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LIFT architects - Home - [Andrew Payne]

LIFT architects - Home - [Andrew Payne]

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Digital Workshops + Lectures @ Syracuse Architecture « WooJae's Blog Digital Workshops + Lectures @ Syracuse Architecture April 10th 2010 / GH version 6.0059 pdf download(zip 2.6m) session1 pdf download(zip 9.9m) session2 working files(zip 0.2m) About these ads Arduino - Fab Lab Bcn WIKI Arduino From Fab Lab Bcn WIKI Jump to: navigation , search Local Resources Resources for your Arduino Projects LED / Drive LED's with Arduino CNC Control / Drive motors and build CNC machines with Arduino Arduino Motion / Control things with the Arduino Arduino Smart Plug Shield

Assembly Plugin for Rhino Introduction Rhinoceros1 is a 3D computer-aided design (CAD) application developed for Windows since 1992 by Robert McNeel and Associates (Seattle, WA, USA)2. It is popularly known as “Rhino”, and is used by more than 150,000 professionals around the globe for its powerful freeform modeling. Rhino’s license fees start below $1,000, yet its functionality is similar to that found in products typically costing 20 to 50 times more. RhinoVAULT - Designing funicular form with Rhino More info Using reciprocal diagrams, it provides an intuitive, fast method, adopting the same advantages of techniques such as Graphic Statics, but offering a viable extension to fully three-dimensional problems. Our goal is to share key aspects of our research in a comprehensible and transparent setup to let you not only create beautiful shapes but also to give you an understanding of the underlying structural principles.

Neoarchaic Design December 27th, 2010 | Published in Design, Objects Insert, Reverse, Repeat, Cross NIC NAC, a modular fabric, creates a system by which a small tow dimensionally packable module can be cut with minimum material waste and coupled together with only a small amount of surface area reduction in overlap. What is this component and where can I find it? Text Components If you are trying to learn GH through a video tutorial and can read a components name on the screen but don't know where to find it then you can invoke the Create Facility by double clicking on the Canvas or using the shortcut key F4. Type the name into the box that appears and you will be presented with a list of likely candidates. Once you have found the most likely culprit you can selected it from the list and place it on the Canvas. Both Icon and Text If you have downloaded someone else's definition and are wondering where you can get a component from on the Ribbon then provided you have the GH window wide enough to display all components [EDIT: This is now capable of showing any component in the dropdown menus] then you can hold down Ctrl+Alt and click on the component.

MAS 863.10 Andrew Payne This week's assignment was a little difficult, only because there are some many choices for input devices. Even though I would have liked to make many different devices to test an number of different scenarios, I ultimately ended up building a capacitive touch sensor and a light sensor. So, to start I built my own capacitive touch sensor based off of Neil's design. I was a little disappointed in that I was hoping it would measure proximity up to around 5-10 inches away, but ultimately it had little effect until you actually touched the copper surface. To visualize the input, I decided to replicate Neil's python serial script only using Firefly instead.

Design contest 2011: Make the world a better place Contest description The T-Splines Design Contest 2011, Make the World a Better Place, is designed to promote the creation of new and innovative 3D designs using T-Splines for Rhino and tsElements for SolidWorks. All design entries should reflect the theme of the contest, demonstrating a potential to improve the world in some way. Prizes will be awarded to those individuals or teams who submit the best designs, as measured by the judging criteria.

Excel + Grasshopper These vb Components for Grasshopper, adapted from work by Damian Alamar of, allows for the streaming in and out of data from Excel to Grasshopper with parametric control of not only data placement but also general formatting. The functions are broken up into 5 individual components, an import column reader, an export column writer, and three formatting functions for type, cell, and border. These components are designed to operate on a per column basis allowing the user to create sheets in a flexible format. New Fabrications for Architecture The Euclid robot and Ron 2.0 make their first 3D printed object. This was just a simple test print on the Euclid robot now that it is fully up and running, but it came out better than I was expecting. This whole layer based printing business is pretty easy. The details: It is printed with ABS plastic,size is 12 inches tall and 5x5 inches in plan. Because Ron 2.0 is such a huge plastic extruder the ‘line weight’ is very wide; that coupled with the speed that the robot was moving makes for a very thick walled structure. So much so that I can stand on this thing, both upright and on its side.

Rhinoscripting in Grasshopper & Rhino Tutorials Introduction to Rhinoscripting in Grasshopper by Daniel Segraves is our first in our upcoming series of rhinoscripting tutorials, grasshopper tutorials & rhino tutorials. This 1 hour course covers the basics of Rhinoscripting in Grasshopper. Daniel demonstrates tools & techniques like variable types, loops & conditionals- allowing you to create your own custom components in Grasshopper. For those of you who are new to Grasshopper remember that its a free plugin to Rhino, so if you have a license to Rhino all you have to do is download Grasshopper & install it on your machine. Daniel notes that scripting allows you to have more control of geometry & iterations of geometry by giving you more functions like looping & iterations. He says its really important if you are doing optimization, relaxation or any type of physics when you have to iterate through a change many, many times.

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