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Interactive resources for screen and whiteboard

Interactive resources for screen and whiteboard
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Front page2 Magic Auction (Past Tense) If you've ever tried to buy something at an auction, you know how exciting it can be. This lesson offers a new twist to buying items at an auction. The main worksheet is the Auction Menu, it describes the items for sale. You can say something to someone that you didn't say at the time. You can change one decision in your life. You can meet someone from your past for a few days. Once students have decided on which items they want from the Auction Menu Worksheet, the Auction begins. When finished, students describe to the others what they've purchased (and sold), and how they will use the items to alter times and events in their past. There are additional worksheets which can be cut into Magic Auction Cheques and Magic Auction Receipts for students to not only keep track of their money, but also to get in a little writing practice along the way. Time: 35+ Level: HS~Adult Mode: Group Activity Magic Auction (Present Tense) These Magic Items are useful right now. Tea Time

Creative Ways to Use Your Interactive Whiteboard | NEA Member Benefits Shake up your classroom with fresh ideas for engaging your students. Try these tips for interactive group games and note-taking. After years of interactive whiteboards being touted as the next best thing for engaging students, the unfortunate reality is that while they have become common in many schools, they are often used as glorified projector screens. Interaction may take place with the board, but more often than not it’s being directed by the teacher and students merely consume the interaction in a passive way. It doesn’t have to be this way! I use interactive whiteboards (IWB) in my classrooms regularly and conduct best-practice training sessions for my district’s staff. Group note taking Use the board as you would your plain old regular whiteboard, but with one difference. Online interactives It’s tough to find time to learn all the bells and whistles of your IWB’s software, so tap into the thousands of online flash-based activities and interactives that are already available.

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65 Free Interactive Whiteboard Resources Interactive whiteboard resources are a great way for teachers to engage classrooms in learning. While many teachers are spending hours a day creating their own activities for their interactive whiteboards, there are tons of free sources to help teachers learn about and use IWBs with students to further their use of technology in the classroom. Here is a list of some great interactive whiteboard resources and activities guaranteed to stimulate learning: General Interactive Whiteboard Resources for Teachers TeacherLED – TeacherLED is a site dedicated to making the use of Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) easier and more productive. This comprehensive site features resources to use with IWBs in math, English, and geometry. A few ways that you can stay and healthy fit this school year. Learning isn’t as one-way as we tend to think. Our goal-setting teaching strategies to pass along to your students. Our guide to purpose drivel learning, a classroom management technique you...

10 Habits Of Effective Teachers 10 Habits Of Effective Teachers Notice that we didn’t use the more vague “good teacher” phrasing. That’s an important distinction, because here we’re talking about something a bit more clinical. Not entirely scientific and analytical and icky, but not entirely rhetorical and abstract and mushy either. Something somewhere in the middle–human, efficient, and hopefully happy and sustainable as a result. 1. To curriculum, pacing, assessment design, curriculum materials, etc. 2. Fresh data. 3. You know the pros and cons of project-based learning, scenario-based learning, learning simulations, and the like. While others spend their lunch breaks swilling Diet Coke and counting down days until the weekend, you sketch out scope-and-sequences for fun. 4. Speaking of instructional design, the design of experiences that promote understanding of the most important content is a huge part of what an effective teachers do. Which is what design is about. 5. 6. 7. 8. Nothing you do is perfect. 9. 10.

Free ESL Fun Games, Interactive Grammar & Vocabulary Games for Classrooms Online Whiteboard and Collaboration - Message to My Freshman Students | Keith M. Parsons For the first time in many years I am teaching a freshman course, Introduction to Philosophy. The experience has been mostly good. I had been told that my freshman students would be apathetic, incurious, inattentive, unresponsive and frequently absent, and that they would exude an insufferable sense of entitlement. I am happy to say that this characterization was not true of most students. Welcome to higher education! First, I am your professor, not your teacher. Your teachers were held responsible if you failed, and expected to show that they had tried hard to avoid that dreaded result. Secondly, universities are ancient and tend to do things the old-fashioned way. Lecture has come under attack recently. Hogwash. Finally, when you go to a university, you are in a sense going to another country, one with a different culture and different values. Take the issue of documentation.

English Lessons for Kids - 10 Creative Ways to Use Interactive White Boards in the Classroom — Emerging Education Technologies Over the last decade or so, Interactive White Boards (IWBs) have proliferated in schools in the U.S. and across much of the world. Some teachers have embraced them, and others, well … not so much. Unfortunately, some schools did not offer the professional development necessary to help teachers become familiar with these systems and get the most out of their availability. In this blog entry on, a few specialists stated their views on the topic. Image Source: In this article, we offer a number of creative approaches to using Interactive White Boards. Google Earth Once installed, it can be helpful not only during geography lessons, but in almost every class. Team Competitions Teachers have to remember that fun is an essential attribute of a successful lesson in the eyes of their students. Teach Students Basic Image, Sound and Video Editing Spelling Competition Take A Virtual Tour

ESL Kids Lessons, English Video Tutorial Lessons for children This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more Got it! Online English Lessons for Children - Videos, Games, Tests & Progress Tracking Animated English Lessons, Fun Games for Kids, Worksheets & Songs We have English lessons as video tutorials for kids from kindergarten to primary school levels. Phonics Games & Videos Online - Teach Your Child to Read with Phonics - Phonics Games Online, Phonics Worksheets, Phonics Video Tutorials English Lessons for Children - For Parents & Teachers of Kids - We offer Video Tutorials, Games, Worksheets, Powerpoint,Flashcards, Placement Tests - ESL Videos : Teach English with ESL Video Tutorials. English Video Tutorial Lesson for Children Teach Kids using these Video Tutorials: This is good for teachers and parents with no teaching experience: Kindergarten Video English Lessons :Toddlers & young learners Primary 1 Video Lessons : English Lessons for grade 1 students Video Lessons by Unit & Level Hide Show