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Ways to embed a Clickable SVG-Logo into Your Website With the growing number of screen resolutions, devices that support an internet connection (desktop computer, laptops, but also tablets, mobile, TVs, and even your fridge someday), flexibility and scalability has become more and more important for websites. With the new arrival of the Macbook Pro Retina, this went a step further and brought an HiDPI display that was unknown to the market. Read more Related:  svg

Awesome GIMP tutorial websites you shouldn’t miss GIMP is a free and open-source image editing tool. With a large community of open-source admirers, it is no secret that GIMP is growing in popularity at an astonishing rate. GIMP is bundled by default on many Linux distros. With sufficient plugins, brushes and scripts, GIMP can become very powerful. Of course, you need to know how to use GIMP well. You might also want to look at our previous posts about GIMP: Beginner’s guide at MaximumPC GHUJ Tutorials A few tutorials to get started: Fade Out EffectCanvas effect GIMP Tutorials Design and code a website in GIMPMaking a realistic Yahoo logo Graphics tutorials at GIMP Talk tutorials GIMPology Tutorials

60 tutoriels Photoshop pour les effets de texte Le texte est un élément de base dans les maquettes et les créations graphiques. Le bon choix des polices et des couleurs requiert de l’expérience et un gout artistique développé pour arriver à des résultats surprenants. L’utilisation de Photoshop et l’ensemble des outils puissants pour texte qu’il propose permet de créer des effets de texte magnifiques. 60 tutoriels Photoshop pour les effets de texte Ce qui suit est une collection de tutoriels Photoshop pour la réalisation d’effets de texte que vous pouvez utiliser dans vos maquettes, sites web, magazines et posters … Vous trouverez les bases de l’utilisation des calques texte sous Photoshop ainsi qu’un ensembles de techniques avancées… texture 3D Créer un texte 3D texturisé à l’aide de Photoshop et Illustrator. Créez un effet spectaculaire de météorite enflammée sur un texte Emportez la typographie à un niveau de feu en utilisant les outils Photoshop pour créer cet effet réaliste. Créer un effet de texte lumineux et fleurissant Grunge

Best Design Resources of February 2009 | CrazyLeaf Design Blog This are the CrazyLeaf Design Blog February 2009 design picks (HTML, CSS, Programming, Photography, Free Icons, Resources, General Design). We are looking for contributors We are looking for talented bloggers, that want to promote themselves and their websites by writing articles for our blog. The topics we are interested in are : Graphic Design, Web Design, Flash, Photoshop, Vectorial Graphics, Design Inspiration, Programming, Print Design, Design Resources, photography or just “top 10 articles”. If you like the idea and want to submit an article or just want to find out more, please visit our Contributors Page.

Effet de brillance en CSS et SVG - Utiliser les masques, les pseudo-éléments et les dégradés CSS Le HTML utilisé Pour cette démo, nous avons besoin du code HTML suivant : Ajout d’un pseudo-élément Pour créer le reflet, nous allons donc ajouter un pseudo-élément. Sur ce pseudo-élément, nous ajoutons un dégradé radial : Note : Pensez aux préfixes de radial-gradient... Animation du pseudo-élément Il nous reste maintenant à animer le déplacement du dégradé. positionnement à gauche de -140px lors du survol et du focus, positionnement à gauche de 10px + transition CSS Note : ce code fonctionne si votre navigateur supporte les transitions sur les pseudo-éléments (en janvier 2013 : Firefox 4+ et Chrome 26+). Ajout d’un masque Notre effet fonctionne mais n’est pas réaliste puisque il est visible dans l’ensemble du pseudo-élément. utilisation de la propriété -webkit-mask en CSS utilisation de la propriété SVG mask sur du contenu HTML Cela nous offre un support sur un bon nombre de navigateur. Pour la propriété -webkit-mask, nous passons une URL dont la transparence sera utilisée comme masque.

RGTV - Episodes Comments July 6th, 2012 at 1:34 pm Dominic den Drijver says: As Aharon Rabinowitz said, Shading is only possible in 2.0.. the downside is that it is almost impossible to do it in Form 1.0, so for the 1.0 users we'll have to do it without the realism of the shading :( May 2nd, 2012 at 3:46 pm Aharon Rabinowitz says: Shading in Trapcode form is only available in Version 2. April 28th, 2012 at 10:49 am Billy says: I dont have the shading option either, the least somebody could do is post and help us out.. April 28th, 2012 at 6:41 am don costanza says: I found the simplest was to merely make a mask to "cheat" the shading (or lack of shading function) in my program...still think this is an awesome example that has my creative juices flowing...thanks again April 28th, 2012 at 6:06 am don costanza says: Excellent tutorial...thank you..having the same issue many are having with the shading button on Form...find it on Particular but not on Form? April 14th, 2012 at 1:56 pm Mohaned says: Please Help Hi!

Tutoriel Gimp et Digiscrap infographies En une seule minute, une quantité monstrueuse de données est échangée sur le web. Chaque minute de chaque heure de chaque journée. L’agence... Lorsque l’on parle de Google, Samsung ou encore Apple, on ne peut qu’avoir les yeux qui brillent quand aux montants qu’ils annoncent.... Le cloud computing est annoncé comme la technologie de demain pour tous les avantages qu’on lui connait. Vous êtes une entreprise et vous souhaitez vous lancer comme vos amis dans les réseaux sociaux. Les réseaux sociaux sont addictifs et personne ne peut dire le contraire. Nous lisons de plus en plus et notamment en ligne. Foursquare est sans contest le réseau social de géolocalisation, leader sur son marché. Cette infographie présente les éléments composant un design de site web sur lesquelles jouent les web designer pour créer un site au design inédit.... Vous vous êtes toujours demandé ce à quoi ressemble ou ressemblait une chambre de geek?

TUTORIALS You are here: » tutorials Welcome to my monthly appearing column that is determined to supply you with tutorials, teaching material and pracitally oriented work examples of the every day illustration and freelance life. The tutorials are currently only available in the PDF-format but online- versions are already in the making. Tags: Digital Illustration, 3D, Effects, Typography, Typo, Photoshop, Adobe, Actions, Brushes I will most likely not be the first person to tell you that three-dimensional typography is experiencing an ever increasing popularity amongst both designers and their audience. What you'll learn: Creating A Bubble Brush Creating / Employing Actions Illustrating 3D-Typography Using Only Photoshop Illustrating Vector Swirls Additional Visual Effects Tags: Adobe Photoshop, Digital Illustration, Vector, Effects, Tutorial, SmartPhone, PDA, XDA Ingredients: Vector Shapes / Pen-Tool Layer-Masks Layer-Styles Dodge- & Burn-Tool Blur Filter Overlay-Modes Create appealing textures

How To Create CSS Image Masks for the Web with SVGs « Collider Creative By Spencer Norman Image Masking in CSS What if CSS allowed us to specify an image or shape that would include only the content that existed within the shape? Good News: There is such a thing and it’s now on the standards-track in the official W3C CSS specBad News: IE and Firefox* don’t support it (yet)Good News: But webkit does! (partially) and there is a workaround in firefox. (note: Firefox does have good SVG support and with a little extra work you can have CSS image masking working in both firefox and webkit based browsers but it’s more complicated in firefox, we will get into that.) The Old Way Border-Radius We’ve been able to create round “masks” for a while now in CSS with the border-radius property. The effect would look like this: Now, this works as long as your image is square such as the one above, but it fails miserably when your image is not square. It also doesn’t allow for any shape other than “round” which is pretty limiting. The New Way Step 1 – Create SVG And poof. Notes:

Getting Started: 01 Understanding Flash | Learn Flash Professional CS4 Community Translation Your transcript request has been submitted. Adobe TV does its best to accommodate transcript requests. It can take a few weeks for the transcript to become available in the Community Translation Project, so keep checking back. Join the Community Translation Project Thanks for your interest in translating this episode! Please Confirm Your Interest Thanks for your interest in adding translations to this episode! An error occurred while processing your request. Another translator has already started to translate this episode. Thanks for Participating! This episode has been assigned to you and you can expect an e-mail shortly containing all the information you need to get started. About This Episode Learn what Flash is and what it can do. Presented by

Apprenez à créer avec GIMP 2.6 ! "Apprendre Gimp, c’est trop difficile !" Combien de fois j’ai entendu cette phrase-là ! Beaucoup pensent qu’il est plus difficile d’apprendre Gimp à cause de son interface atypique qu'il a toujours eu et dont les utilisateurs de Windows ne sont pas habitués. Mais dans les faits, pour un débutant qui n'a jamais touché à un logiciel de graphisme, l’adaptation sera la même, quel que soit le logiciel qu’il choisit pour faire du graphisme ou de la retouche. Vous voulez apprendre le graphisme 2D, que ce soit pour pouvoir faire de la retouche photo, du webdesign ou des montages ou encore de la peinture numérique ? Vous cherchez un cours structuré pour apprendre pas à pas ? Et tout ça, à partir de zéro ! Des tutoriels séparés où on apprend un outil ou un truc, c’est bien, mais un cours structuré à jour pour apprendre pas à pas, c’est mieux et d’ailleurs, les besoins pour ce type de cours sont criants. Qu’apprendra-t-on dans ce big-tuto ? Historique

How to improve your website’s design in 7 simple steps How often do you search a certain website and eventually give up because you just can’t find what you want? How many times have you had to put on glasses in order to read the text? And how frustrating is it when certain websites makes you scroll your screen from left to right to complete a sentence? Your website visitors are busy, impatient, and have ten other webpages open that are competing for their attention. Good website design is a crucial element to attracting and keeping users. Home is where the “HOME” is A surprisingly common (and painful) mistake is forgetting to include prominent button that can quickly guide your readers back to the home page. Spell it out for your audience Contrary to what many people think, visitors to a new webpage first notice text and only then notice graphics and design. Size matters (font size, at least) Have a lot to say? Make your web-pages easy to read. Behind the words You often visit websites that use long, white text on a black background. Scrolling

45 Useful Illustrator and Photoshop Tutorials for Christmas Season The holiday spirit is once again here. Santas, Christmas trees and Christmas balls are once again in fashion… We are once again in search of items that would uplift the season. For sure most of you will look for some Christmas Concept tutorials maybe to create various of Christmas cards, wallpapers or posters. Feel free to browse through this article at your leisure. How to Create That Last-Minute Holiday e-Card in Photoshop This tutorial will guide you in creating e-cards in Photoshop. Designing a Christmas-themed Web Layout Learn to create a Christmas-inspired web layout in Photoshop. Merry Christmas Greeting Card In this tutorial, you will learn to create a greeting card for Christmas. Dancing Santa Claus and Christmas Tree A Santa and Christmas tree is created in this tutorial. Make a Sketchy Wallpaper for this Christmas This tutorial will show how you can create a sketchy wallpaper for Christmas. Abstract Christmas Wallpaper This tutorial will teach you to create Christmas-themed wallpapers.