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{Mesure de lis} Utilisation des unités de mesure non standard Here's another idea you might consider including in your Leap Day plans! It's frog themed {fancy that!} and will help your kiddos practice measuring with nonstandard units as well as introduce them to important 'measuring vocabulary' - about, close to, between, just under, less than, greater than, etc. Setting Up For The Lesson Cut 8 pairs of lily pads from green construction paper, adding a frog print if desired. Completing the Activity First, demonstrate for your students how to properly measure using the frog prints. We think this is a great activity for learning early math concepts and discovering how to work as a team, as well as incorporating some Leap Day fun into your day!

SUDOKU For Kids Sudoku is an educational game with numbers – which can be replaced with pictures for younger players. We have tried to make some very simple ‘magic squares’ so kids (over the age of 6) could understand the logic of the game itself. The goal of the game is to put one of the four pictures (or numbers) in each column, row or smaller square. You may start together with the kids, showing them how exactly to fill in the empty squares. Scroll down to view all documents. See more big kid ideas: Тic-Tac-Тое Игра на точки и чертички Matchstick Games Pencil Ideas Оptical Illusions Movement in Pictures Мagic Strip

Nous sommes en route, nous sommes sur notre chemin ... sur le chemin de la ferme de Mme Kilburn! | Les Kiddos de Mme Kilburn Can you tell that we’ve been learning about the farm? My class just finished this unit last week and we had an ABSOLUTE blast learning about farm animals! Here is a picture of our farm mural complete with a tractor ride–too cute! We also had a lot of fun completing some non-standard measurement activities. Julie Lee from Mrs. I copied the clip-art of the different animals on various colors of construction paper and then had students complete and color their worksheets to match. We also read a couple of different versions of the Little Red Hen and painted Little Red Hens :): We discussed how we can be like the Little Red Hen (text to self connections) and brainstormed our answers. Little Red Hen writing prompt We also had a lot of fun learning about the various animals that live on a farm. This song is part of my TpT Farm Mini-Unit available for purchase We also graphed the farm animals that we liked. Like this: Like Loading...

L’apprentissage des mathématiques - les régularités - Enfant - 3 à 5 ans - Développement - Apprentissages 29 juin 2015 L’enfant qui est capable de reconnaitre et d’identifier des régularités est mieux préparé à l’étude des relations en mathématiques. Voici comment les explorer avec votre enfant. Les mathématiques sont souvent décrites comme la science des régularités. L’enfant qui est capable de reconnaitre et d’identifier des régularités est mieux préparé à l’étude des relations en mathématiques. Explorer les régularités avec votre enfant : Utilisez le corps pour comprendre les régularités. informe, outille et supporte les parents pour permettre à leurs enfants d'atteindre leur plein potentiel.

Ferme Hello friends! This was our last week learning all about farms and farm animals. We also concluded our unit with the annual Farm Day at BSLK. Mrs. Estes does a fabulous job putting it all together! Our whole school enjoys the day. Coin roll Telling time and drawing the correct time on the clocks We reviewed odd and even numbers with higher 18 because we had 18 eggs. I used the barns again from Target to practice counting to 30...I used die-cut foam mini animals as counters... Here we wrote the sight word, color word, and the number after counting mud spots on the pig "Maa"th addition These are the flowers in a kid version from our plants unit...the kids always turn out MUCH cuter than my sample I forgot to snap a pic several weeks ago of the March Problem Solving unit from Kathleen Pedersen...these are great. Our circle map of FARMS I got this adorable idea from a teacher at school...It's Farmer Tig wearing a Wig The cutest goats you ever did see!! Our Farm Fact Book We read Mrs.

Rockabye papillon: Travaux sur le comptage Activités I used our Three Bear Family Counters and placed different amounts of them in letter-labelled bags. I made a laminated question sheet that can be used with a wipe-off marker. (I always like to reuse worksheets so we can enjoy the activity more than once at different times.) Butterfly and I read a question, she found the right bag the sentence asked about, she counted the bears in the bag (without taking them out), and then wrote the number answer on the question's line. Another counting activity Butterfly enjoyed is with pipe cleaners and beads. I added the tape numbers on top of the pipe cleaners and Butterfly had to count and put the right amount of beads on each. Great idea from Kids Matter! I made Lego counting cards.

Mat imprimable Math, Jeux d'apprentissage Buggy Board Math Mats Children learn so much more quickly when they are having fun! Our Buggy Board Math Mats are designed to add a little bit of hands on activity, and game play while working on key math skills. Children of all ages can play as we have boards for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. bumblebee, beetle, spider, dragonfly and caterpillar.Counters come in six plastic tub.Click Here Set of 12Ergonomic DesignIncludes Resealable BucketClick Here

mplete the Picture Printables for Kids These printable activities are really fun for younger children! We provide an outline drawing which... Here's an original new activity for little kids. We provide a big outline picture with a few... Fun summer printables for kids! We've provided the wheels - and it is up to your child to draw whatever they belong to! We have one tree for each season, ready for the children to add flowers, leaves, fruit, snowflakes...

Number Printables for Classroom and Home Number cards are useful for counting, for matching, for all sorts of games - so it is intention to... Printable number lines should not only be useful but decorative too, for children to enjoy using... Pretty, bright picture number posters to print for display in the classroom or home. We have a...