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Business Dashboard Software Solutions: Performance, Executive, KPI, Management, Reporting Dashboards

Business Dashboard Software Solutions: Performance, Executive, KPI, Management, Reporting Dashboards
Using your data effectively is now essential for agility and success, and the Dundas Professional Services team is here to help you build the right solution. We focus on each organization's specific business needs first, and help construct a solution that speeds up time while delivering the customized, smart solution you need. The team offers a range of services covering Business Intelligence consulting, development services, dashboard performance audits, and training.

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37 Data-ish Blogs You might not know it, but there are actually a ton of data and visualization blogs out there. I'm a bit of a feed addict subscribing to just about anything with a chart or a mention of statistics on it (and naturally have to do some feed-cleaning every now and then). In a follow up to my short list last year, here are the data-ish blogs, some old and some new, that continue to post interesting stuff. Data and Statistics By the Numbers - Column from The New York Times visual Op-ed columnist, Charles Blow, who also used to be NYT's graphics director.Data Mining - Matthew Hurst, scientist at Microsoft's MSN, also the co-creator of BlogPulse.Statistical Modeling - We might disagree on certain things, but Andrew's blog is one of the few active pure statistics blogs.The Numbers Guy - Data-minded reporting from Carl Bialik of the Wall Street Journal.Basketball Geek - Like statistical analysis and basketball?

Editions and Pricing of Sentinel Visualizer link analysis, social network analysis, knowledgebase visualization software program Software Licenses The Software License prices, above, reflect a one-time purchase of a perpetual software license. Buy it once, own it forever. In general, there are two licensing options: Project Management for Startups by Daniel Kehoe Last updated 17 April 2013 This article from the RailsApps project describes how entrepreneurs can manage development of software applications for startups and personal projects. For solo operators or small teams it suggests some tools for task management and introduces the kanban method of project management.

The Visual Leap - About Visual Thinking >> Home • About Visual Thinking About Visual Thinking Visual thinking, also called visual learning, is a proven method of organizing ideas graphically - with concept maps, mind maps and webs. What is Bespoke Software? Bespoke Software UK, Cornwall What is bespoke software? Bespoke or custom-built software is software commissioned by an organisation for a specific function. Off-the-shelf software products are designed to satisfy the requirements of a large number of different users or organisations and consequently provide only those features that are of use to the majority of customers. As every business is different, it can be impossible to find an off-the-shelf solution that matches your organisation's exact requirements.

App Store All Apps 99designs Logo & Web Design 99designs is the world's largest graphic design marketplace connecting entrepreneurs and businesses that need graphic design with a community of more than 200,000 graphic designers around the world. To date, they've helped 185,000+ small businesses and nonprofits get fast, affordable graphic design. Need a logo? How to become a data visualization ninja with 3 free tools for non-programmers We noticed many times between the lines of this blog how data visualization is in the hype and how this trend is growing and growing. That’s good news guys! It’s fun and it’s … success! OpenSourceFeatures – FalconView This page contains a summary of the features of FalconView Open Source along with some screen captures that illustrate those features. FalconView includes a plugin architecture that makes it easy to add new features as well. Base Map Types Supported ¶ FalconView supports a handful of base map types including:

Human-Centered Design for Social Innovation » +acumen ​​Design Kit: The Course for Human-Centered Design is a seven-week curriculum that will introduce you to the concepts of human-centered design and how this approach can be used to create innovative, effective, and sustainable solutions for social change. This course has been created to reach those who are brand new to human-centered design, so no prior experience required (though we of course welcome previous students to continue honing your human-centered design skills!) Our Learning Partner Acumen is excited to partner with in offering this course. is out to design an end to poverty by bringing creativity, empathy, and innovation to the social sector. Our goal is to improve the lives of people in poor and vulnerable communities through design and we’re doing it in three ways: through the products, services, and experiences that we design; through the problem solvers we fuel; and by inspiring the social sector to adopt human-centered design. 44Con Trip report Last week I attended the UK security conference, 44Con. I went into 44Con feeling a little jaded with the overall security community, but left with a real spring in my step. There are many very approachable and knowledgeable people doing some amazing work. It’s easy to forget if you focus on the minority of the community who bring arrogance and elitism to the table in large amounts. - Britain’s first online gateway for businesses looking for mentoring services Recruitment and selection A good Mentoring Organisation will have a rigorous and robust recruitment and selection process in place for potential mentors and mentees. The organisation should also publish their criteria Read more » Training and development of mentors