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Making a pencil skirt sloper and the resulting skirt

Making a pencil skirt sloper and the resulting skirt
Why design your own pencil skirt sloper pattern? Have you EVER owned a pencil skirt that fit you properly? I find the ready to wear either gape in the waist, or are too tight across the hip or thigh or the darts aren’t right. Does your skirt fit like this? Now that I can sew (a little) I thought it was about time I tried to rectify this with my own pencil skirt. I’m going to show you how you can make your own custom pattern too. Want to make your own perfectly fitting skirt pattern – read on! How to make a pencil skirt sloper There are a number of tutorials online and I took inspiration from several to eventually come up with a system that worked for me and I drafted my pattern as follows: Take measurements at the natural waistline and at the widest part of the body (hips, bottom or thighs if needed).If you have a tape measure that uses centimeters, I recommend using that for this pattern drafting as it will give a more accurate measurement than using inches. Testing your sloper pattern

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Free Skirt Sewing Patterns - over 100 Introducing an EPIC list of free skirt sewing patterns. I KNOW you all love free patterns – its the most searched for area of my site. And you LOVE the Pinterest Group Board where you all share your favorite free sewing patterns. So, here you have it. 30 minute skirt A free pattern to download plus instructions on how you can make your own custom fit pattern too. The perfect maxi skirt? How to draft an ideal full length maxi skirt based off your own measurements. Color block skirt Here’s a simple free skirt pattern for a skirt with shaped seams front and back, flattering side panels and a nice comfy fit. Gathered summer skirt Summer is here at last. Half-circle wrap skirt This is a cute skirt that's easy to sew. The Wear Everywhere Skirt Everyone needs a wardrobe of good basic skirts. Don’t forget to check out these other popular posts on this site: If you find any great free skirt patterns that I’ve missed, why not add them to the Group Board on Pinterest? Authored by: Deby at So Sew Easy

Free sewing pattern - Summer Drape Top The latest release in my range of free sewing patterns and tutorials – the Summer Drape Top. Designed for softly draping knit fabrics, this blouse is easy to make, flattering, cool and strappy, with tummy covering draping and a rounded hemline in the front. And I’ve made it with wide enough straps that you should be able to wear a bra with only minimal straps peaking through at the back. The Summer Drape Top comes in a one-size fits most design. This is a long post including lots of photos, all about how to print and piece your digital pattern, cut your fabric and a full step by step photo tutorial on how to stitch your top. Where to get your free sewing pattern for the Summer Drape Top Download the Summer Drape Top Pattern You can download the pattern and instructions for the Summer Drape Top from my design account at Craftsy. Trouble downloading or printing? Constructing your PDF pattern. First time you’ve used a digital pattern? Once you have all 12 pieces, keep them in order.

Recreating 16th and 17th Century Clothing: The Renaissance Tailor Demonstrations>Accessories:Western European>Gloves From pattern to hand - The most difficult part of making gloves is not in the construction. Nor is it in the drafting of the pattern (although there are some surprises there). Nope... the most difficult part of making gloves lies in choosing the proper materials and preparing those materials. Before we begin, I would encourage you to read through this website: . Brief History - Gloves are defined in the Columbia Encyclopedia as "covering(s) for the hand with separate sections for the fingers and the thumb, usually extending over the wrist or part of the arm". Gloves as we know them date from approximately the 11th century. Guilds of glove makers first made their appearance in the 12th century. The emphasis on gloves during the late 16th century was less on proper fit and more on the item as an ornamental accessory. Choosing The Materials - Leather, Silk, Linen or Velvet... Preparing The Materials - Making The Pattern - Viola!

Pannband - Heeeeeeejsan igen. Allt har legat nere ett tag men nu är det väl på g, våren och ljusare dagar. Eller ja, nu har det ju snöat så det känns ju inte riktigt längre som att det är vår på g. Vilket hade varit konsting eftersom det endast är januari. sååååå...... men jobbet har kommit igång och någolunda vardagsrutiner. Enkelt är bäst. Började med att sy ihop långsidan. (Genom detta hål skall du sedan "vända ut" kortsidan för att sy den. När långsidan är sydd så vänder vi tyget ut och in. Nu skall vi vända kortsidan genom hålet vi lämnat på långsidan. Nåla hela vägen runt om du inte redan gjort det. Det kan vara lite pilligt att sy men det går! Så här ser det ut när du sytt runt helt kortsidan. Taaadaa! Klart :)

Tank + Shirt = Girl Dress I am forever scouting out thrift stores for clothes that can be hacked. I found this top at Saver's for $4.99 and I had to have it. You can't tell from the picture, but the material is soft and slightly shiny and the crinkle gives it amazing texture. It's also beaded randomly to add a hint of sparkle. At first I envisioned turning it into a fun and flirty skirt for me, but after a few days of thinking on it I decided it would make a great babydoll dress for my daughter. I dug through her closet to find a top for it and settled on this. Taking photos during a project can sometimes kill my groove and I was already in weeny-mode so I skipped that part, but it is VERY straightforward. (1) I cut the straps off of the soon-to-be skirt of the dress. (2) I cut the waist portion off of the soon-to-be top of the dress. (3) I turned the skirt inside out and upside down and tucked the top inside of it(right side out and right side up) and pinned them together all the way around. (5) Voila!

Merrick's Art // Style + Sewing for the Everyday Girl: DIY FRIDAY: PUFFED HALF SLEEVE TUTORIAL Welcome back to another round of DIY Friday! I'm excited to share an easy sleeve tutorial with you today! As much as I love short sleeves, and even long sleeves, I think I like a half sleeve the very most. They're super flattering on everyone, and add a little feminine element to a shirt or dress. I've made a couple of pieces with these half sleeves (like this cobalt one I shared on instagram), so today for DIY Friday I want to show you how to make them. They're super easy, and it's a great pattern to have up your sleeve (pun intended) for shirts and dresses, or if you want to add sleeves to a sleeveless top or dress. For this yellow dress, I used my Tee Dress as a base, and then change the sleeves to these puffed half sleeves and changed the shape of the dress to add a hint of swing. dress: made by me (tutorial below -- similar here) Click through to see the tutorial! - shirt to use as a pattern (preferably one with loose-ish sleeves) - pattern paper (or parchment or medical paper) 1. 2.

Double layer chiffon blouse - free pattern and tutorial Thank you for all of the comments on my recent post - Self drafted halter neck chiffon blouse. Several visitors asked for a tutorial, and I am happy to oblige. I’ve made the blouse again in a different fabric – this time a lovely blue and cream chiffon with embroidery and sequins. Swanky! This tutorial is ideal is you want to make a simple blouse using a sheer fabric like a chiffon or a lace, with a lining. This is a long post, for which I apologise. First you will need to take your measurements as shown here: 1 – full bust at the widest part 2 – hip measurement where you want your top to end 3 – length from collar-bone to where you want your top to end, measuring over the bust instead of down the gap in the middle 4 – length from collar-bone to bust point Now get yourself a nice big piece of paper, or tape several pieces of regular letter paper together. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. You will have 4 main pieces of fabric, two in your lining fabric and two in your outer fabric. 1.

Patterns for Gorgeous Gloves John Koch In "Gorgeous Gloves" in Threads #145, John Koch demonstrates how to sew custom gloves. This is the glove pattern shown in the article. The original pattern was reduced 64 percent, so to get full size, enlarge the pattern so the set of 4 squares shown is 4 square inches. Discover the stitches you need to know when sewing gloves, and don't miss John's gallery of gorgeous gloves. Download the large size pattern Download the medium sized pattern Download the small sized pattern <A HREF="

Julkalender lucka 18 - Pannband eller buff Lucka 18 bjuder Jenny Thörne oss återigen på en fin tut, denna gång på hur man syr ett fodrat pannband. Perfekt till den envisa mössvägraren eller andra fryslortar. En snabb och enkel julklapp som värmer. Lucka 18 ger oss också fri frakt hos Kameleont, ange kod "sytokig". Under cardbox 18 Jenny Thörne treats us with a tutorial on a lined headband. Klipp ut ett tyg till utsidan, jag gör mina 13 x 50cm och ett foderstycke som är 2 cm lägre än utsidan, dvs 11 x 50cm. Cut one fabric for the outside, I make mine 13x50 cm, and a liner that is 2 cm longer than the outer fabric, that makes 11x50 cm. Lägg tygstyckena räta mot räta och sy ihop längs båda långsidorna. Put the pieces right sides together and sew the long edges together. Vräng nu pannbandet till rätan. Turn right sides out. Vill man ha sin lapp fastsydd limmar/nålar man fast den på rätsidan av yttertyget nu. If you want to attatch a label, pin or glue it on the right side of the fabric at this stage. Nåla ihop vändningshålet. Klart! Done!

'Square' Skirt Sometimes I buy too much fabric. I admit it. Just don’t you dare email my husband and tell him that I’ve admitted it. ;) If he ever notices that I have purchased new fabric and he happens to ask what it’s for……..I just mumble and laugh myself through some crazy explanation like, “oh, it’s for this one thing that I’m going to make next week to try out a new technique and I really needed this particular fabric to test it out, and, yeah……..isn’t it great?!?!“ Then he laughs. And tells me that he knows I bought it simply because I liked it. Okay, fine, you’re right. So, lately, I have really been trying to just use what I have. And experiment I did. But half the trick of making it quickly, is that I used knit. To me, it kinda looks like a ballet dancing skirt. And because of the “circle-cut” method, it’s the twirliest type of skirt you can make. Okay, experiment over. But remember, if you don’t care for the uneven edge, ditch it. Wanna give this skirt a try? And then cut out that circle.

Merrick's Art // Style + Sewing for the Everyday Girl: DIY FRIDAY: PLEATED MIDI SKIRT skirt made by me, tutorial below (shop for a similar skirt here) It's time for another DIY Friday today, and you guys, I've been dying to share this tutorial with you for months! I'm part of Janome's on-loan blogger program and in exchange for the Janome 4120QDC sewing machine that they loan to me, I do a project for their blog each quarter. For last quarter's project, I made this gingham midi skirt and after having to wait for them to post it on their end, I'm finally able to share it over here. Midi skirts are the perfect Fall skirt, so now is the perfect time to whip one up! Click through to see the full tutorial! Materials: 1 1/2 yards of 60" wide fabric (approximately)Matching Thread7-9" Invisible zipper 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Easy dress pattern for summer - and it's free! You asked – you got it. The next free pattern from So Sew Easy is an easy dress pattern for a great summer dress with option to shorten for a top. Made in just a few simple steps, I’ll hold your hand all the way with this one and show you some tips and tricks along to way to help you sew beautifully with knit fabrics. Styling options – wear it strapless (it includes an elastic back so won’t fall), or with a center halter strap or two straps from the bust or sides. You can also cut this off at hip length and wear it as a top too. Download your easy dress pattern The pattern is available to download for free from my design account with Craftsy. Download the Easy Summer Dress pattern Download your Easy Summer Dress pattern pieces here. Constructing your PDF pattern. (Note – these instructions are written assuming you are fairly new to sewing and give plenty of detail. First time you’ve used a digital pattern? Once you have all 16 pieces, keep them in order. What Size Do I Need?

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