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A Handy Guide to Everything Teachers Need to Know about Edmodo

A Handy Guide to Everything Teachers Need to Know about Edmodo
What is edmodo ?Edmodo is a web-based platform that provides a safe and easy way for your class to connect and collaborate, share content, and access homework, grades and school notices. It is like Facebook but in a safe and controlled environment appropriate for school. How can I use edmodo with my students ?Edmodo provides you with a secure environment where you can create a classroom group for your students. In this virtual group you can : Place digital resources on edmodo for students to access or download, Create polls for students to vote online.Write short summaries of lessons for students who were absent from class (better yet: get your students to write the summary). What is it that makes Edmodo class a secure environment ? Edmodo explicitly deals with school and teacher concerns about social networking for students in the following ways:Each edmodo class group is managed and controlled by the teacherStudents need an access code to join the class. 2- Edmodo assignments

French Tag Home Showing Playlists 1-10 of 80 total: Paris The City of Lights: Discover the treasures of Paris! This playlist includes popular sites to visit Creating a Paperless Classroom With Edmodo Quizzes & Assignments Tagged with: 1:1Earth Daypaperless This is a guest post by Kelley Taylor, a 6th grade teacher at Christ the King School in Lexington, KY. If you are interested in contributing to the Edmodo Blog, please complete this form. Connect with Kelley on Edmodo or follow her @kelley1221 Background

Alternatives to YouTube Use the search engine below to find educational videos that are not hosted on YouTube. Some excellent educational content can be found on YouTube. However, many teachers cannot access YouTube in their classrooms. Therefore, I compiled a list of other places to find educational videos that don't rely on YouTube. Top 8 Plagiarism Plagiarism is a plague which has accompanied human scholarship from its early inception till its actual state. It has succeeded in adapting itself to different environments and in different epochs. It always finds people to nourish and develop it.

5 Ways To Use Word Cloud Generators In The Classroom Photo Courtesy of flickr and Sue Waters The popularity of word clouds remains pretty constant in education, and it’s not difficult to see why. They’re a great way for students to distil and summarize information. They help students get to the crux of an issue, sorting through important ideas and concepts quickly in order to see what’s important. And “see” is the operative word here, because word clouds are certainly nice to look at. They speak fantastically to humans’ affinity for the visual, and are particularly useful for visual learners.

Mme Burton: Flip Your Classroom Here it is!! Introducing my new website to help teachers to flip: Welcome to my Flipped Classroom page! Flip Your Classroom With the Edmodo Scavenger Hunt Tagged with: Language ArtsMiddle Schoolstudents This is a guest post from Melissa Butler, a 6th grade Language Arts teacher from South Orange, New Jersey. If you are interested in contributing to the Edmodo Blog, please complete this form. I currently teach in a “brand new” 1:1 learning environment and Edmodo has undoubtedly enhanced both the teaching and learning experiences in my classroom. Flip Your Classroom With the Edmodo Scavenger Hunt This school year I began with an activity for my students, which I titled, “The Edmodo Scavenger Hunt.” Five Things You Should Know About Using Video in Google Slides Google Slides has some handy little settings that you can use when adding videos into your presentations. Things like specifying the start and end time for a video within a slide keeps you from having to search for the clip you want to show during your presentation. Likewise, that also means you don't have to worry about stopping the video at the proper place during your presentation. Specifying start and stop times is just one of the five Google Slides features that I demonstrate in the following video. Five things you should know about using videos in Google Slides. 1.

כלים לתכנון שיעור Pedagogically speaking, lesson plans are very important elements in the teaching process. Besides giving life to a lesson they also give it a structure and organize its components in such an orderly way that students can systematically take it in. I am not really a huge fan of lesson planning for I consider it a laboriously monotonous task that adds up to the pile of strenuous chores teachers have to perform at home. I do prefer creating mental mind maps of my lessons before I deliver them to my students, but as you know, the administrative procedure, and work ' ethics' require us to have a formal written lesson plan to go hand in hand with what we teach.

Classroom Resources Find content from Thinkfinity Partners using a visual bookmarking and sharing tool. More Teacher Resources by Grade Home › Classroom Resources The 10 Best Web Tools For Flipped Classrooms While flipping the classroom is still one of the hottest trends in education, it’s got nothing on time-saving and downright useful apps and web tools. In an effort to provide a quick look at some of the best web tools for flipped classrooms, I thought it would be useful to poll the @Edudemic Twitter followers . POLL: What are your favorite apps and tools for flipped classrooms? — Edudemic (@Edudemic) April 5, 2013 Including the tweets, I also got at least 40 emails from friends, colleagues, and administrators from around the world.

School Library Monthly - Edmodo: A Great Tool for School Librarians” School Library Monthly/Volume XXIX, Number 5/February 2013 Edmodo: A Great Tool for School Librarians by Kristina Holzweiss Kristina Holzweiss is a school librarian at Bay Shore Middle School in Long Island, NY. She is an Edmodo Ambassador who also moderates a website of free Common Core resources ( To join her national school librarian cohort in pursuit of National Board Certification, email her at School librarians are in a profession where it is easy to be isolated.

Moodle Teachers of all kinds face challenges. Are the instructions clear? Are the materials relevant and interesting? Will the lesson last for a whole class? There’s nothing worse than the moment you realize your lesson plan is falling flat. You’ll do everything you can to avoid that moment. כלים לפרסום עבודות תלמידים There is nothing much rewarding for students than to see their accomplished work being published and celebrated with others. This is very much motivating and is a strong impetus for them to achieve more and work harder. Can you imagine how happy a student would be to share his classroom work with his parents in a neat and clean online platform that they access anywhere and anytime ? There are several online tools that you as a teacher can use to host your students work and share them with the whole class and as well as parents .Below are some tools that can help you do that. Check them out : 1- Flipsnack