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Pink Penguin Tutorials and things — 123 Ideas for Character Flaws alisaburke Tutorials and things — Bio help Build Your Own Murphy Bed for $275 - LifeEdited One of the bigger challenges to starting your edited life is reasonably priced transforming furniture. While we believe the high quality and versatile Resource Furniture used in the first LifeEdited apartment is worth every penny, many of their large pieces are several thousand dollars, putting it outside the price range for many people. Perhaps no piece of furniture is more important to an edited home than a transforming bed. Beds are huge space hogs, whose utility is only relevant when we’re unconscious. A “product” called the Moddi Murphy Bed is the least expensive entry point we’ve found for getting your bed out of the way. One of the aims of LifeEdited is providing the resources to make simpler, happier lives, no matter your budget. via IKEAhackers image from Apartment Therapy

Tutorials and things — A Bunch of Tutorials Bookbinding University: How to Make a Hard Cover - Damask Love Bookbinding University is in full swing! If you missed the last lesson on “How to Make a Text Block,” you’d better study up because today we’re moving on to the fun part! Today we’re making the covers for our text blocks and this is where you get to tap your creativity and personalize your notebook. If you are like me, you have a stash of 12 x 12 patterned paper that would make Hobby Lobby jealous. Well, today’s tutorial will have you searching through your collection for the perfect “statement” pattern for your notebook. Let’s get started. How to Make a Text Block | How to Make a Hardcover | How to Make a Composition Style Notebook | How to Make Your Own Bookcloth | How to Make Elastic Closures & Headbands | Perfect Binding

365: Make a Book a Day Non daily diary — Le Lapin dans la Lune Working on watercolors after 25 years of CG art, then publishing illustration books, I discovered one thing : there’s gazillion of ways to create colors, but only one to see them. I know a lot of people won't believe it , but here is the truth about colors. Red is not really the complementary of green, and blue isn't always the complementary of orange, but purple is the complementary of green. Yes. We have red, blue and green cones in the retina. We see in RGB. Click on this link to a more detailed description of how we see on the Pantone Website : How do we see color. I was looking for a way to generate a color wheel as we really see it, and finally settled for this fool proof method :I made a RGB picture in Photoshop. I made a vector circle, and filled it with a radiant rainbow gradient (360º of hues) with colors at full saturation. Here's my new, computer rendered, color wheel: colors as my brain ( and yours) see them.

Anime Screenshot Tutorial by BechnoKid on deviantART Sublime Stitching • Hand Embroidery Tutorials How-To: Dark Fabrics Part 1 How-To: Dark or Stretchy Fabrics Part 2 How-To: Tracing Paper & Transfer Pens Proportions-sketch tutorial by RammsteirNails on deviantART