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YouTube to MP3 - Convert YouTube videos to MP3

YouTube to MP3 - Convert YouTube videos to MP3

Pentesting VOIP This article was contributed by NightRang3r. Penetration Testing VOIP with BackTrack VoIP is an exciting technology which provides many benefits and cost effective solutions for communication. More and more small and enterprise businesses are replacing their old traditional telephony systems with an IP based ones. IP telephony systems are also susceptible to eavesdropping, doing so in an IP environment is a little bit more difficult to execute, detect and require more the knowledge and the right set of tools. Typical VoIP Topologies There are several ways IP based telephony can be implemented, here are some common topologies and usage: Self Hosted A PBX (i.e. Visio diagram by Amir Avraham Hosted Services There is no need for a PBX at site. Online SIP Service Services like provides an application for pc or smart phones and a free sip account, Offering low price for international calls and free calls between the service users by assigning a pone number to each subscriber. SIP Basics Svwar

Media Converter stereomood – emotional internet radio - music for my mood and activities stereomood – emotional internet radio - music for my mood and activities - StumbleUpon Shuffler Download & Convert Youtube Videos into MP3's! 20 Captivating Photos Shot At Exactly The Right There are some things in life that make me feel dated (notice I didn’t use the word “old” LOL). For example, sending a fax, writing in cursive (with a pen) and talking on any phone with a cord (and twirling it around my fingers) are all things that kids born in 2011 might never have the opportunity to experience. I remember back in the days when people would say, “I wish I had my camera with me today, I could have taken some great pictures.” The photography we see these days is phenomenal. Sometimes “at the right moment” photography is achieved with high-speed photography, and sometimes it is achieved from just being in the right place at the right time.

HD Downloader - Download YouTube MP3 audio tracks and Videos in HD General Usage Help First find the YouTube Video that you wish download or convert into audio or ringtone. Copy the YouTube video address ( Example: ) and press Process, then wait for it to display the links. Downloading Videos Help You must install the last java version first or make sure that your current version is up to date by going to the official java website: go to their download section and install it. Then restart the browser you are in ( Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera. Once the browser is restarted, go back to this site and click VID, then Process. This will ask you to accept a java certificate, click on Always Accept for this site and press Ok. Downoading Audio Help You must wait for the process to be complete once you paste the video link. Downloading this files to your Mobile You need to install a scanner APP, in google play or iPhone app store, you can find a lot of free scanners. Close