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Cybersecurity Policy-Making at the Local Government Level: An Analysis of Threats, Preparedness, and Bureaucratic Roadblocks to Success - Iceweasel 1Department of Government and International Affairs, University of South Florida, 4202 East Fowler Avenue, SOC 107, Tampa, FL 33620, USA 2University of South Florida, Tampa, FL 33620, USA Corresponding author: Kiki Caruson, Department of Government and International Affairs, University of South Florida, 4202 East Fowler Avenue, SOC 107, Tampa, FL 33620, USA Citation Information: . Cybersecurity is a serious and complex problem that is escalating at all levels, yet little research has examined the issue at the local government level. Clever products to simplify your digital lifestyle

tokens & icons: online retailers We prefer to direct all orders to our retailers. In the rare instance when a product is not available via the links below, please fax or mail your order to us using our Retail Order Form (PDF). Sports Icons TPC Sawgrass NHL Hockey Weekend Sports Home Collection Nostalgic Icons Watch Collection Customers in Europe U.S. U.S. European Coins Puzzles Subway Map Pan Am 707 Taxi Medallion Clock Wine Barrel Letter Icons QWERTY Pen 21 Life-Changing Travel Charts You Wish You Knew About Sooner The world's most powerful passports Global Public Square - Blogs - Iceweasel Contemporary Lighting & Home Accessories The Best Apps for Finding a Cheap Flight By Christina Bonnington The airline industry desperately wants to squeeze as many Benjamins out of us fliers as they can, but you don’t have to fall prey to their price-hiking tactics. With the right app, you can save hundreds of dollars on an upcoming trip, with virtually zero effort on your end. While Tuesday afternoons are still often the cheapest time for fares, you don’t need to watch the clock to know when to start searching on the United website. Click through for six awesome apps and services that will take the stress out of finding a cheap flight so you can focus on what really matters: having fun once you arrive at your destination. Best If You’re Still In The Planning Stages: Google Flights Photo: Courtesy Google. You want to take a vacation at some point a few months from now, to somewhere… But, while you have an idea of what you want, you don’t have anything pinned down yet. How To Make Sagging Skin Look Tight and Lifted Best For Bargain Hunters: Hopper Photo: Courtesy Hopper

How to Create a Custom Google Maps Itinerary & Use it Offline!! No matter how hard I try, I’m just not a natural with directions. I so admire those of you with a sixth sense about knowing where something is. And ever since Google maps came into my life, it seems as though my sense of direction has completely left my brain. I’m so reliant on GPS that I decided to do a little research to find out if there is a way to use Google maps when traveling abroad without a phone signal. And by golly, I think I found a FREE way to do it!:) The first part of this post is a tutorial on how to create a custom Google map/itinerary. I hope I don’t bore you too much today, but this is definitely something you can bookmark to come back to when you’re planning your future trips! Let’s get started, shall we?! Creating a Google Maps Itinerary Step 1 On your computer (not your phone), go to and select “create a new map.” Step 2 Type your destination in the search box. Step 3 I like to enter my home base first, usually my hotel or work location. Step 4 Step 5 Step 6

Podcast - Iceweasel Welcome to the podcast! The second Monday of each month we will be releasing a new and exciting episode, each with its own specific topic of the month. Episode 039 – Information Gathering on Steroids – Nov 12, 2012 Episode 038 – “Live From DerbyCon” – Oct 15, 2012 Episode 037 – “Trust Me I’m Lying” An Interview with Ryan Holiday – Sept 10, 2012 Episode 036 – LIVE from Defcon 20: Social-Engineer Anniversary – July 31, 2012 Episode 035 – Mastering Elicitation with John Nolan – June 11, 2012 Episode 034 – Beating the Polygraph – Social Engineer Style – May 14, 2012 Episode 033 – Hacking Human Behavior – April 09, 2012 Episode 032 – Non-Verbal Human Hacking – Mar 12 2012 Episode 031 – Profiling People with Social Media – Feb 13, 2012 Episode 030 – How to S.E. Episode 029 – Force Multipliers in Modern Social Engineering – Dec 12, 2011 Episode 028 – Getting Physical With Social Engineering – Nov 14, 2011 Episode 027 – No Hype NLP for Social Engineers – Oct 10, 2011

22 Things Every Budget Traveller Must Do What are the best websites to map my itinerary and route for a trip? - Quora InfoSec Daily | Your daily source of Pwnage, Policy and Politics. - Iceweasel 22 Travel Hacks You Need To Know This Holiday Season