and share a dream. Dreams recorded in video will never be used as is, in a realistic way, but will be transformed and inserted in imaginary worlds. A special performance, Distant Mirrors, will extend this singular experience by allowing two flutists, one in Lyon, the other in New York, to play together via the Internet, crossing the dreams and the oniric landscapes of the installation.

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