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3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping

Renishaw: enhancing efficiency in manufacturing and healthcare HYREL 3D: Professional, Industrial-grade, Out-of-the-Box ready, Highly Reliable, High-Value 3D Printer. Inside 3D Printing | Conference and Expo for Additive Manufacturing Professionals This event has ended. Hope to see you at a future event! 3D printing is impacting what we eat, wear, build, drive, fly, and shoot. Featured Keynote Speakers Keith Murphy, CEO and Co-Founder of Organovo, will discuss how 3D bioprinting is changing the shape of medical research and practice during his keynote presentation. Avi Reichental, President & CEO of 3D Systems, will discuss how 3D printing is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. 3D Systems is one of the fasted growing companies, according to Forbes. S. Who Should Attend? Architects Artists Arts/Jewelry Bioprinters Business Developers Business Owners Engineers Consultants Culinary Professionals Developers Entrepreneurs Fashion Designers Industrial Designers Lawyers Makers Marketers Medical Professionals Project Managers Researchers Software Developers Venture Capitalists An Inside Look at the Conference Key Topic Coverage Press Coverage "I was amazed at the attendance of the show. Exhibit Hall Hours

Mataerial Boom In Shadow Financing Exacts High Toll In China hide caption At least 80 business owners have abandoned factories like this one in Wenzhou, China's entrepreneurial capital, because they have run up exorbitant debts to the city's loan sharks and underground lenders. Frank Langfitt/NPR In recent weeks, at least 80 business owners have fled Wenzhou in eastern China and gone into hiding because they can't pay crushing debts to the city's empire of underground lending firms and loan sharks. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao became so concerned that he flew to Wenzhou earlier in October to try to keep the problem from spreading. The city's credit crisis highlights some of the flaws — and potential risks — of the banking system in the world's second-largest economy. Business Owners Trapped By Debt On a recent day, the doors at what used to be the Zhengdeli shoe factory in Wenzhou are chained shut. In late September, the factory's owner, Shen Kuizheng, plunged to his death after jumping from his 22-story apartment. Shen became a marked man.

Groupe Gorge 3d printing La fusion laser de poudre (Selective Laser Melting), pour le prototypage de pièces métalliques - Fonderie - Le blog technologie de la fonderie Pièce de démonstration en titane produite par SLS La technologis SLSLes étapes de production sont les suivantes : Comme pour de nombreux process de prototypage rapide, la géométrie CAO de la pièce est tout d'abord décomposée en couches. Cette étape nécessite un logiciel ad hoc et un savoir faire dans le positionnement de la pièce dans la cuve.Il peut être nécessaire d'ajouter des nervures de renfort qui serviront à soutenir la géométrie en cours de constructionLa machine va ensuite fusionner couche par couche la poudre métallique par un faisceau laser. Quasiment tous les matériaux métalliques peuvent être réalisés par cette technolohie, les aluminium, les cuivreux, les aciers ou le titane. Les applicationsLes applications concernent pour l'essentiel des pièces unitaires ou en très petite série à haute valeur ajoutée du fait du prix encore élevé des pièces obtenues.

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