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Youssef Habchi - Webdesigner Graphiste Illustrateur freelance en Alsace Vosges Lorraine

Youssef Habchi - Webdesigner Graphiste Illustrateur freelance en Alsace Vosges Lorraine
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Home - OK-Studios - Corporate Design & Brand Creation - Typo3 & Magento Agentur Hamburg The Story of Our Company - The Making of Teehan+Lax Growth 2004–2009 We moved to a larger office in 2005. We took a five year lease, which now eclipsed the printer as our biggest commitment. The office was 4000 sq ft. During the 5 year period between 2004-2009, the company went from about 9 people to over 30. Platforms and Programs Since we began we saw all work in the digital channel breaking into two distinct buckets of work: Platforms and Programs. Platforms are large scale applications or sites where customers come to do something with companies. Programs are activities that create demand. Geoff and I also believed (and we still do) that the kind of creative person who wants to wake up and come up with a world class program like Burger King's Subservient Chicken, is not the same creative person who wants to wake up and solve complex UI problems for a large scale corporate Web app. So we avoided pitching or going out of our way to get program work. In 2005, we had an increasing amount of program work making up our revenue.

Lois Jeans | Spring Summer 2013 LOIS is more alive than ever, “more LOIS than ever”. Since last December we have thrown ourselves on the road and probably one day you will see the LOIS BUS in your hometown, as it is already rolling along all the corners of Spain coinciding with the holidays and most important events of each region. Our aim is to be present at any happening, event, concert, etc. that is a meeting point for young people who are interested in being open to any social or cultural manifestation taking place in our country, as LOIS has been there since1962 and still stays there, stronger than ever. We’ll visit Colleges, Discos, etc., and the LOIS BUS shall be, during its journey, the meeting point for the fans of the brand, where we’ll give away gifts and merchandising bearing the mythical Bull logo, all the year 2010 long. LOIS is still a brand that endures over crises, avatars and ephemeral fads. If you want to know more about us, you don’t need to go out and seek us, we’ll look for you instead!!!

KITKAT Sløret – Paper & Paint by Flügger cardboard - work Cardboard installations continue with a new commission by Fender and THE FIRST EVER JIMI HENDRIX® POP-UP STORE. Opening in the heart of Soho to celebrate the release of "People, Hell and Angels". The store will open for a limited time only from Monday 1 April � Friday 12 April 2013 at 8 Ganton Street London, just off the world famous Carnaby Street. Check this link today The store will feature the entire Jimi Hendrix music and video catalogue (including CDs, LPs, DVDs and Blu-ray releases), including a number of titles that have never been available in the UK. Parallax Website vs. SEO pros and cons | Communication Agency Frankfurt dietzk. 12. June 2013 Our last article, Parallax Scrolling Framework, used a framework to give you an introduction to the technical aspects of this current trend. This article will explain the advantages and disadvantages from the point of view of search engine optimization (SEO). Pros and cons of a parallax website from a SEO perspective. Aspects of parallax scrolling Parallax websites involve interesting advantages, especially in combination with mobile (responsive) sites or independent campaigns. What are the objectives of this site or campaign? Needless to say that this list does not claim to be complete but just aims at giving food for thought. The case is slightly different when several older pages of a website are to be combined in a parallax scrolling website. Index and maintain existing content.Set up 301/303 redirection.Implement canonical tag. Besides, websites using the parallax scrolling effect for navigation are usually visually stunning. Parallax scrolling for websites – pros and cons

Ringle 39 Panda Got Files - Home of the Wordpress Panda Paw-Engine Parallax Scrolling, It’s Not For Everyone - A Visual Identity To scroll or not to scroll, that is today’s question! When the topic of parallax scrolling comes up, you’ll get mixed opinions. Some love the concept; others hate it, especially anyone who is a web copywriter, or a SEO ninja. From a designer’s perspective, parallax scrolling sites can be marvels, if implemented correctly. They are captivating, original, and can really make an impact, making you stand out from your competition. If you are new to the industry, or a potential client, who may not know what parallax scrolling is. Now you may have checked out the above link, or seen a parallax scrolling website and said “I want that, what’s the next step.” Have Access To Good Photography Photography plays a major role. You Plan On A Strong SEO Campaign If ranking high on Google is important to you, and you plan on hiring an SEO ninja to optimize your site, you may want to reconsider parallax scrolling. Most parallax scrolling websites are only 1 page websites. Parallax Sites Need A Storyboard

SylvanSport GO | Lightweight, Small Pop Up Campers - Camping Trailer Nat King Cole - Black In History