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Juicy Geography Dabbling with SOLO I admit to having been pretty harsh on oxbow lakes in the past… They’re unfortunately still on the GCSE syllabus so require something more than a “meh” response. I’ve just spent an hour planning a lesson in which I’ll introduce them to Year 7. The class has completed varied work on rivers and meanders; running around the playground, flume modelling and more traditional activities. First I need to explain the rather lumpy terminology to the students. I have a simple PowerPoint with which to entertain and inform… and a worksheet stimulus:Oxbow lakes The final resource comprises an interactive version of the keywords from the worksheet above. In the interests of full disclosure, I’d like to emphasize the complete lack of original thought in this post on my part. John Biggs: David Didau: James Atherton: My thanks to you all.

Twitter map finally reveals exactly where Manchester United fans live Their interactive results map highlights the historical east/west split between fans in Manchester, but also shows that United – despite perceptions – do not have huge waves of support in London and the south east. The grey areas show relative few United fans live in London The map also draws an interesting picture of Liverpool's vast support in Wales and Northern Ireland, a he small pocket of Arsenal fans among a vast area of Tottenham's dominance north of London and, whisper it, the masses of support Norwich in Ipswich postcodes. For information about how the data was sourced, and how the map was created, visit the Oxford Institute site here.

Geography: Internet resources This section provides an introduction to some of the vast resources available on the Internet to support Stages 4 and 5 Geography. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the resources available, but is intended to provide a starting point for further study. Each of the areas of study have been divided into sub-categories, and some of these sub-categories will actually be relelvant for more than one area of study. Stage 4 Tsunami aftermathThis website provides before and after aerial photographs of areas devastated by the tsunami in December 2004. Bureau of MeteorologyThe Bureau was established under the Meteorology Act of 1906 by formally bringing together the individual colonial/State Meteorological Services that had existed prior to that time. Antarctica OnlineANARE is the acronym for Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions, which since 1947 have served Australia in south polar regions. Biomes @ UCLA - BerkeleyThe importance of biomes cannot be underestimated. Stage 5

Géomatique - Université Laval / Liens intéressants Liens intéressants En savoir davantage sur la géomatique et les carrières offertes dans ce domaine : Vidéo sur les carrières en géomatique produite en 2010 par le Conseil canadien des arpenteurs-géomètres et l'Association des arpenteurs de l'Ontario La révolution géospatiale, site en anglais présentant le rôle majeur de la géomatique en 2009. Voir absolument la vidéo à l'accueil! La géomatique fait partie Des Carrières d'avenir de Jobboom (voir Sciences géomatiques et Génie géomatique). (magazine en ligne qui couvre l’actualité, les innovations et les initiatives du monde géospatial francophone) Dépliant sur la géomatique (réalisé par le Centre de développement de la géomatique en collaboration avec le Département - PDF) Le Québec géomatique en chiffres (information sur le secteur québécois de la géomatique par le ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune, 2006). Carte routière sur la géomatique (Industrie Canada) Géomatique Canada Portail Le Québec géographique GeoEye

SOLO taxonomy A few weeks ago I rather rashly offered to present on SOLO taxonomy to the North Somerset Aspire network. As always with this sort of foolishness it’s made me consider my understanding of the subject in a lot more depth. Before the Summer I’d never even heard of it. But since then the whole world (or at least the very narrow teaching geek world I inhabit) has exploded with SOLO fever. Tait Coles and Darren Mead have done their best to help me understand some of the complexities but it’s taken Lisa Jane Ashes, another English teacher, to get me over the last few humps. So, after cannibalising Tait’s Prezi, I began putting together a presentation which said what I thought needed saying. And here are the bits and bobs to go with the presentation : 'Grown up' statements on AfL to classify And the SOLO levels sheet to help prompt the AfL card sort: And the 'meta' hexagons (which are really just hexagons about SOLO and probably a bit of a disappointment) Like this: Like Loading... Ten Interactive Geography Games and Maps Interactive games and maps can be good tools for students to use in developing their knowledge of geography. The following ten websites are good places to find a variety of interactive geography games and interactive maps that will help students develop their knowledge of geography. The last item in the list is a resource for creating your own geography game. National Geographic Kids has a wide variety of games, puzzles, and activities for students of elementary school age. National Geographic Kids has nine games specifically for developing geography skills. Placefy is a fun and challenging geography game that uses pictures as questions. GeoNet is a geography quiz game from Houghton Mifflin that offers students more than just the state or country identification questions typical of geography games. Place Spotting is a website of geographic riddles. Lizard Point gives students 37 interactive maps to study. Reach the World produces great online games for Geography students.