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The MOOC Guide The purpose of this document is two-fold: - to offer an online history of the development of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) - to use that history to describe major elements of a MOOC Each chapter of this guide looks at one of the first MOOCs and some early influences. It contains these parts: - a description of the MOOC, what it did, and what was learned - a description of the element of MOOC theory learned in the offering of the course - practical tools that can be used to develop that aspect of a MOOC - practical tips on how to be successful Contribute to this Book You are invited to contribute.

100 Ways to Learn a Foreign Language Online Whether you’re getting ready to take an international trip or you’re just ready to brush up on your foreign language skills, there are lots of resources to help you learn online no matter where you study: Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia – anywhere! From schools to translators and dictionaries, find the help you need here in this list of 100 ways that you can learn a foreign language online. Courses & Schools Formal classes, course collections, and more can be found here. Dictionary Get quick translation resources from these dictionaries.

Is Online Education Widening the Digital Divide? Big Ideas Getty By Charla Bear Universities across the country are experimenting with MOOCs (massive open online courses) as a way to make higher education more affordable and accessible to all students. The premise of MOOCs has, to some, come to mean the democratization of quality higher education, a way of equalizing the playing field for students of every demographic. “[Students] can take these courses and say, ‘Wait a minute, I can aspire to these colleges, to Stanford, Princeton or Columbia, and therefore I’m going to try to apply there.’” said Daphne Koller, co-founder of Coursera, in an interview recently.

12 Best Apps for Learning Spanish Like a Boss Learning Spanish? Have a smartphone? Then you’re in luck. You can learn Spanish with songs and music. You have fantastic Spanish podcasts at your fingertips. MOOC Around the World - Our Global List of Distance Learning Resources, Part 2 We’re boarding now for the next leg of our journey exploring MOOCs around the world. In case you’re joining us mid-itinerary, in part 1 we had a whirlwhind three-country tour of distance learning resources from Germany, the U.K. and Ireland. This part will take us back to the continent to introduce MOOC platforms in northern and southern Europe as well as a pan-European platform based in the Netherlands. FYI, as I explained in part 1, I am including platforms dedicated to providing MOOCs as well as independent courses offered outside of a dedicated platform.

Pricing What happens when my subscription expires? Can I still use the themes I have downloaded? When your subscription expires you can still use all the themes you have downloaded with no limitations, however if you cancel your subscription you won’t be able to access new updates or download new themes.

EdTech Round-Up: 99 Google Plus Accounts to Follow Technology amplifies knowledge, and education is one of the fields that stands to benefit the most from the rapid development of the internet and communication technology. Edtech allows for the wide distribution of educational materials, and for the development of customized, interactive learning environments to fit any learning style. Educators and technology enthusiasts alike have embraced the educational power of the internet, PCs, tablets, and even smart phones.

Printed Custom Packaging Stickers & Box Stickers Buy Online How to buy custom packaging and box stickers online in 3 simple steps 1). Enter your order details into the calculator above for your instant custom price 2). Proceed by uploading your artwork (or select for us to create free basic custom artwork for you). 3). MOOCs and the Gartner Hype Cycle: A very slow tsunami By Jonathan Tapson On September 13, 2013 A lot can change in a year. Twelve months ago, the traditional universities were doomed, condemned to irrelevance by an onslaught of MOOCs.

Udemy Mentor Philip Ebiner: Video Produc... "No editing software is going to actually make your course better. It's HOW you use them that will." Hometown: San Dimas, CaliforniaUdemy Birthday: September, 2012Favorite Udemy Course: Photography for Kids - Phil created this course with his younger brother and they split the profits!First Pet: A caterpillar named Fluffy Can the Current Model of Higher Education Survive MOOCs and Online Learning? Not all U.S. colleges and universities will disappear as a result of new technologies, but clearly some will. If higher education institutions embrace the status quo, they will no longer be in control of their own fate. To survive, they must change their existing business models. Henry C. Lucas, Jr. is the Robert H. Smith Professor of Information Systems at the Robert H.

7 Major Players In Free Online Education By Jennifer Berry Imagine a world where free, college-level education was available to almost everyone. Believe it or not, you're living in that world right now.