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Multirotor UAV

Multirotor UAV
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Game of Drones - If it flies, it fights | Videos Epic Drone Crash Test - Game of Drones Testing the unbreakable battle quad prototype means putting it through some tough tests, and today was no exception. WIll the Quad survive a direct high-speed collision with a telephone pole? Shotgun vs Drone - UAV Torture Test by Game of Drones On this Episode, Marque Cornblatt and the team puts the Sumo Quad fighter drone prototype through a torture test. Paintball Drone Gunship - a DIY Combat UAV from Game of Drones ​​The Game of Drones team creates and tests a working paintball gunship from kits and spare parts. Drone Combat Games - Amateur UAV Dogfighting from Game of Drones ​​The Rules are simple: 1) If it flies, it fights. 2) Last drone flying wins. SparrowHawk Rocket Drone - World's Cutest Killer UAV On this episode, Marque builds the world's smallest working attack UAV - complete with Estes rocket launch and onboard video recording. Battle Drone Crash Test - DIY Bulletproof, Waterproof UAV from Game of Drones Game of Drones Kickstarter is done!

Buy Crazyflie Nano by Bitcraze Like all quadrocopters, the Crazyflie is given life by advanced control theory algorithms that help it ‘think’. It arrives 100% pre-programmed but comes disassembled and requires minor soldering, but shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes for an experienced tinkerer to get everything up and running. Compared to the AR Drone 2.0 we featured a few months back, the Crazyflie may be identical in concept (four-rotor flying banshee), but is built for a very different purpose yet is still equally as fun. Learning to fly the Crazyflie takes a small dose of patience, so consider yourselves cautioned. You’ll need to control the thrust very delicately to get it to hover, and maybe even tweak a couple settings; once you get the hang of it, it’s an absolute blast to pilot. Because the Nano is so tiny (there’s a reason it’s named after a fly), it’s relatively safe and has less destructive potential relative to the larger quadrocopters on the market. Note: We’re offering both the 6-DOF and the 10-DOF.

common-APM 2.5 and 2.6 Overview | ArduCopter Table of Contents APM 2.5 and 2.6 Overview The APM 2.5 board requires no assembly, and is ready for firmware. ***Click and drag the image above to spin it! This page gives you a look under the hood, and goes into more detail about the design of this board. The APM 2.5 has some improvements over the APM 2.0, but they both have a very similar layout and function. APM 2.6 is a revision of the APM that makes use of an external magnetometer (compass).The APM 2.6 has no on board compass, and is optimized for vehicles where the compass should be placed as far from power and motor sources as possible to avoid magnetic interference.APM 2.6 is designed to be used with the 3DR GPS uBlox LEA-6 with Compass module.The GPS/Compass module may be mounted further from noise sources than the APM itself.APM 2.6 requires a GPS unit with an on board compass for full autonomy.For information on installing a 3DR GPS uBlox LEA-6 with Compass, visit (Here!). Using the APM 2.5/2.6 Enclosure Or Not 3DR Power Module

3D Printed Quadcopter This amazing looking device is a quadcopter that was designed by me and my team at the University of Victoria. The project built completely from scratch using 3D printed parts, some cheap electronics, and a modified version of the AeroQuad software. The purpose of the project was to create a DIY quadcopter for under $200 and push the limits of what the 3D printer in our laboratory can do. You can see the full project page here. Step 1: Components The goal of our design is to keep the parts relatively cheap (under $200) and light enough to allow 3D printed parts. Rotors - Brushless DC motors that can provide the necessary thrust to propel the craft. Frame - The structure that holds all the components together. Prop Guard - Styrofoam structure around the props to protect the device in the event of a collision. Microcontroller & Sensors - The Arduino microcontroller loaded with a 9 degree of freedom sensor from sparkfun. Step 2: Rotors Step 3: Frame Step 4: Prop Guard Assemble the parts Video

Multicopters collection View More Spherical Drone by kert Oct 23, 2014 Collection Cover Remove Q10 Version 7, Quadcopter (Multirotor) by Juhaur 1 day ago 370mm Quadcopter DJI Flamewheel Style by jason51873 Dec 29, 2014 IO FPV: A 3D PRINTED HEXACOPTER FOR FPV by Abormor Dec 23, 2014 T4 Quadcopter Mini 250 (5 inch props) by Brendan22 Apr 20, 2014 PL1Q Vampire, the 3d printable quadcopter by swepet Feb 14, 2012 Crossfire 2 by MikeyB Jan 26, 2014 Micro Hexa Y Scrab by elpet Dec 29, 2014 Blade 200 QX Fordable Frame by Laggylarry Jan 18, 2015 Parametric tricopter frame + tail mount + servo gimbal by ahtly Jan 19, 2015 Folding TriCopter for 15.5mm with OpenSCAD Source - Remixed by MichaelErwin Nov 21, 2014 Top Wholesale Cheerson CX-20 Quadcopter From China Cheerson CX-20 Auto-pathfinder Quadcopter flights at up to 10 meters per second and with GPS hold, Auto return, 300 meter remote distance as well as Auto Pathfinder functions and a fly time of up to 15 minutes you can soar high. Cheerson CX-20 Quadcopter This immensely impressive quadcopter is a dream to fly as the 4 powerful brushless motors propel it at up to 10 meters per second where it can soar high into the skies with an agile grace and maneuverability that withstands even stiff wind conditions. Advanced Flight Modes This advanced drones headless flight mode, manual mode and stable mode ensures amateur and professional alike can fly it with ease, indoors or out. Camera Mount Other advanced features include intelligent orientation control as well as elevation hold so this smart quad copter will almost fly itself, which is great for filming and framing shots with a camera attached. At a Glance...

télécommande quadcopter le rtf de la nouvelle version 2.4g l160-2 6ch fpv de 2015 à $416.99 Couleur Affichée : télécommande quadcopter le rtf de la nouvelle version 2.4g l160-2 6ch fpv #04442598 Zone de Liquidation du (51% de Réduction) Crédits: $13.90 (Commande de $109.81)$27.80 (Commande de $165.41)$55.60 (Commande de $276.61)$83.40 (Commande de $415.61)$139.00 (Commande de $693.61)$278.00 (Commande de $1,388.61) Gagnez 1% Crédits cash supplémentaires Sur Toutes les Commandes Plus Transmitter Option Mode 1 (Right Throttle Hand) Mode 2 (Left Throttle Hand) Livrer à Canada Délai de Traitement: sera calculé lorsque l'article aura été sélectionné Délai de Livraison: Express 3-4 jours ouvrés Description du Produit Spécifications Photos Modes de paiement Cartes de Crédit Acceptés : Services de Paiement : Vente en Gros Commande Groupée Toutes les catégories > Autres Articles de ce Fabricant Photos et Avis des Utilisateurs Soyez le premier à Ecrire un commentaire Questions & Réponses Aucune question à présent. Historique Récent télécommande quadcopter le rtf... – Ma Boutique Mondiale™

Ultra micro camera FPV spektrum VA1100 - Arcalide Prix : 109.00€ 82.90€ Disponibilité : Disponible en stock Quantité: L' Ultra Micro caméra FPV VA1100 de Spektrum combine une caméra ainsi qu' un émetteur vidéo 5.8GhZ integré pour un poidS total de moins de 5g ( antenne incluse également ). Ce petit combiné est parfait si vous souhaitez avoir l' émetteur vidéo et la caméra pour un poids mini. Compatible avec tous les récepteurs vidéos ( Lunettes, écran LCD ) Fat Shark/Immersion RC. Caractéristiques techniques de la caméra FPV spektrum VA1100: - Antenne Polarisée circulaire.- Caméra CMOS VGA, avec un angle de vision de 90° (115° en diagonale).- Compatible avec tous les récepteurs vidéos FATSHARK et Immersion RC.- Fréquence : 5,8 ghz.- Modulation : analogique NTSC.- Nombre de canaux : 7.- Optimisé pour un gain de poids et de taille.- Dimensions (LxlxH): 20 x 15 x 10 mm.- Poids : 4,5 g. Contenu du pack ultra micro caméra FPV VA1100 : Lunettes FPV et/ou écran LCD NON INCLUS.