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Irrigation solaire au goutte à goutte : une technique gratuite à la portée de tous

Irrigation solaire au goutte à goutte : une technique gratuite à la portée de tous

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KAPAGEN, the Tariel Kapanadze's generator KAPAGEN, the Tariel Kapanadze's generatorby Jean-Louis Naudincreated on may 28, 2010 - JLN Labs - Last update July 5, 2010Toutes les informations et schémas sont publiés gratuitement ( freeware ) et sont destinés à un usage personnel et non commercialAll informations and diagrams are published freely (freeware) and are intended for a private use and a non commercial use. The purpose of these series of experiments is to try to understand the working principle of the Tariel Kapanadze generator presented in his demo video and also to share in realtime the results of my findings through this web page. My current Kapanadze generator v3.2 is only an attempt of replication of the Tariel's original device based on the Nikola Tesla fuelless generator. Due to the presence of High Voltage and the High Power output of the Kapagen, users of this document should be very carefull and experienced in High-Voltage electronics to try anything out !

China built a giant solar field in a desert Deserts don’t exactly have the best rep for me. They inspire images of horrific sunburns and dying of thirst – and at best, some sweet cacti, grand sandcastle visions, or a certain noseless Egyptian monument. But the ante has officially been upped: Travel to Dunhuang in northwestern China’s Gansu province and you’ll stumble across a massive field of solar panels in the Gobi Desert. The province has been building up the field since 2009. But from 2012 to March 2015, the construction project exploded in size and “the area occupied by the photovoltaic panels has expanded threefold,” iO9 reports. Just take a look at the comparison below:

filet a provision Green…can mean more than one thing. There is green the color. And green, as in environmentally friendly. How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden Having a garden is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Tangible benefits can be gained from interacting directly with the natural world, including healing faster after an illness and improving kids’ creativity and learning. Just think about how the scent of an aster or the feel of its petals completely changes your mood! Flowers and other plants are beautiful and inspiring, but what I call the fourth dimension in gardening is even more so.

Element Eco-Design Save Water with Wicking Beds - Element Eco-Design We just finished installing five big and beautiful Wicking Beds for a client in Salmon Arm. These water smart raised beds were designed extra tall with a false bottom to reduce the need for bending over while the clients tend their veggies. So what are Wicking beds you ask? Wicking beds are a great way to capture and store rain water to irrigate your raised beds from below the soil as they can be filled with a hose or connected right to your downspout. Wicking beds are raised beds with waterproof reservoir in the bottom 2/3 of the bed. The bed has a perforated pipe installed in the bottom of the bed, this pipe is covered with a fine gravel up to 10” deep.

Reed Bed System & Composting Toilets One of the characteristics that separates 21st century homo sapiens from the other species with which we share the planet is that we relentlessly take from the natural world but seldom give back. The flawed economic system by which we imagine we sustain our lives places a commercial value on the planet’s resources but not an ecological one. It is almost a cliché now to say that when we throw our waste away, there actually is no away but only someone else’s door step or some other life form’s habitat. But raised awareness does not seem to have reduced our disposable habits.

Solar is mostly for the wealthy. Here’s how Obama plans to change that This story is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Rooftop solar power systems cost a lot less these days than they did five or 10 years ago, and with many solar companies now offering leases and loans, it’s safe to say that going solar is more affordable than ever before. That trend goes a long way to explaining why solar, while still making up less than 1 percent of the total U.S. energy mix, is the fastest-growing power source in the country. fleur avec un t shirt the next day. Well, 4 days later here I am. I am nothing, if not completely and totally unreliable. What can I say, It’s spring break week here. kids. enough said. Why Kentucky is doing urban farming right Amanda Fuller and Peter ThiongLots of FoodLouisville, Ky. Fun fact: Louisville’s original city seal bore the term “Perseverando,” which translates to “By persevering.” Fuller and Thiong are applying that spirit to building Louisville’s urban agriculture scene, transforming the little patches of green in the city’s urban wastelands into micro-farms.

DIY $2 Self-Watering Garden Bed - Grow Produce Easily, Even in the Toughest Drought Conditions By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World “When life gives you lemons, share them with neighbors!” enthuses the Food is Free Project, a grassroots organization based out of Austin, Texas. The project isn’t advocating sharing bad luck; instead, it’s championing the idea of connecting neighbors and communities with a bounty of free, homegrown fresh produce. It all began as a single, front yard organic vegetable garden with a sign explaining that the food was free for the taking.

Composting Toilets: All You Ever Wanted To Know Many people have a lot of misconceptions when they hear the words “composting toilets”. Immediately they think “outhouse” or imagine a hole in the ground. Yucky, smelly, and a little drafty. Well, the composting toilets of 100 years ago (the outhouse) and the composting toilets of today are completely different creatures. Today’s composting toilets are sleek, efficient, and entirely odor-free.

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