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ImportFeed - Google Docs Help

ImportFeed - Google Docs Help

Fetching tweets to Excel/Word/PPT/Google Docs | Update: due to changes made by Twitter, this script does not work at the moment. We have published a new version that is now included in our Supermetrics Functions product. Our project of the day: creating a solution for fetching a list of tweets by keyword from Twitter to Excel. There are lots of Twitter statistics apps out there, but it's quite nice being able to fetch tweets to Excel, as there you can conveniently do all kinds of additional analysis like sentiment scoring, either manually or with automation, and control all the steps in the analysis process yourself. There you can also merge the results with data from other sources, for instance into a web analytics dashboard created with my Google Analytics functions. There's an example workbook where the getTweets function is used available for download here. The functions work in Windows Excel 2003 and later - macros need to be allowed in Excel's security settings (after changing the setting, you may need to restart Excel).

goristock 機器人使用說明 · toomore/goristock Wiki goristock 機器人使用說明 除了使用 外,也可以將 goristock robot 加入到 GTalk 中 Contents 如何加入 請連線到 登入您的 Google 帳號, goristock 將會寄送 GTalk 邀請給您。 如何使用 help 您可以輸入 help 回傳使用格式。 System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 18) Unexpected indentation. me: help goristock: ...... 各股查詢 輸入欲查詢的股票代碼。 System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 25) 例: System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 29) me: 2363 goristock: ...... 查詢代碼 查詢上市股票名稱。 System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 37) search <關鍵字> System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 41) me: search 中 goristock: 中櫃(2613) 中航(2612) 中壽(2823) 中環(2323) 中鋼(2002) ...... 查詢即時盤資訊 查詢盤中即時盤資訊。 System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 48) rl <股票代號> System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 52) 計算買進費用 計算買入股票相關的費用。 System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 59) cal buy <買入價格> System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 63) me: cal buy 20 goristock: 手續費:$28, 應付金額:$20028 計算賣出費用 計算賣出股票相關的費用。 System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 70) cal sell <賣出價格> System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 74) 計算機功能

Google Spreadsheet: Auto-Update via RSS (and keep history) 第三方支付、電子支付整理 @ henryshu :: 痞客邦 PIXNET :: 三種電子支付比較 第三方支付 之前對第三方支付一直似懂非懂,最近整理了些資料,才發現自己從媒體得來的很多觀念有誤,且身邊朋友普遍有同樣的錯誤認知。在台灣,最大的罪,真的是懷抱創新和創業的夢想嗎? 1. 第三方支付並非新的觀念,17世紀就有銀行的信用狀(Letter of Credit),目前也是國際結算的主要方式。 2. 一般網路購物都須先匯款,如果收到的貨物品質有問題,甚至根本沒有收到貨,那該怎麼辦? 3. 台灣法律限制的,是預付、儲值的第三方支付業務,只有銀行可以執行。 P.S 悠遊卡應該也屬於第三方支付,不過他有「電子票證發行管理條例」,算是特例 信用卡消費vs第三方支付 目前的信用卡消費,流程大致如下 在此過程中,發卡銀行、收單銀行、授權中心(VISA、MASTER、JCB、銀聯)都從中抽到了利潤;例如台灣的消費者,需付1.5%的信用卡刷卡手續費。 而支付寶這種類型的第三方支付,流程如下 與信用卡消費相比,跳過了[收單銀行]及[授權中心],有著手續費較低廉的優勢;但信用卡交易已經行之有年,坐擁巨大的先行者優勢,支付寶模式在已開發國家難以推行,需要有足夠的誘因抵銷店家與消費者的移轉成本。 Apple Pay 使用Apple pay的金流,跟使用信用卡消費一模一樣,只是用iphone取代了信用卡 Apple Pay使用流程大致如下: 1. 2. 3. 以下為《TechCrunch》實際使用Apple Pay付費的影片,看起來非常順暢,刷信用卡像刷悠遊卡一樣方便。 參考資料:Apple Pay究竟是什麼? 台灣第三方支付的真相 apple pay, 第三方支付, 信用卡, 支付寶, 悠遊卡, 微信支付, android pay, 一卡通, icash, line pay, 電子支付, 電子票證, 手機信用卡, 行動錢包

Add Images to your Google Docs Spreadsheet Cells You can now add images and icons to individual cells of a Google Docs spreadsheet using the IMAGE formula. While it has always been possible to add images to any inside of your Google Docs spreadsheets, you can now insert images and icons inside individual spreadsheet cells as well. To add an image to a cell, highlight the cell, click F2 to enter the formula mode and then type =image(“URL”) where URL is the public web address of that image. Google Docs, by default, will scale the image to fit inside the area of the selected cell but you may change the default settings by adding another parameter to the image function. For instance, a formula like =image(“URL”, 2) will stretch the image to fit inside the selected cell while =image(“URL”, 3) will insert the image into the cell at its original size. If you are getting parsing errors, you are either using a non-existent image or you may have missing adding quotes around the image URL inside the image() formula.

ImportFeed in Google Docs Tutorial - Use Google Docs as an RSS Reader Learn how to use any Google Docs spreadsheet as an RSS Feed reader. You can also use the technique to embed RSS feeds into web pages. This tutorial shows how to use a spreadsheet in Google Docs as an RSS Feed reader. You can fetch RSS news feeds from different sources into one spreadsheet – much like a simpler version of Feedly – and then publish your feeds as a public web page. No coding required. If you have a website, you can use the same trick to embed RSS feeds in web pages. Before we get started, let’s look at a real example. Here are the complete step involved for putting RSS feeds into Google Docs. Open a new Google spreadsheet and type the RSS feed URL in cell A1.

Turning Google+ Search results into a RSS feed (for Google Reader) In Using Google Reader to create a searchable archive of Twitter mentions Alan Cann commented: Subscribing to RSS feeds in Google Reader is my bog standard way of archiving Twitter feeds. Now to figure out how to get an RSS feed from a Google+ hashtag… Lets look at how it might be possible. but there are a couple of problems. Publishing any XML format using Google Spreadsheets Using the same trick in Tracking activity: Diigo site bookmark activity data in a Google Spreadsheet (who is saving your stuff) we can extract some information from a Google+ Search page like this one into a Google Spreadsheet using the importXML function and XPath queries to pull out part of the page (here are parts of the same search pulled into a Google Spreadsheet). What we need is a way to trick Google into formatting the data in a different way. So using the same trick here’s a: *** Google Spreadsheet Template to Turn Google+ Search into an RSS Feed *** Important: Some things to be aware of.

HOW TO: Search Twitter from Google Spreadsheets and Excel Twitter search is the only usable (and useful!) social media search tool I’ve been using since it was Summize. It has turned invaluable for many essential tasks: Track your brand mentions: Be sure to check out these cool ideas on various ways to search Twitter to effectively track your brand mentions.Monitor new link building opportunities (e.g. guest post invites or citation requests).Monitor any twitter hashtag (e.g. your company Twitter chat or conference): collect and visualize Tweets around a conference hashtag and easily publish it to the web! Besides using Twitter search a lot, I love using Spreadsheet-type documents to analyze it. 1. While Twitter hid the RSS icons from profiles and search results, the feeds still exist and they are still supported. To find an RSS feed for your Twitter search, add your search query after this URL string: Now, to import these feeds into Google Plus, we’ll need =ImportFeed function. Here’s what it means: 2. 3.

Add a YouTube widget to any web site with jQuery : Digging My Blog Another new addition to the home page of my blog is the “Latest Videos” widget. It pulls in the 6 most recent videos that I have tagged as favorites on YouTube. It also has the option to pull in only videos that I have uploaded, but since I rarely upload videos I decided to spotlight any videos that I favorite for the time being. Like the Twitter widget and the Flickr widget that I wrote about recently, the YouTube widget is also a JavaScript only widget. It uses jQuery to make an AJAX request to get a YouTube feed formatted as json and and a little bit more JavaScript to output the images, titles and author info to the page. The code that I used is based on the YouTube Channel Playlist plugin (demo) but I modified it quite a bit. To use the YouTube plugin you just need to add a script reference to the jQuery library and the file. A simple YouTube widget for everyone.