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Build your own Google TV Using RaspberryPi, NodeJS and

Build your own Google TV Using RaspberryPi, NodeJS and
Hardware Components: The RaspberryPi (Tested on Raspberry Pi model I-B, I-B+ and II-B)A USB WiFi dongle or Ethernet cable (Tested on Edimax WiFi Dongle)SD/MicroSD card (8 GB+) (check out NOOBS) Software Stack: Raspbian – a fork of Debian designed for the Raspberry Pi Node.js – Web-sockets moduleExpress – Web-framework moduleOmxcontrol – OMX-player controller moduleChromium BrowserOMX-playerYoutube-dl – Youtube video downloaderQuo.js – Cross-platform swipe gestures libraryHTML5, CSS3 transitions, Javascript, and Moustache as a template engineYoutube API End-result: Outline Installing software and packages.Basic shellcodeServer-side scripting: Node.js, Express.js, and Socket.ioClient-side scripting: Dashboard and remote mobile-app 1. Installing Raspbian and Node.js Follow this tutorial to install Raspbian and Node.js on your Raspberry Pi Installing Chromium browser and Youtube-dl Build from source or use apt-get sudo apt-get install chromium-browser Install and update Youtube-dl script 2.

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PN532 Breakout Board - Cookbook PN532 Breakout Board Adafruit offers a NFC breakout board which is also packaged as a full kit including a mbed & other parts to get you started. Getting Started¶ Wiring it up¶ First of all pinheads need to be soldered on the board's main connector as well as on the two jumpers' location. Raspberry gPIo Favorited Favorite 2 Introduction Relative to its size the Raspberry Pi is a powerhorse of a computer – it can drive HDMI displays, process mouse, keyboard, and camera inputs, connect to the Internet, and run full-featured Linux distributions. But it’s more than just a small computer, it’s a hardware prototyping tool! The Pi has bi-directional I/O pins, which you can use to drive LEDs, spin motors, or read button presses. This tutorial applies to the Raspberry Pi Model B, the Raspberry Pi Model B+ and the new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.

Using the Raspberry Pi with a 3G modem and GPS module So… I bought a Raspberry Pi. It was really tasty, so I had to buy 300 more. Ok, so it’s not actually raspberry-flavoured and it certainly has nothing to do with pies, or the mathematical constant π either. Aurora Much robotics research in recent years has been devoted to the subject of odometry. Knowing a robot’s precise location in the world is key for navigation and obstacle detection and avoidance. Currently a number of methods are used, including wheel odometry, GPS, and SLAM systems, but each of these has flaws in its current implementation. Because wheel odometry is inherently an indirect measurement, it is only valid for short periods of time and fails completely if the vehicle is running on sand or another similarly deformable material.

Understanding Audio Interfaces: DACs, Bit Depth, Sampling Rate, Analog vs Digital What is a Digital Audio Interface? If you use your computer for music, DJing or audio creation, you’ve probably encountered digital audio interfaces. The digital audio interface translates binary information into audible information so you can hear it. And it can take audible information and translate that into binary information for the computer to process. Most computers come with a digital audio interface built-in (this is what allows you to hear iTunes play music instead of noise.) But the quality of those devices are limited as most consumers are more interested in the screen size rather than the sound quality.

SimpleCV: Installing SimpleCV on the Raspberry Pi — SimpleCV 1.3 documentation Power up the raspberry pi and log in. Connect the board to ethernet. Username: pi Password: raspberry Network should be up and running with dhcp, if not you must manually configure the network settings.Run the following command to install the necessary dependancies Raspberry Pi: Downloads This page contains download links for the GNU toolchains, as well as the model answers to each lesson. 1 GNU Toolchain 1.1 Microsoft Windows For Microsoft Windows, I use the YAGARTO and MinGW packages. Please visit the YAGARTO website and download and install YAGARTO Tools and YAGARTO GNU ARM toolchain for Windows. MinGW can be downloaded from here.

Raspberry Pi Guide - Quick Start Guide for Raspberry Pi What you will need Required SD CardDisplay and connectivity cablesAny HDMI/DVI monitor or TV should work as a display for the Pi . For best results, use one with a HDMI input, but other connections are available for older devices.

grbv @ This tool is written in Lua, and can be modified quite easily without recompilation. Configuration files First several modules will try to read configuration files. The configuration file is named translucent = false To configure the user name used in error reports (to help me find you in my logs), you can write:

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