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Lock Picking 101

Lock Picking 101
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How to Pick Your Way Out of Handcuffs Editor’s note: This post was written by the ITS Tactical Crew and originally ran on ITS Tactical. Today we’ll be showing you how to pick your way out of handcuffs using only a bobby pin. We realize this may be a sensitive issue to some out there, as this information in the wrong hands could be detrimental; here’s our take. The current “swinging bow rachet – type” adjustable handcuff design dates back to 1912 when the Peerless Handcuff Company patented it. It’s an undisputed fact that handcuffs can be picked with a simple bobby pin, which reveals a fundamental problem with the lock design. How to Pick Your Way Out of Handcuffs Handcuffs, like the Model 100′s made by Smith & Wesson that we’ll show, are in use by law enforcement across the United States and abroad and available to purchase by nearly anyone for around $25. We hope that articles like this help to convince law enforcement that changes need to be implemented. Lock Mechanics The way a handcuff key works is simple. Notes

View topic - What To Buy. Picks Sets For Beginners. There have recently been posts popping up again asking what to buy. I think a big mistake new pickers make is buying a big expensive pick set. First off, the amount of new users that join all excited about picking and grow bored in a couple of weeks is staggering. To start with all you need is a small hook, a half diamond, and a tension wrench. Rakes are not good for beginners to play with. First learn to SPP (single pin pick) and then work on raking. As for what to buy the possibilities are nearly endless. Southord picks are also good beginner picks, a little more expensive, but still pretty cheap. HPC picks are next. Now, for those of you that are still pickers after you have worn out your lesser picks and are looking for something more THIS is what you are after. There you have it. freakparade3

In.Security Home The TOOOL Emergency Lock-Pick Card Fits in Your Wallet, Gets You Back Inside When You're In a Bind First, lockpicks are a kinda weirdly grey area legally, depending on intent, location, licensing, etc. I really recommend doing your research first, which will be made easier by the fact that most of the picking community is pretty welcoming and helpful. Schuyler Towne of Open Locksport is a great resource and has a formspring account if you want to sling questions his way, though I'm not sure he knows every states lockpicking laws offhand. BUT! Don't worry, because having things which aren't lockpicks can be just as helpful. Admittedly if you then use them with intent to commit a crime they legally become lockpicks, but you can't imply the intent based on them alone. I once locked myself out of my apartment in a bathrobe. you can improvise all manner of picks and tools. If you are really in a bind, you'd be amazed the things you can find that will open a lock for you. overall, I think I like the hairpin most.

How To Draw "How to Draw" is a collection of tutorials that will teach you everything from perspective basics to shading chrome. Never picked up a pencil before? Fear not! Instructables is the most popular project-sharing community on the Internet. Where to buy lock picks There are many places you can purchase lock picks on-line without proving you are a locksmith. In fact many places cater to those who are not locksmiths. I'll list just a few here with their prices. The sites are listed at the bottom of the page. So if you already know what you want, skip down past all of this information. Before you go and buy a set, you should probably have some idea of what it is you're looking for. There are many different types of picks. Click image to view full size A basic set will come with just about all of these. Stay away from pick guns. Stay away from rakes. Stay away from jack-knife sets. Get a carrying case. Here are some sites and prices: Currently, I recommend the Southern Ordinance five piece set. I've been notified that Tech-Train now requires you to be a "security professional" before you can purchase anything from them.

Sensibilisation au lockpicking Lors de la dernière Nuit du Hack, j'ai eu la chance de rencontrer MrJack, un passionné de lockpicking spécialiste des techniques d'ouvertures fines en tous genres. Pour ceux qui n'auraient jamais entendu ce mot, le lockpicking c'est l'art d'ouvrir les serrures sans clé. C'est du hacking de serrure si vous préférez. Et c'est juste passionnant (et bien sûr interdit si ce n'est pas votre propre serrure). D'ailleurs, MrJack donne des conférences, des cours et des formations à destination des professionnels de la sécurité (serruriers, responsables informatiques et gouvernements) avec son équipe. Ah et désolé si après la lecture de cet article, votre monde s'effondre ;-) Trêve de blabla, je laisse le clavier à MrJack ! MrJack Fonctionnement d’une serrure Si vous vous êtes toujours demandé comment fonctionnent ces serrures que vous utilisez tous les jours, vous allez être contents. xxx D'abord, retour aux basics... A ce moment-là, plus rien n’empêche la clé de tourner : Le crochetage L’impression Photo

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