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15 MORE Free Guides That Really Teach You USEFUL Stuff During 2010, we’ve written a bunch of new PDF manuals for you, on all kinds of subjects, from Facebook privacy to Dropbox tips. After releasing 15 NEW manuals resulting in hundreds of thousands downloads we thought it was about time to look back and review them. If you’re a long time reader you probably know that we did a similar roundup last year. Enjoy! Downloads are free, no strings attached. Even if you’re not a MakeUseOf subscriber you may easily download a PDF of your choice with a click of a button. Please also do us a favor by sharing these manuals with your friends! Lots of work went into those manuals.

Watch "In-Wheel Electric Drive System from Protean Electric - SAE 2012" Video at Engineering TV Log In | About Us | Contact | Advertise to the ETV Newsletter Sign In | Support /* A Custom CSS */ Related Videos Now Playing: AMD Embedded and Gaming Innovations at CES 2015 ZANO Mini Swarming Drone Funded on Kickstarter 3D Food Printer da Vinci AiO Combines 3D Scanner and 3D Printer Nobel 1.0 Stereolithography Apparatus 3D Printer This 3D Printer Costs Only $349 ULE (Ultra Low Energy) Devices What is ULE (Ultra Low Energy)? Stern Modernizes Pinball Design with SPIKE System What is MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link)? MHL 3.2 Integrates Android Smartphone with In-Car Infotainment System Renesas R-Car H2 Powers Multiple In-Vehicle Displays Renesas R-Car V2H Creates 3D View Around a Vehicle SENtral Motion Coprocessor is a “Sensor Hub” for Wearable Devices Marvell Smart Home Cloud Center Reference Design 3D Printer Development Kit from Marvell Carbon Fiber Reinforced Parts from Mark One 3D Printer GEAK Smartwatch Powered by MIPS Processors Wearable Patch Connects to the Cloud to Monitor Patient’s Vitals All Videos

Things I Wish My Phone Did iPhone Wallets Tired of Messy & Bulky Wallets? Enjoy British practicality with our perfectly designed wallet case for your smartphone content and animation. SLIM & PRACTICAL ● Holds up to 8 cards, cash and keys ● Made of genuine premium leather ● Easy access to cards ● Instant access to iPhone's screen and all ports CHECK THE VIDEO for more information TRUE BEAUTY New Vaultskin Mayfair Wallet Case for iPhone 5 & 5S Featuring slim fit, stylish look and unequaled functionality.

Readability - An Arc90 Lab Experiment Update: On February 1, 2011, Readability was re-launched into a full-fledged reading platform that includes mobile support, queuing articles for reading later and a greatly improved reading view. In addition, the platform provides a unique model for supporting publishers and writers through your reading activity. Visit to learn more. Reading anything on the Internet has become a full-on nightmare. As media outlets attempt to eke out as much advertising revenue as possible, we’re left trying to put blinders on to mask away all the insanity that surrounds the content we’re trying to read. It’s almost like listening to talk radio, except the commercials play during the program in the background. Recently, Mandy Brown wrote a wonderful article for A List Apart called In Defense Of Readers. Despite the ubiquity of reading on the web, readers remain a neglected audience. In response to all this madness, we’d like to introduce Readability:

NOTCOT *NOTCOT in tech - 03.08.14 - 0 Notes Dyson Cool Desk Fan Excited to try out the new and improved Dyson Cool Desk Fan. Favorite details ~ it is far quieter than it’s predecessor! And there’s a remote (that magnetically attaches to the top of the desk fan like the floor models always had) - and a new super subtle digital display in the fan base, as well as a sleep timer! They also say it’s 75% quieter, and consumes 30% less power! TO PAGE 2 of "Dyson Cool Desk Fan"! *NOTCOT in tech - 03.06.14 - 1 Notes NOTlabs Instagram: Electronics Overdosing I have to admit, it’s been terribly difficult (and also weirdly freeing) to be working on so many projects and doing so many things i CAN’T share on NOTCOT… yet! I have been learning SO much the last few weeks. None the less, the craziness has barely begun ~ prototyping done, ordering in progress, awaiting all the parts, then comes days of soldering, assembly, etc… so take a peek at what we’ve got so far on the next page Simplethings Happy Packaging

The Best Of: Windows Software The best PC software won't bog your Windows computer down. It's clean, free, and gets the job done. Consult this list for ideas and discover apps you didn't know existed. We're continuously seeking out the best Windows software, and places to download them, for all your needs. Most applications recommended here are free and you can quickly find what you need by browsing the listed programs by category. Note that some installers pack bloatware, useless adware that's pre-selected to install. Jump Ahead: Antivirus | Audio Tools | Backup and Sync | Browsers | Communication Tools | Defragging | Download Tools | Email Clients | Files Management | File Recovery | File Storage | Image Editors | Image Viewers | Maintenance | Miscellaneous | Optical and Disc Image Tools | PDF Tools | Productivity | Reading | Text Editing | Uninstallers | Video Tools Antivirus, Malware, and Firewalls Antivirus software is a cornerstone in protecting your computer from external attacks. Audio Tools foobar2000 MusicBee - Free Multi-Engine Online Virus Scanner v1.02, Supports 36 AntiVirus Engines! (VIDEO) Oubliez la prise, Phinergy présente une batterie Aluminium-Air qui se recharge avec de l’eau… | Voiture, vélo, scooter et véhicule électrique ou hybride. Installée dans un prototype de compacte électrique, une Citroën C1, cette batterie aluminium-air annonce jusqu'à 1000miles (1600km) d’autonomie pour un poids de 25kg seulement, d’après son PDG ! Pour l’instant cette batterie sert de pile à combustible (ou prolongateur d’autonomie) pour alimenter la batterie Lithium de la voiture et se recharge simplement avec de l’eau ! L’Aluminium renferme beaucoup d’énergie 8kWh par kg, aussi en sachant l’utiliser le rendement est très intéressant, rentrant en contact avec l’air via des « air electrodes » - des électrodes poreuses qui absorbent l’air mais qui ne sont pas altérés par le CO2 contrairement aux générations précédentes de batteries Métal-air grâce a un catalyseur a base d’argent « silver based catalyst » - la réaction créé de l’electricité. Ainsi les batteries utilisent l’air ambiant et respirent plutôt que d’être en cercle fermé et nécessitent seulement un peu d’eau (quantité nécessaire au 1600km non indiquée) pour faire le plein !

Free Online Scanner - Online Virus Scanner Tools and instructions for manually downloading definition database for F-Secure products for both Windows and Linux. Note: for more information on the latest database updates, check our DBTracker. Manual Update Using "Check Now": Windows Applies to: F-Secure Anti-Virus Client Security F-Secure Anti-Virus for Workstations F-Secure Protection Service for Business (PSB) Workstation Security F-Secure Anti-Virus 20xx F-Secure Internet Security 20xx How? Open the Anti-Virus user interface by double clicking the "F" icon on Windows task bar. Manual Update Using fsdbupdate: Windows F-Secure Anti-Virus products for Windows (version 9 and 10) PSB Workstation Security F-Secure Policy Manager (version 10) How? Download and execute the fsdbupdate utility fsdbupdate9.exe from our download server. Linux Applies to: F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper for Linux (version 4) F-Secure Policy Manager (version 9 and 10) Rescue CD Download and run the utility from our download server. Rescue CD Rescue CD

EVTV.ME Wolfram|Alpha—Computational Knowledge Engine Wiring It All Up HV Circuit Control Box The main battery pack powers more than just the motor, it also provides electricity for the ceramic-element, cabin heaters, as well as feeding a DC-DC converter (replacing the role of the original alternator) that transforms the 200+ volts to a more conventional 12 volts for the rest of the vehicle’s accessories (headlights, turn signals, etc). All of these individual circuits need switching and fuse protection. I created a custom, water-tight box full of these odds and ends; main switch contactor, fuse blocks, and solid-state relays. Watertight NEMA-rated cable glands used for all cable transfers. High Voltage circuits. A contactor is essentially a giant relay designed to switch high-power circuits through the use of a safer, low power circuit. The Kilovac EV200 contactor pictured in the lower left of the box is designed to switch the HV accessory circuits. 1 x 30 amp fuse for the DC-DC converter 1 x 1 amp fuse for the HV ammeter wiring Battery Pack Monitoring