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Bedding Material choices for Chickens

Bedding Material choices for Chickens
Raising chickens is just like raising the little babies – they require extra attention, affection and care, indeed. When you see your baby chickens and the adult ones roaming here and there in the backyard, a strike of happiness comes out of the heart. My father was right; raising chickens is an interesting yet addictive hobby. I don’t have a larger flock of hens and chicks but that does not mean my efforts towards the maintenance are low. It absorbs the urineIt absorbs the other chicken droppings (waste)Acts as a nesting material – hens comfortably lay eggs there Pine shavings: All those who are into small farming or backyard chicken keeping, adore pine shavings, this makes it a popular type of chicken coop bedding. The only problem with this bedding is its dusty nature – it can cause issues to other flocks if you have any, but chickens remain safe. Hay or straw: The second choice of many homesteaders is hay or straw when it’s about choosing the chicken coop nest or floor bedding. Related:  Chicken Coopsmudypawz

4 Ways to Insulate Your Chicken Coop for Extreme Weather Conditions Insulating the chicken coop, is a must for those who live in the windy and cold regions. If you are one of those people who happen to reside in these areas, you might have had a number of plans for chicken coops in your mind. Moreover, you might have also stumbled towards the question that why is the need for weather insulation so imperative? The answer to this question lies in the specific needs of the birds. In other words, your profits in terms of raising backyard chicken lie in the usage of some crucial and top of the line weather resistance measures. The process is really easier than some of you might think of it. Cold Weather Chicken Breeds Most of the chicken breeds are equipped with the maximum amounts of weather resistance on them, but when it comes to superiority in terms of the withstanding the weather conditions, then some breeds are able to do much better than others. Chicken Breeds for Hot Weather Ways of Insulation 1-Cardboard 2-Inch Styrofoam 3-Towels and Blankets

10 inspiring urban chicken coop designs for Happy Hens Many people are growing tired of the mad rush of city life, and are moving to smaller towns, and by employing different methods and devices, they are figuring out different ways to raise their own food like fruit and vegetables as well as chickens and eggs. With raising backyard chickens , they are hoping to fare better from not having to depend entirely on other people for all the necessities of life and to this end they are able to download free chicken coop plans from the Internet to suit their specific needs. Of course there are many people who just love the idea of keeping chickens as pets. Building your own coop needn’t be difficult, because apart from books and pamphlets, the Internet can offer 10 inspiring urban chicken coop ideas on raising backyard chickens in attractive coops and how it can be really economical to build. 1-Clucking Cool coop 2-The Mitchell Snyder's coop 3-Reclaimed cedar coop 4-Kippen House 5-little barn 6-Mozambique design 7-Lyanda Haupt's urban hen coop

6 considerations for building chicken coop nesting boxes One of the nature’s most prime and useful product can be availed from the use of the nesting boxes. When it comes to the process of raising backyard chicken, numerous dimensions and factors might demand your utmost attention. The eggs that are bought from the stores are quite different from the ones you obtain from the home based settings. The difference between two lies in the coloring mechanisms. The reason for which you should prefer to make use of the plans for chicken coop lies in the numerous benefits you would be able to avail later onwards. The Number The prime rule of thumb which can be used here lies in the number of hens you are looking to accommodate in a single nest. Chicken Nest Box Size The bigger the size of the livestock might be, the bigger should be the nesting box for them. Dimention or setting of nest box The roof should be marked for its steeply slanted nature or configuration. Place The chickens do love to lay their eggs in the protected regions and spaces.

FREE chicken coop plan (nice one too) on the Purina Mills Website Thanks so much for this link! Search it and it will come. I have been looking high and low for coop plans that don't break the bank just to buy the plans and there are a ton of shady sites on the internet. This 4x4 coop will be perfect for my four hens and I won't be tempted to get more until I move! How hard will it be to put some windows in? I notice there are none in the plans, although there is a skylight. HelloLife® - Homeopathic Medicines and Dietary Supplements 10 Most Creative and Inovative Chicken Coop Designs | When thinking about verandah farming, a number of pointers need to be considered important. One of them is the chicken coop designs. Chicken coops are basically referred as the place where the chicken live and the egg laying, breeding and egg hatching processes take place. These places should be made comfortable and the optimum temperature needs to be maintained in the coops because the comfortable and well planned designs might help get best out of the chicken. In context of such pointers, we are here to tell our web users; the most creative free backyard chicken coop designs for the chicken. So let us discuss them one by one. 1. The most common design is the handmade coop design. 2. Another simple chicken coop design is the car shaped coop design. 3. Solar coops have many merits. 4. Catering to more than one need, this is one of the most creative designs. 5. The egg shaped design is also a smart, elegant, creative and trendy design. 6. 7. This design is for one or two hens at a time.

How to make an indoor dust bath for your chickens? One fine day I was having tea with a few of my friends – it was a small chit chat session which we used to enjoy like anything. We all belong to different states of mind but enjoy each other’s company. I had a big farm kind of a thing; I had lots of adorable backyard creatures. Likewise, making sure that chickens are germs and parasite free seem to be an easy task now – little knowledge is dangerous that’s what I said the other day and put a full stop to the debate. Chicken dust baths – what is this now? Something you must have not heard before, but very essential to know if you have even a single hen. Indoor dust bath: The indoor dust bath is nothing extraordinary but a dust box that you create and place inside the chicken coop. Recipe for dust bathing: You must be thinking what does the dust bath box comprise of? You must take necessary measures to repel parasites otherwise your chickens would get into trouble – this may result in; Other benefits of dust bath:

DIY iPad Case + Stand - Practically Functional I got an iPad finally! And of course the first thing I did was make a cover for it! I knew exactly what sort of cover I wanted for my iPad: I wanted a cover like a hardcover book. I’ve seen tons of tutorials for cute little pouches for your tech, but I wanted to be able to protect the iPad and use it without having to remove it from the case. I know you can find cases like that for purchase, but I figured it couldn’t be that hard to make a DIY iPad case, right? And I was totally correct! I made myself this awesome cover for my iPad in about two hours and it wasn’t too difficult. The original idea came from Brandon who wrote a post on The Modern Day Pirates about making a Moleskine iPad case, but I made a few modifications because I didn’t want to have to buy professional binding board and I wanted to cover my case in fabric instead of vinyl. DIY iPad Cover & Stand In order to make this iPad case yourself you need: Materials: Tools: 1. 2. But a sturdy pair of scissors will work too. 3. 4. 5. 6.

How to Raise Chickens Cheaply - Tips for Raising Chickens on a Budget How to raise chickens cheaply? That’s what I needed to figure out. I got the idea to raise chickens while unemployed for several months. Build an Inexpensive Chicken Coop Before dropping a lot of cash on one of those fancy chicken tractors you see in the back of poultry magazines, keep in mind you can spend your cash a little wiser. Chickens need a place to get out of the wind and rain and a dry and safe space to roost at night and somewhere to lay eggs. As for my coop, I had a friend who had an old camping trailer. After cutting the bolts, we towed the camper into place and proceeded to “slide” it off the frame. The Chicken Camper Choose Coop Placement Carefully This brings me to my first lesson: Location, location, location! Rule #1: she wanted it out of sight. Rule #2” she didn’t want to smell it! Very valid points! Should You Let the Chickens Free Range or Keep Them in a Run? Having chickens free ranging is great. Nest boxes made from existing shelves Feed room, looking out Be flexible!