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Storyville: 3 Essential Books You Should Read in Every Major Genre

Storyville: 3 Essential Books You Should Read in Every Major Genre
This list is entirely subjective, based on books that I’ve read over the years. But what they all have in common is that they’ve stayed with me. Many of these titles I’ve read over and over again. Some are touchstones, lodestones that I reference when I get blocked, bowing at the feet of masters that have taught me everything I’ve ever learned about what makes compelling fiction. I’m hoping that you’ve read most of these and will spend much of this column nodding your head in agreement. More importantly, I hope you find some new authors and novels that will enlighten you at some point down the road. NOTE: The genres I’ve picked are “major” to me, not to publishing in general. The Hobbit (1937) and Lord of the Rings (1954-1955) by J.R.R. I’m just going to lump it all together, here, so grant me that if you would. Buy J.R.R. Weaveworld (1987) by Clive Barker Buy Weaveworld from American Gods (2001) by Neil Gaiman Buy American Gods: Author's Preferred Text from

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The 100 Best Science Books of All Time - Image by Biblioteca de la Facultad de Derecho (CC BY 2.0) The 100 Best Science Books of All Time list contains a mixture of classic and popular works, chosen for their accessibility and relevance. Most of the books selected are suitable for a well educated layman with only a few being for a more serious reader.

50 Places Every Literary Fan Should Visit If you’re like us, and you hear that you’re in an area that is home to a place that has any little bit of literary historical significance, you have to go and visit it. Since (statistically speaking) there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll soon be hopping in your car or your friend’s car, or boarding a train, bus, plane, or some other mode of transportation that will bring you to another place that isn’t the city you spend the rest of the year living in, we’ve compiled this list of literary places all over the world that you should visit if you happen to be in the neighborhood. Mark Twain House & Museum, Hartford, CT While we’re in no way trying to get you to avoid Mark Twain’s birthplace in Missouri, Twain’s house and museum in Hartford, CT is a sight to behold with its Tiffany-designed walls and ceilings, the knowledgeable tour guides, and the Twain made out of LEGO.

SXSW: Do Androids Dream of Being You? Digital-assistant software such as Siri and Google Now has become progressively more mainstream over the past few years, showcasing some significant gains in the field of artificial intelligence. But as with any industry, there exists a substantial gap between the mass-produced products already on the market, and what’s theoretically possible with bleeding-edge technology. Within the artificial-intelligence community, a prime example of the latter is Bina48.

An A-Z of novel cures for ailing book lovers From treating urban fatigue (with help from China Miéville) to tempering road rage (thanks to the right audiobooks), Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin have compiled an alphabet of literary remedies, taken from their new book, The Novel Cure: An A-Z of Literary Remedies. Let us know what yours would be. A is for Apathy Cure: The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M Cain From the very first line, when itinerant jailbreaker Frank Chambers is thrown off the hay truck at noon, this story is up and running. The combination of story and style will hit you like a triple espresso and, instead of apathy, there'll be opportunism. 10 NONFICTIONAL books that will f**k up your reality (and make you smarter). Earlier I listed my “top 10 fictional books” and I promised I’d post the list with my “top 10 nonfictional books”. So, here I am, keeping my promise (I’m a bit late). The books here are a mix of “face reality” , “thought provoking”, and “do better in life” books, which I’m all for. Quick word- The fictional books were the books that opened up my eyes and let me see these nonfictional books, which are loaded with much more amazing info due to it being true. But, both lists are dire to the shaping of who I am today and I’m thankful I read them all. Without further ado, I will shut up, and just list them already:

Top Fantasy Books and Series : Sword Blog You are here: Home / Fantasy / Top Fantasy Books and Series Top Fantasy Books and Series-List of best 10 fantasy book series. Fantasy sagas i love the most. Tolkien, Glen Cook, Steven Erikson, R. 10 Books You Should Read Before College By Kirsten Ballard Need a good summer read? We’ve got your one-stop list of the 10 books to read this summer, including ones that will offer advice, the next cult-following novel to bond over with your roommate, and a few classics, too (don’t just skim the SparkNotes!). 1. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn Everyone is talking about Gone Girl this summer.

The 50 Books Everyone Needs to Read, 1963-2013 The thing about reading is this: it takes a long time. There are innumerable books in the world, and many more good ones than can be read by any mortal in a lifetime. It’s hard to choose — especially if you’re a slow reader. 25 Books That Define Cool Let’s abandon the childish notion that reading isn’t cool. We’re grown men here and reading happens to be one of the many ways we enjoy spending a bit of our free time. Of course, sitting down with just any book doesn’t always make for a great experience. 74 Books to Read if You Love the Hunger Games If you haven't read the Hunger Games you really should! They're pretty awesome. Check them out: If you're already a fan of the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins...

5 Book Worlds Worth Living In Once upon a time, there was a king. His name was Macaulay Culkin, and he ruled the land of the box office. Everything the light touched was his, until the new millennium arrived, bringing with it a veritable buffet of questionable choices. Historians to this day are recovering the relics of Macaulay’s reign, and in a recent dig through the bargain bin, I happened upon a treasure: The Pagemaster. The plot is as follows: Lonely, risk-averse child Richard Tyler (Culkin) is sent on an errand to the hardware store. 1984 Study Guide Author Bio Full Name: Eric Arthur Blair Pen Name: George Orwell Date of Birth: 1903 Place of Birth: Motihari, India

Your mega summer reading list: 200 books recommended by TEDsters A look at the famous TED Bookstore at TED2013. Photo: Michael Brands Books can entertain, sucking you like a tornado into incredible new worlds. Books can teach, giving you a richer understanding of time periods, people and ideas you’ve never been exposed to. But books can do so much more. Lisa Bu: How books can open your mind In today’s talk, TED’s own Lisa Bu introduces us to the concept of “comparative reading,” the practice of reading books in pairs, to give deeper context and reveal new insights.