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Intro to debate

Intro to debate
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Teaching Your Students How to Have a Conversation I was recently in a third grade classroom and was struck by the presence of rules that were posted for how to have a conversation. The poster said, "Each person must contribute to the discussion but take turns talking. Ask each other, 'Would you like to add to my idea?' or 'Can you tell us what you are thinking?' Ask questions so that you understand each other's ideas. Say, 'Can you tell me more about that?' Having visited many middle and high schools, I think these same rules could -- and probably should -- be posted there as well. Maybe you have also observed how common it is nowadays for students to not know how to have a conversation. 8 Tips for Speaking and Listening While it is impossible to know all of the reasons, there is no doubt that learning to listen and talk is an extremely important way to broaden knowledge, enhance understanding and build community. 1. "Really?"" If these students don't or won't share easily at first, don't give up. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Parker -Delivering a Persuasive Speech The Internet TESL Journal Douglas Parkerbps2 [at] Level:Upper-intermediate to advancedOverview:Students need to understand that how they say something and how they physically present themselves are just as important as what they say. By understanding the dynamics involved in effective persuasive speaking, students will improve their overall confidence in communicating.Purpose:The purpose of this lesson is to improve studentsâ speaking skills by understanding persuasion proficiencies. The Handout for the Students The Lesson - Your Voice and Body are Your Best Tools You are a natural talker. For this speech, you have to guess that not everyone will agree with you from the start. There are several important aspects of presentation to keep in mind: Body language - make sure that you have a proper posture. The Strategy: Appear Wise When you are trying to convince someone of something, you must sell yourself before you sell your message. The Comments and Goals Self-control

Fallacies Dr. Michael C. Labossiere, the author of a Macintosh tutorial named Fallacy Tutorial Pro 3.0, has kindly agreed to allow the text of his work to appear on the Nizkor site, as a Nizkor Feature. It remains © Copyright 1995 Michael C. Labossiere, with distribution restrictions -- please see our copyright notice. If you have questions or comments about this work, please direct them both to the Nizkor webmasters ( and to Dr. Other sites that list and explain fallacies include: Constructing a Logical Argument Description of Fallacies In order to understand what a fallacy is, one must understand what an argument is. There are two main types of arguments: deductive and inductive. A fallacy is, very generally, an error in reasoning.

useful interview expressions game useful interview expressions: Practice useful interview expressions game using this ESL fun Game.This game is also excellent for classroom teaching. Teachers can engage students in a classroom vocabulary or grammar review. It is suitable for intermediate and advanced esl learners. It can be used to energize a dull class, to review work that was done or simply as a reward for good classroom work. Games are great for motivating students to learn. More Games Great Debates Language and Culture Skills for ESL Students Meredith Westfall and John McCarthy Debating and discussion tips for ESL learners Description Is Taking Sides too advanced for your students? This book provides vocabulary, conversation tips, language learning tips, and discussion activities to help students debate on a wide variety of fairly non-controversial topics, from dining in or eating out, using the phone or e-mail, type A or type B, fiction or non-fiction, love at first sight or love over time, to diet or exercise. Along with the discussion activities, the book contains some reading, writing, and vocabulary activities. Each of the 30 units includes: pre-debate discussion questions new vocabulary words a reading that outlines both sides of the debate comprehension questions discussion activities that include expressions used indebate-related speech acts and those pertaining to language learning writing assignments idiom and vocabulary review. You May Also Be Interested In Product Details

Free ebooks - Download 20,000 free ebooks at the eBook Directory. Skype in the Classroom del 1 - Mystery Skype - Hur funkar det? Jag tror att alla vi språklärare vill få in så mycket autencitet i vår undervisning som det bara går. Själv har jag försökt med eTwinning, penpals och lingofriends för att få in det här elementet i min undervisning. Tyvärr, inte med lysande resultat. Genom eTwinning fick vi aldrig igång något utbyte och lingofriends tog tid och många förfrågningar var oseriösa. Under de senaste åren har jag byggt upp ett nätverk av vänner och lärare utomlands som jag gärna tar hjälp av min undervisning. Förra året fick jag syn på Skype in the Classroom som är en del av Skype som riktar sig till lärare, elever och skolor. I inloggningsskedet anger man sina uppgifter och berättar mer om vem man är. Hur kan man då använda Skype in the Classroom i sin undervisning? Mystery Skype Mystery Skype innebär att två klasser skypar med varandra och försöker att genom frågor till varandra ta reda på var respektive klass befinner sig. Man kan direkt på sidan klicka på brevsymbolen för att göra en förfrågan.

Krieger - Teaching Debate to ESL Students: A Six-Class Unit The Internet TESL Journal Daniel Kriegershinyfruit [at] yahoo.comSiebold University of Nagasaki (Nagasaki, Japan) Introduction Debate is an excellent activity for language learning because it engages students in a variety of cognitive and linguistic ways. The purpose of this paper is to elaborate upon this point by providing a step-by-step guide that will give teachers everything they need to know for conducting debate in an English class. So, why debate? Six-Class Unit Plan The following six-class unit can be adapted to suit a variety of teaching contexts. Class One: Introduction to Debate 1. Debate: a game in which two opposing teams make speeches to support their arguments and disagree with those of the other team.Resolution: the opinion about which two teams argue.Affirmative team: agrees with the resolution.Negative team: disagrees with the resolution.Rebuttal: explains why one team disagrees with the other team. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4. 4. Comparison: X is _____ er than Y. 5. 1. 2. 3. 2. 3.

Supplementing Textbooks with Student Constructed Knowledge Bases Orig­i­nally posted on iPads in Edu­ca­tion Ning net­work site Authored by Sam Gliksman, Twitter: @samgliksman We’re just a few weeks removed from a major Apple announce­ment regard­ing the release of a new eText­books ini­tia­tive. I’m keenly aware of the sig­nif­i­cance of the move to eBooks, espe­cially as I have a 13 year old that car­ries 20 pounds in his back­pack to school every day. How­ever impor­tant the move from paper to dig­i­tal text­books, I’m still left with a taste for more. I have been crit­i­cal of the ways most schools still rely on text as the pri­mary, almost soli­tary, medium for exchang­ing infor­ma­tion. iBooks could have included aspects of social read­ing so “friends” could exchange ques­tions and notes right within the pages of the book. One of the major com­plaints about “20th cen­tury edu­ca­tion” was that it cen­tered on con­tent deliv­ery. Instead we could pri­or­i­tize “con­tent con­struc­tion”. Orga­niz­ing Content Social Book­mark­ing Cura­tion

Giving Opinions Four Corners ESL/EFL Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 25 Minutes In this fun class activity, students practice expressing and defending their opinions. Four Corners.PDF Our Opinions ESL/EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 40 Minutes In this productive teaching activity, students practice expressing and giving reasons for opinions, and writing simple sentences summarizing the results of a questionnaire. Our Opinions.PDF How to improve your English ESL/EFL Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 30 Minutes This engaging teaching activity helps to teach students how to express opinions and ask others for their opinion. How to improve your English.PDF I Think That ... Here is a useful teaching activity to help your students practice making opinions. I Think That....PDF The Cycling Holiday This entertaining speaking activity focuses on the use of conditional sentences in hypothesizing before making a decision. The Cycling Holiday.PDF What's your opinion? What's your opinion?.

How good does it feel to be productive? « Wharton Hears a Who Well, January is here and I have been going hard. Changing a shift in mind from a slothful holiday leech to a collected, relaxed centipede (does that analogy work? centipede because they have 100 legs.. or do they have 1000 legs? #analogyfail) has been most encouraging. As the Debating Coordinator at my school, I spent today putting together a debating handbook for the coaches in my care. Over to you, debating colleagues. Debating Handbook 2012 Like this: Like Loading...