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ReCourse Learning Design Editor ReCourse is a tool to create IMS Learning Design compliant Units of Learning. It is free, open source, cross-platform and extensible. It was developed as part of the European-funded TENCompetence project. IMS Learning Design is extensive and complex, and there are very few effective and easy to use tools available which teachers can use to produce Units of Learning which are compliant with the specification. TENCompetence has developed ReCourse to provide learning designers with a solution.

Creating SCORM and IMS Content Package for LMS import Using eLML lessons with a Learning Management System (LMS) A very convenient way of using eLML lessons is to integrate them into an open source or commercial Learning Management System like or WebCT. This is done using the Plugins Directory: Moodle2Tablet This theme has been developed for tablets, compatible with iPad/Android 4.x devices. Let us know how it works for you. Please, Let us know if you find out any problem with your mobile device. How to set it up: 1. Copy the "Moodle2Tablet" theme at moodle/theme/ folder

Learn how your students can design amazing apps for your school district Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:11:29 — 32.7MB) | Embed Subscribe: iTunes | | | Subscribe to the TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network The Tech Educator Podcast is a weekly round table discussion about current topics in educational technology. For more information, please visit CourseLab Free Free CourseLab is an older version of CourseLab (v2.4) that is distributed as freeware. It offers the same programming-free WYSIWYG environment for creating high-quality interactive e-Learning content as the current commercial version of CourseLab (v2.7), but lacks a number of new features, templates and interactive objects. Key Features of Free CourseLab: WYSIWYG environment for creating and managing high-quality interactive e-learning content - no HTML or other programming skills required;Unicode support - use any font and encoding supported by the Windows® operating system, including double-byte character sets;Object-oriented model allows constructing e-Learning content of almost any complexity just as easy as you put together building blocks;Objects are highly customizable;Dynamic HTML based output (e-Learning content developed in CourseLab) can be played in a web browser without Java® or any other special player software.

Content Packaging IMS Content Packaging v1.2 Public Draft v2.0 specification describes data structures that can be used to exchange data between systems that wish to import, export, aggregate, and disaggregate packages of content. IMS content packages enable exporting content from one learning content management system or digital repository and importing it into another while retaining information describing the media in the content package and how it is structured, such as a table of contents or which web page to show first. The IMS Content Packaging Specification focuses on the packaging and transport of resources but doesn’t determine the nature of those resources. This is because the specification allows adopters to gather, structure, and aggregate content in an unlimited variety of formats. Content Packaging v1.2 is undergoing standardisation by ISO/IEC.

Serious Games in Education This project aims to identify and document the usage, definition, and as far as possible pedagogy of serious games. That is, games where the educational goal takes precendence in training outside of the school education system. By identifying and documenting the usage of serious games in schools the project will analyse the benefits and risks of these games, and look at how they are being used and assessed effectively. Free and Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning As an e-Learning consultant I was always a fan of open source software. Why? The answer is simple.