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100 Years of Change

100 Years of Change
then and now Let's explore some of the ways American life has changed in 100 years. Average individual income Unemployment People per household Median age at first marriage Most popular baby names Boys Girls Boys Girls John Mary Aiden Sophia William Helen Jackson Emma James Dorothy Ethan Olivia Robert Margaret Liam Isabella Joseph Ruth Mason Ava Overall population By ethnicity (percentage of overall population) White 88.8% 63.4% White Black 10.7% 13.1% Black Other 0.5% 23.5% Other races races Life expectancy 2x5= School-aged children enrolled in school High school graduates* Early figures measured 17-year-olds; modern calculation includes up to age 25 Bachelor's degrees* Early figures measured 23-year-olds; modern calculation start at age 25 Entertainment "Traffic in Soles" "Iron Man 3" is the top-grossing film, bring in takes in more than $413,000 $340 million ($94 million in today's dollars) Top Songs Top Songs When Irish Eyes Ar Smiling Can't Hold Us by Chauncy Olcott by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis by Charles Harrison by Pink Related:  Social inrterestChanges in Families

Sydney Architecture Images- St. Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral St Andrew's Cathedral is one of the finest Gothic-revival church buildings in New South Wales and is the pre-eminent church building within the Sydney Anglican Diocese. The building represents the aspirations of the Colony and was the focus of much of Sydney life both during and after its construction. The completion of the Cathedral building was a major achievement for both the church and the City of Sydney. Early Construction 1811-c.1874 The Cathedral was planned by Governor Macquarie to be an impressive Gothic building in the centre of Sydney within a large square which would contain major civic buildings. Macquarie's vision has since been realised with the construction of the cathedral and later the Town Hall. It is clear that Macquarie intended the building to be a cathedral and for it to be located in the centre of Sydney. Early planning and construction was haphazard. In October 1850 six bishops of Australasia met in Sydney for a conference.

ملف كامل عن عجينة التارت - منتديات روضة القرآن النسائى اولا: طريقة عمل العجينة المقادير 2 كوب دقيق ربع ملعقة شاي ملح ثلثي كوب زبدة باردة جدا من 4 إلى 5 ملاعق طعام ماء مثلج العجينة المثاليه هي التي يكون طعمها حلو و طريه و في نفس الوقت مقرمشه و ذلك يعتمد علي طريقه العجن الطريقه: 1. اخلطي الدقيق الابيض مع الملح 2. 3. او يتم الخلط باستخدام السكين ملاحظة: كل ما قللنا مدة العجن كل ما حصلنا على عجينه طريه 4.اضيفي الماء المثلج: ابدئي باضافه من 3 الي 4 ملعقه طعام من الماء المثلج و يتم التقليب بالشوكه و بخفه شديدة حتي يختفي الماء فقط ثم اضيفي من 1 الي 2 ملعقه طعام ماء مثلج 5-بالنسبه للماء...لا تضعي اكثر من 5 ملاعق طعام بأي حال من الاحوال 6.قسمي العجينه الي قسمين و ضعي كل قسم في ورق شفاف 7. طريقة فـــــــــرد العجينة 1.التحضير لفرد العجينه:- سخني الفرن علي 475 فهرنهايت / 240 مئوي.حركي رف الفرن لاسفل وضع ممكن و ذلك لتجنب عدم استواء العجينة ضعي على رخامه المطبخ قماشه خاصه بالعجين اسمها"pastry cloth" و ثبتيها في مكانها بشريط لزق و فائدة هذة القماشه انها تسهل عمليه فرد العجينه و تفادي لصقها في الرخامه 2. عند فرد العجينه بالنشابه,القماشه ستمتص الدقيق بدل العجينه 3. 4.

You Have the Right to Stay Out of Jail Share this infographic on your site! <a href=” src=” alt=”Know Your Rights” width=”500″ border=”0″ /></a><br />Source: <a href=” Knowing Your Rights Amendment IV – The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. Whether you are a US citizen or not 3 Levels of police/citizen encounters ○ NEVER: ■ Lie or give false documents ■ Answer questions ■ Give permission to a search without fully reading a warrant ■ Argue, resist, run, or obstruct– even if your rights are being violated

My Grandmother’s Toy Box Activities: Museums Victoria The story, My Grandmother's Toy Box, has been created to introduce the concepts of continuity and change. It provides an opportunity for conversations about how toys have changed over time and what has remained recognisable by comparing toys from the past and present. It introduces the concept of a timeline through reference to generations of a family and placing the objects discovered in the toy box against a timeline of the development of Melbourne as a city, using the following questions: How do we know about the past?How do we know what toys children played with in the past?How do we know what games children played in the past? Possible activities to pursue: Read stories about the past – e.g. Some suggestions for discussion of the toys as the story is read: Computer game – Hannah's father's toy What do you think this is?

Cathedral History Background Situated above busy Town Hall Railway Station, St Andrew’s Cathedral is in the heart of Sydney. A popular tourist attraction, next to Sydney’s Town Hall, it is also a key evangelical church for overseas and interstate visitors. The Cathedral is the central gathering place for Diocesan events, being the “seat” of the Archbishop of Sydney. These events draw large numbers of people together from our many parishes. The wider community of Sydney also enjoy coming to the Cathedral for special occasions. And yet for all the grand occasions, the Cathedral is also a great place to come for weddings. Even in the midst of a busy city, there are times when the Cathedral can be a place to sit quietly and pray and think. St Andrew’s Cathedral School has a close association with the Cathedral as well, since it was first established as a school for the Cathedral choir. The Cathedral continues to be the centre of much of the Christian celebrations in the city throughout the year. Architecture

Unusual Night in Nature Two French hotel/camp, Attrape Reves in Bouches-du-Rhone (near Marseille) and Sky River near Loir-et-Cher, are the places where you can sleep under the stars. Concept of sleeping in balloons are designed by French designer Pierre Stefan, wanting to create an environmentally friendly space: when a plastic bubble pack, the area remains almost intact. Balloons are small and cozy, their diameter is about four meters. Some are completely transparent, while others provide a little more privacy. Of course, if you want comfort that provides, for example, “Ric”, these unusual balloons are probably not for you. Sleeping under the stars gets a new meaning in the unusual “camps” in France – visitors are accommodated in nature under the open sky.

NAR Your Search Results | Search the Collections | Victoria and Albert Museum Lone Star Locos... Lone Star Products L... 1955-59 View details Lone Star Locos... View details Lone Star Locos... View details Lone Star Locos... View details Lone Star Locos... View details Lone Star Locos... View details Lone Star Locos... View details Grandpa Pig's Ba...