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There - The online virtual world that is your everyday hangout

There - The online virtual world that is your everyday hangout
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Kaneva. Imagine What You Can Do. Imagine What You Can Do. Pirates of the Burning Sea ~ Home Method The TPAssist methodology is concerned with time utilization and productivity optimisation. This methodology can be applied to Life Management as well as task and project management in the workplace. We also provide tools and advice regarding using Mindjet MindManager with David Allen's Getting Things Done approach. Crucial to optimal time utilization is the ability to quickly and easily capture, process, dispatch and revisit needs and requests. At the heart of ultimate time utilization and productivity optimisation is concept of "context". "Context" relates to the goals and desires that govern our daily life. Video Demonstration of life management methodology

Makers of Shared Creative Spaces | Linden Lab OpenSim My 2008 Gaming and Online Worlds Predictions As 2007 draws to a close, here are some educated guesses for the coming year, pegged to hard numbers. (Because there’s nothing lamer than meaninglessly broad, unverifiable forecasts.) Wii Install Base Surpasses 360 and PS3 Combined This would have very nearly been a fait accompli this holiday season, had Nintendo produced enough Wii supply to meet the unrelenting Wii demand. Analysts estimate that this shortfall cost the company more than a billion dollars, in other words, the equivalent of 4 million additional units that would have sold, had they been on shelves. PS2 Continues to Outsell the PS3 This was the case last month (496,000 to 466,000, according to NPD), and given the continuing appeal of casual game franchises like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, which run just fine on Sony’s extremely economical, seven-year-old system, that’s unlikely to change. Total Virtual World Population by end of 2008: 75 million Number of Casual Game/World Sites in Alexa’s Top 500 Doubles

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