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The Fifteen Most Fabulous Herbal Sedatives : Kitchen Table Medicine

Do you ever just feel like you need to take a pill to take the edge off? Well a lot of us get extra stressed around the holiday season, and if you don’t want to take something that will totally knock you out, try a gentle relaxing cup of sedative tea instead of popping a pill. Now opinions may slightly differ amongst herbalists as to what the best herbal sedative is, but I think we can all agree that the best herb is the one that works best for the individual. Here are my top fifteen favorites for making in to herbal tea as they are widely available and not endangered species (to my current knowledge.) I have included a brief blurb so that you can get an idea of the herbs that will work best for your constitution.Please always check with your naturopathic physician before combining herbs with prescription drugs. Do not take sedative herbs during pregnancy or breastfeeding. #2 Ashwaganda- This is probably one of my favorite herbs, which is why it got the award for “Best Herb of 2007.” ~Dr.

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Jamaican Dogwood Bark and Powder Profile Common Name Standardized: Jamaica dogwood Other: fishpoison tree Botanical Name Piscidia piscipula (L.) Sarg. Plant Family: Fabaceae For the Mixtresses: Sweet Roses Hair Tea (stevia for itchy scalp) I mean, the scalp is just skin, yes? So I’m thinking this may be the ticket: “Stevia concentrate in the form of drops has also been used directly on sores or blemishes to promote healing. For this reason, some advocates of stevia use it on other skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, or minor cuts or wounds.” ~ Stevia by Rita Elikins, M.H. Which led to this: Lei Gong Teng (Radix Tripterygii Wilfordii): A Blessing or a Time Bomb? By John Chen, PhD, PharmD, OMD, LAc Pinyin name: Lei Gong Teng Literal name: "thunder vine" Original source: Zhong Guo Yao Ci Dian (Journal of Chinese Medicinal Plants) English name: tripterygium, common broad lily root Botanical name: Tripterygium Wilfordii Hook F. Pharmaceutical name: Radix Tripterygii Wilfordii Properties: bitter, acrid, cool Channels entered: Liver Safety index: toxic Background From left: The Chinese characters, dried herb and fresh plant of lei gong teng. Lei gong teng (radix tripterygii wilfordii) is a native plant that grows in many parts of China and Burma.

Coconut Oil Health Benefits - Why Is It So Wonderful? Coconut oil is a staple in my kitchen for many reasons, including health benefits. I use it for just about everything! I consider it a super food because of all of the wonderful things it can do for your body. In addition to coconut oil, coconut milk and coconut meat are also very nutritious. I use coconut milk in place of dairy since I don’t have easy access to raw milk and most pasteurized milk products don’t agree with me. The first thing to remember about coconuts and coconut oil is that they have been a major source of nutrition in traditional cultures for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Cinnamon and Honey Cure for Obesity The cinnamon and honey combination is popularly used for: 1) Improving body metabolism & Weight Reduction 2) Lowering Cholesterol level. 3) Type II diabetes or pre-diabetic condition, regulating blood sugar levels. Instructions: 1. Is medicinal herb kratom a safe and effective alternative for treating pain, anxiety and depression? (NaturalNews) Mitragyna speciosa, also known as "kratom," is a plant native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia that has long been used in traditional herbal medicine to treat pain, boost energy, alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms, and promote feelings of wellness and happiness. But because the plant allegedly exhibits opioid-like activity, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has placed it on its infamous Drugs and Chemicals of Concern list, which indicates that the agency may eventually try to ban kratom in the U.S.

Holiday Gift Guide 2012 Hi, Courtney here, the senior editor at YouBeauty. Over the course of the year I see approximately one billion products, go on about 1.5 million launch events, and try around 800,000 new things. Only a few really noteworthy products make it past my skepticism. So, this year I personally took it upon myself to pick out things I want do the holiday shopping for you so you know that if it’s in here, it’s not garbage and you’ll reign supreme as the dopest gift giver ever. Ready?

Medicinal Herbs & Plants Database Please login to view Professional Data. Don't have an account? Register Now. Registration is free! 10 Malaysian Herbal Monograph (NKEA) 2013 National Key Economic Area (NKEA) Malaysian Herbal Monograph. Turmeric Milk: For Immune System Support and the Treatment of Inflammation Turmeric is one of the world’s most powerful natural healers. Its’ active ingredient curcumin, has been known for centuries to have extremely potent medicinal properties – and is documented as being effective in treating a variety of conditions. Most notably, Turmeric is used for immune system support and in the treatment of inflammatory disorders (i.e. arthritis)…but that’s not all! Top 10 Reasons to Incorporate Turmeric into your Daily Diet Turmeric is an anti-microbial. That means it will attack both bacterial infections and viral infections and destroy both.

How to make a natural air freshener, and assemble your own laboratory for concocting teas, salves, and syrups As a little girl I mixed up shampoos and lotions in my laboratory, trying to improve on the toiletries we had. I never came up with anything worth mentioning, but I did once get scolded for spilling my mom's shampoo all over the bathroom rug. A friend of mine told me about the "laboratory" she'd had at age 12, in which she created, among other things, the cure for AIDs.

Make Balm of Gilead / Cottonwood Oil Balm of Gilead/Cottonwood Oil Many people think you have to wait until Spring to harvest herbs. It is in the middle of winter that I can make "balm of gilead" oil with one of my favorite botanical medicines, cottonwood buds. If you have a cottonwood grove where you live, you know the amazing aroma the trees give off. The buds of the tree, which are available from fall to late winter, exude a resin that many call “balm of gilead.” What I like to do is make a rich, luxurious balm of gilead oil with the buds.

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