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Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts When Flipping Your Classroom #edchat Produce material for YOUR students to engage them outside the classroom. Generic content works as a starting point but students have greater faith in their own teacher’s input.Decide on a workflow solution and stick to it. I use Edmodo to set assignments and annotate responses. Students are happy with this solution as it is cross platform and supports learning with library and backpack resources.Set specific deadlines for your students. If they are given a date then unfortunately that can be construed as midnight!! The old hand-in mantra of next lesson doesn’t fit the ‘flipped‘ class idea and as such can present a problem.Provide access for students who aren’t connected to the internet at home.

Flipped Classroom Online Workshop, Affordable Professional Development Flipped Classroom Professional Development: This 4 Week Online Workshop will get you up and running with your flipped teaching plan. REGISTRATION is Open(clicking registration link will take you to our registration page on! EmergingEdTech author/founder Kelly Walsh offers Online Flipped Classroom Workshops throughout the year. Join other inspired educators for an interactive workshop and develop your own flipped teaching plan! In this workshop, you will … Each week will start with a video and reading assignments, followed by specific exercises to undertake and write about.

Report: The 4 Pillars of the Flipped Classroom Teaching with Technology | News Report: The 4 Pillars of the Flipped Classroom Though all classrooms are different, there are four critical elements that successful flipped classrooms have in common, according to a new report developed by the Flipped Learning Network, George Mason University, and Pearson's Center for Educator Effectiveness. The report, "A Review of Flipped Learning," is designed to guide teachers and administrators through the concepts of flipped classrooms and provide definitions and examples of flipped learning in action. Among those concepts are four "pillars" that are required to support effective flipped learning.

Educational Technologies: Center for Scholarly Technology What does it mean to “invert” or “flip” a class? Inverting or flipping a class is a blended learning approach that intentionally moves lectures, content and asynchronous activities into an online learning environment. Instructors can use face-to-face class time for homework and active learning methods that increase student engagement, deepen understanding of concepts and advance mastery of skills. Online Forums 2014 - Making Learning Memorable with Graphics and Visual Design: November 13 & 14 November 13 & 14, 2014 To be appealing, effective, and truly memorable, most learning deliverables require more than just text and a few random graphics. If your students are spending half of their learning time figuring out what a specific graphic means or wondering why you changed the visual design halfway through a course, they aren’t likely to remember what they were supposed to have learned. But if good graphics and visual design make the learning easy to understand and enjoyable to look at, students are likely to remember the learning and maybe even return to it for review. This Online Forum will explore how we can make learning memorable by making it look good.

Research, Reports & Studies / Research, Reports & Studies Research on Flipped Learning Looking for original research, case studies, surveys, infographics or our Literature Reviews? What is the difference between a Flipped Class and Flipped Learning? Personalized Learning, Flipped Classrooms, Video Watching: Last Gasps of the Old Education Being Mobile | Blog Personalized Learning, Flipped Classrooms, Video Watching: Last Gasps of the Old Education As academics whose research area is K-12, we (CN, ES and the rest of our professorial tribe) have long touted the benefits of learn-by-doing, constructivist learning, social-constructivist learning, constructionist learning, etc.

Jisc Digital Student The FE and Skills Study will conduct desk research and consultation with students and other stakeholders, in order to extend the previous HE investigations to further education. The project will build on the findings and methods of the HE study in order to assess the extent to which those findings are relevant and applicable to the FE and skills sector. The two main investigation questions are: What do learners WANT (expectations)?

My Flipping Failure I run a reasonably successful YouTube channel that contains videos for Higher Level International Baccalaureate Chemistry that are used by thousands of kids each day. The head of science, Brian Kahn, even managed to get some of us time off during the week to make them. I put the favorable reception down to the fact that the course is complete, I have experience actually teaching the material for years, and I have made extensive use of video games to teach with. Zombies, explosions and aliens have all made appearances. There are even some 3D videos and augmented reality. An Annotated List of Flipped Class Tools and Resources Flipped Class Tool and Resource List from Turn to Your Neighbor We will keep a (clearly very incomplete) list of tools and resources we use and/or discover relative to flipped teaching here. Help us grow this list using the form at the bottom of the page. We try to emphasize free tools on this page. There are many paid, inexpensive tools that we are big fans of including Screenflow (screencasting software) and Learning Catalytics (classroom response and assessment system). Hundreds of Tips on Flipped Teaching and Peer Instruction