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Google Algorithm Change History

Google Algorithm Change History

Author Rank, SEO and Google Plus: What you need to know - Raven Internet Marketing Tools Google has given Internet marketers a new way to prove page quality and authority. It’s Author Rank, and you can still get in on the ground floor. The first I really heard about this approach was at Pubcon 2011 where none other than Google Senior Engineer Matt Cutts said during his keynote: “Social is a good way to create a reputation for authors. It is therefore with great interest that we see Google pushing Author Rank as they begin to highlight content creators within their search results. With Author Rank, Google wants to make it easier for users to find the work of specific writers, and leverage its ability to use authors as an element for ranking pages and sites. This is promising for a few reasons. Author Rank is also relatively new, which means the proactive amongst us have a great opportunity while the SERPs aren’t yet saturated with author profiles yet. How Author Rank works Here’s how Google describes the concept (writing in a patent for Agent Rank): How to implement Author Rank

SEO Is Dead. Audience Optimization Is Taking Its Place If you've ever tried to deal with search engine optimization, you most likely have, at some point or another, wanted to bundle your whole site up and toss it into the nearest virtual trash can. Particularly if you felt compelled to focus on keywords, or any other technique calculated to artificially pique someone's mouse clicks. You should be delighted to hear then, if you haven't heard yet, that the old-fashioned concept of SEO is deader than last week's sandwich. Google pretty much pounded the crap out of keyword stuffing and other absurdities with the search algorithm changes it's made over the last couple of years. And then Google made search secure, which means you can't even see what keywords someone used to get to your site. It's about time, because all the minutiae blinded entrepreneurs to what is really important: making a connection with an audience. Really Know Your Audience One hour a day, read. Translate Caring Into Specific Actions

Urban Dictionary, April 1: April Reals How to Measure SEO Success Correctly measuring the success of an SEO campaign can vary greatly depending on the type of business you're in and your objectives. However, there are three key performance indicators (KPIs) that should always be considered when measuring an SEO campaign's effectiveness: Rankings TrafficConversions Not only can the information gathered from these three KPIs enable you to accurately measure your campaign's performance, they can also provide you with actionable data to improve your campaign over time. Rankings Keyword rankings are the most common and obvious KPI, especially when studies show that websites listed on the first page of Google receive up to 92 percent of traffic share. For example, let's say you're tracking 20 keywords, and all but five of these are on the first page of Google. On the other hand, you may discover that these keywords are simply too competitive, and based on your research, would not provide enough benefit to warrant the effort. Traffic Traffic Volume Traffic Quality

The Omega Strat - Pro Linkbuilding Method Hey guys Becker here, Today I want to teach you somethings that has made me a lot of money You see by listening to you I have noticed that I have made a big mistake This is assuming that everyone here simply knows how to build good backlinks. I would sit around making crappy ezine articles for hours (with no results) I would hear about “link pyramids”, “Buffer sites” and “link wheels” It all sounded very cool, but no one ever showed me how to get started If only someone had put together a guide on all of this and explained in detail how to do it… Well guess what I decided to do… I am starting what I am calling the Omega SEO Guides. This is the first one and it is ALL about link strategies! (Short Name: Omega T-Rex SEO Guide) You laugh now but people will be searching for T-Rex SEO very soon What This Guide Is Why Do All This? 2 reasons… A) This stuff confused the hell out of me when I first got started. Long story short : I want you to have a resource that is just easy and trustworthy What It Is

The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors | Sprk'd Content Marketing The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors Search engine optimization — SEO — may seem like alchemy to the uninitiated. But there is a science to it. Search engines reward pages with the right combination of ranking factors, or “signals.” The chart below summarizes the major factors to focus on for search engine ranking success… The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors, used with permission A Quick Guide to Common SEO Terms 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

SEO Tips - Experts Share Strats Are you looking for fresh ideas to improve your rankings and hone your SEO skills? If so, this collection of SEO tips from the experts will help you. I was fortunate enough to recently interview 14 SEO experts and put together this article with a few of their top tips. Let’s get started. Adam Grunwerg Adam Grunwerg Managing Director of Searchable Online Marketing Thoughts on the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates: I think almost everyone’s strategies have changed since the Panda and Penguin updates were released in 2011 and 2012 respectively. First of all, Panda forced webmasters and SEOs to focus on publishing high quality, unique content on their websites, while digging around and removing low quality content. The Penguin update in particular reset previous SEO link building practices into the dark ages. Mistakes small businesses commonly make in regards to SEO? The big problem with SEO is that it’s heading in the direction of favoring big businesses and brands. Core philosophy on SEO:

SEO Theory - SEO Theory and Analysis Blog » You will love these Digital Ghost recently asked what’s the most effective word you can use in a headline?. That took me back a few years. In fact, many people have studied the phenomenon of words that compel interest. If you’re in American politics, today’s most compelling words are “we made a huge mistake (but please don’t ask if I voted for it)” and “there are no weapons of mass destruction (except for the ones that were found)”. If you’re involved in the insurance industry, today’s most compelling words are some variation on “proven results”. If you’re in search engine optimization, today’s most compelling words are some variation on “free quality links”. In writing my effectively compelling title, I did my best to incorporate as many words from the traditional list (you save results health love proven money new easy safety discovery guaranteed) and the SEO list (quality links). One of my best-peforming banners of all time is still running on the Xenite network now. But let’s step back a bit.

Fahrenheit Marketing THE Backlinking Strategy That Works Please note that this strategy was written in late 2010. Although it does still work, it doesn’t work quite as well as it used to, since quite a bit has changed in the world of search engine optimization since then. Some sites that use this strategy are climbing Google with no issues, while others find it’s not really working at all, and there are no apparent patterns. The only pattern is that less and less sites are finding this strategy to be reliable. I’m keeping this post here because there is still a lot of useful information in it, but in regards to article spinning and using tools like Unique Article Wizard, mentioned below, if you choose to use them you must be extremely careful about the quality of what you create using those tools. If done correctly the tools can still be useful, but it’s easy to abuse their power, spam the web and get penalized for it. If you’re at all doubtful about these tools, do not use them. 1. 2. Please keep this in mind when reading the strategy below:

55 SEO Productivity Tools Looking for a new tool that will help you get the most out of your SEO campaigns? Consider any of the following programs that we use at Single Grain in order to maximize the efficiency of our SEO activities and our general productivity: Tool #1 – Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool Although the free Keyword Research Tool offered by Google’s Adwords doesn’t offer as many features as standalone SEO programs offer, this resource is a great option for checking general search, competition, and CPC metrics on the fly. Be sure to check out the feature that allows you to brainstorm keywords by URL in order to uncover the keywords your competitors may be targeting! Tool #2 – Google Trends With Google’s new freshness update in effect, picking up on and capturing breaking news stories and trends is a must for SEO. Tool #3 – Buzzfeed Tool #4 – Google Insights for Search Tool #5 – Google Related Searches Tool #6 – Google Correlate Tool #7 – Alexa Tool #8 – Keyword Discovery Tool #9 – Keyword Questions

Keyword Niche Finder - Research Tool Learn More about The FREE Keyword Niche Finder Want to know more about The Free Keyword Niche Finder, like what are "keyword niches," or what does "relative frequency" mean, or where do we get the data from for our keyword finder? Then, keep reading or you can use the links to the right to jump down to a particular topic of interest. What People are Saying about The FREE Keyword Niche Finder "The Keyword Niche Finder from Wordstream gives our writers a unique free tool to assist in content topic selection and for finding valuable, previously undiscovered long-tail keyword variations to help increase traffic to their articles from search engines." — Tim Blacquier, Director, Online Marketing, Life123 Yes! Guests can use the Free Keyword Niche Finder free. What Are Keyword Niches? Keyword niches are groupings of tightly related keywords that can be used to drive paid (PPC marketing), organic search marketing and other niche marketing strategies. Why Do I Need a Niche Finding Tool?