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DIY: Gift Bags Made from Recycled Envelopes

DIY: Gift Bags Made from Recycled Envelopes
By Jessica Jones, How About Orange Find an envelope of any size. (I embellished these by printing a label on the front of them first. You can use my design if you want; these PDFs are set up according to how my printer feeds envelopes through. If yours is different, you might need to experiment. 1. 2. 3. 4.

How To Make A Bow Out Of Recycled Magazines Guest post by Jennifer Young of I Art U blog. These easy-to-make bows will be gracing a few of my presents this year. I’ve found a lot of inspiration in magazines lately. This one is from Whole Living. Making a Bow (found in Whole Living) What you’ll need: Magazine pages or any other paper material you want to use (you’ll need one page per bow); Scissors or a paper cutter; Double-sided tape; A ruler; A pencil Step by Step Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. Japanese Packaging Templates - Best Used With Card Stock or Color Paper I’m not sure how I discovered this awesome collection of packaging templates but I’m glad I did! Some professor or student at a japanese univeresity was nice enough to share all their packaging templates with the world! These are a few of my favorites and you can see all of them on their website. Every situation is covered! You sell Bon Bons? They have a box for that! P.S. stumbleupon

Lined Canvas Diaper Box You can find almost anything on Pinterest…it’s true. Upon wasting my time searching the other day, I found a fantastic tutorial on upcycling diaper boxes. Hmmm…what could I do with this? Oh, yes – toys scattered all about our living room floor: check, a desire to get said toys put away when not in use: check, cute fabric laying there staring at me: check! I decided to take on this project! I changed some things from this tutorial I found, but you could use either hers or mine. What you’ll need Diaper Box Canvas fabric (1 yard covered two diaper boxes) Measuring tape Spray adhesive Craft glue Scissors (or rotary cutter and mat) Here’s how Cut the flaps off of your box. Measure the outside width and length of the box. Width Length Cut your fabric Mine was 25 x 31 Center your box on the canvas. Measure out from corner of the box (to the corner of your fabric) 2 inches and mark it with a pin. Don’t forget to cut the 2 inches from the pin toward the box. Semi-finished product

Frugal Friday - Upcycled Bottles After New Years we had several empty Sparkling Cider bottles. I started to throw them away but thought *maybe* I could turn them into something cute! Valentine's is around the corner and I'm in need of a few more decorations. :) So first I removed all the labels (Goo Gone & a razor worked perfectly for this) and cleaned them out. Then, using a technique I found on Pinterest, I used my glue gun to "draw" words on them. Once the glue was dry I took them outside to paint. *You could also do this with mason jars or any other drink or food jars or bottles you don't want to throw out Linked to:WhipperBerry

Newspaper, Plastic Bags, Dog Hair Yarn April 23rd, 2009 Email 25 users recommend Recycle newspaper into yarn. via greenupgrader Spin your pet's hair into yarn. Recycle old VHS tape into yarn. via Recycle Cindy Photo: via greenupgrader Buying eco-friendly yarn is a great alternative to traditional yarn, but the best way to reduce consumption is to creatively use and reuse what you already have. Here are eight unusual and interesting materials upcycled into yarn... Newspaper Yarn Take all those newspapers that have been piling up and try your hand at upcycling by turning them into newspaper yarn. Animal Hair Yarn Want a sustainable sweater? Human Hair Yarn Even if you don't have a pet, you can put that tutorial to use—just use your own hair. VHS Tape Yarn Do you have a pile of old VHS movies that have been collecting dust since you got your DVD player? Reclaim Yarn from an Old Sweater Instead of throwing an old sweater away, do some DIY recycling and reclaim that precious yarn. Plastic --> Yarn = PLARN T-Shirt Yarn

Best way to make fried marbles+a suncatcher... kind of. - MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS I made fried marbles!! There are already several people who have posted these around this site, and on each post there are people trying to figure out the best way to make them. So I took the liberty of trying all of the methods to see which is best. I tried boiling, "frying" in a cast iron pan... And here's my idea for what to do with them. Hope this inspires someone. How to Make Your Own Recycled Paper Recycled paper can be made from old newspaper, following the instructions below. Recycling paper uses cellulose (plant fibers) over and over again, it uses less electricity, less water, a lot less pollution, and it saves trees from being cut down! You will need: a food processor or an old blender an electric iron an old wire hanger an old pair of panty hose newspaper or other paper, torn into 2-inch squares white glue water an insect screen or strainer (optional) food coloring (optional) a big sink or tub filled with 4 inches of water Make sure you have a place to work where you can make a big mess! Step One: Make a frame out of the coat hanger. Step Two: Put a handful of the torn up paper and some water into the food processor or blender. For some color, add a handful of brown or red onion skin (not the onion itself, just the papery outer skin). Step Three: Put 2 tablespoons of white glue in the sink water and add all of the paper pulp you just made.

Iona Handcrafted Books : Handmade Leather Journals And Photo Albums Bookarts: Exposed Tape Binding (Tutorial!) adventures in instruction! my first attempt at making a photo-tutorial. EXTREMELY image-heavy, as one might guess from the title: prefacetools/materialsprepcut covers to sizemark tape stations on the inside of each covercut graves into boardscut slot to feed tape throughcut tapes to lengthrough-cut cover papers / trim end papersglue cover paper to boardattach tapes to front coverglue end paper to front coverpress the cover under weightpunch holes through signaturessew bookblockglue cover paper to back cover boardattach tapes to back coverglue end paper to back coverpress book under weight a few people expressed an interest in getting a photo-tutorial for the binding technique i used on this project, so i thought i’d give it a shot! in essence: the pink headers outline the basic sequence of steps, the photos show ordered actions within each step, the handwritten captions describe what’s going on in the photos, and the italic text scattered throughout are side-notes/further-explanatory.

Entries tagged as link stitch - Artist Books Paper & Bookbinding Blog - Cai Lun - Dennis Yuen It's been a couple of months since I left off from this project. I wanted to finish by making it a slipcase, which I was so hesitant about. (I don't really know why.) The slipcase is made from the same faux leather material as the cover. Red and white has always been the perfect color combination for me. Morgan Le Fae's Trinkets: Altered book, my new iPhone case Lately my daughter and I have been making books and booklets, among other things. We even started a little DaWanda shop to sell some of the booklets we make. It's called "Morgan Le Fea's Trinkets, after my daughters second name. Making these booklets is very relaxing and leaves room for all sorts of creativity, as I found cruising the internet. I do have another blog on lifejournal (also called Morgan Le Fea's Trinkets), that is more focussed on making victorian clothes and unmentionables (another one of my interrests). Anyway enough ramblings on my part, on to the pictures of my new Victorian style Steampunk iPhone case. Made to acompany me when I go to the Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands, dressed in victorian gear (ehm clothes). For the cover I used some thin packaging paper that I crumpled up and mod podged to the covers. The little frame with the vintage kids was from Tim Holtz, as are the gears, I believe. I hope you like my little new iPhone book. Thank you for your interrest.

22 Ways to Reuse an Altoids Tin We’re big fans of Altoids tins here at MAKE, which is why we love this awesome round-up of 22 Manly Ways to Reuse an Altoids Tin by The Art of Manliness. Highlights include: a pinhole camera, an urban survival kit, and my favorite, the fireball shooter. If, after reading that, you still don’t know what you want to create with your empty tins, check out Make: Online’s exhaustive archive of DIY projects that involve the useful little enclosure. In the Maker Shed: Mintronics: Survival Pack Matt Richardson Matt Richardson is a San Francisco-based creative technologist and Contributing Editor at MAKE. Related