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Japanese Lessons, free text/audio downloads

Japanese Lessons, free text/audio downloads
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Japanese dialects The dialects of the Japanese language fall into two primary clades, Eastern (including Tokyo) and Western (including Kyoto), with the dialects of Kyushu and Hachijō Island often distinguished as additional branches, the latter perhaps the most divergent of all. The Ryukyuan languages of Okinawa Prefecture and the southern islands of Kagoshima Prefecture form a separate branch of the Japonic family, and are not Japanese dialects. History[edit] Regional variants of Japanese have been confirmed since the Old Japanese era. With modernization in the late 19th century, the government and the intellectuals promoted establishment and spread of the standard language. Now standard Japanese spread throughout the nation and traditional regional languages/dialects are declining because of education, television, expansion of traffic, urban concentration and etc. Classification[edit] Eastern Japanese dialects are blue, Western Japanese tan. Kyoto type (tone+downstep) Tokyo type (downstep) Cladogram[edit]

Learn Japanese with Free Japanese Lessons - Learn to speak the Japanese language online for free! Learn JLPT N2 Grammar: すなわち (sunawachi) Meaning: in other words; namely Formation: すなわち + phrase Example sentences: 母の父、すなわちわたしの祖父は現在63歳です。haha no chichi, sunawachi watashi no sofu wa genzai rokujuusan sai desu. このタンクには1000ミリリットル、すなわち1リットルの水が入っています。 母の兄、すなわちぼくの伯父は病院で働いています。 すなわち、来年にはワールドカップが開催されるのだ。 Learn Japanese Online: Vocabulary and Kanji Building - 松下 言語学習ラボ 新着 What’s new? ★日本語テキスト語彙分析器 J-LEX 文章の語彙頻度レベルを分析、リライトに役立ちます。たとえば… ・設定した語彙レベルの文章作成のために書き換える単語をわかりやすく赤文字に! ・設定した語彙レベルまでのテキストカバー率と、語彙頻度プロファイルの表を作成! ★語彙・文法のレベルをコントロールした教材づくり ―レベルにあった授業のために― 日本語教育学会 2015 年度日本語教師研修 スライド・関連資料New ★語彙・漢字頻度表示器J-LEXによるリライト教材作成 CASTEL/J 2015, University of Hawaii, Kapiolani Community College, USA, Aug 7, 2015. ★How is the relationship between vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension? スライド ★「効率的な語彙学習順序とは-コーパスに基づくアプローチ-」“学習者コーパスから見た日本語習得の難易度に基づく語彙・文法シラバスの構築” 第12回共同研究会(2014年4月19日、国立国語研究所)スライド&配付資料 ★How do we evaluate a group of words in gaining text coverage? ★漢字学習に役立つ「現代日本語文字データベース」 を更新しました(2014年1月2日) (7月10日 にJSAA 2013 Conference (キャン ベラ)で発表) *JSAA 発表スライドを近日中にアップロードする予定です。 ★日本語教師おすすめのテレビ番組リ スト (Excel 45KB) (2013年8月3日) * 著作権なし、加工・転送も自由。 ★「日本語文芸語彙リスト」をリリースしました (2012年11月25日) (第九回国際日本語教 育・日本研究シンポジウム(香港)の学会で発表) 分野を問わず,効 率的な文芸テキストの理解に必要な語彙です。 ⇒ 日本語文芸語彙リストのページへ 「日本語を読むための語彙データベース(研究用)」を更新しました (2011年12月18日) *このデータベース は,以前の“TM語彙リスト”と比べて,以下の特徴があり ます。 (更新内容はファイル内 に説明してありま す。) ⇒ 語彙データベースのページへ

Best Android apps to learn Japanese A couple of months ago, I bought a new Android smartphone. When I started looking for apps to install on it, I thought about what I wanted my phone to do for me, turning to the wide selection of Japanese apps to help my studies. iPhone user? Check out our list of best iPhone Japanese learning apps WP8 user? photo by Tim Arai Firstly, I like to keep my Japanese pretty sharp, and am a fan of word games. I’ve searched all four corners of the Market, and discovered a few really useful apps for Japanese text input, learning, and reference with clean, easy-to-use interfaces. Japanese dictionary ColorDict I keep two dictionaries on my phone, the first of which is called ColorDict. ColorDict is really good for a quick reference, but a more complete and well-organized dictionary is JED. Japanese IME Having a good and easy-to-use IME is invaluable. Games & flashcards Flash! NihongoUp My other favorite game-type-app is NihongoUp (free). Obenkyo Editor’s choice ひらめき!

Japanese Lessons: Learn Japanese Grammar with Manga 2-2-1 You can browse all of the pages by clicking the picture above and then move to any page via 「」 at the left. When you need English translations or explanations, please return here and refer them. This article covers from page 25 to page 44. Japanese Script with Furigana and English Translation 「いい? “Listen, Eiroku’s surgical team isn’t actually all that good. One Point Lesson: Japanese Expression You can consider べものにならない as an i-adjective, which means “cannot be compared with” or “no match for”. 「すいません…に貸してください。」 “I’m really sorry… But could you please lend me $300?” 「も」 may look weird, but this expression is often used by native speakers. (これはにするりではない…。 (I’m not betraying Eiroku. 「になります。」 “That’ll be $140.” 「いらっしゃいませ」 is a Japanese typical greeting in commercial establishments, like “How may I help you”. (*The lyrics) のとぼとぼと はしのギターき おひけえなすって ギターつのりにござんす けは はしのギターき おひかえなすって なしのれにござんす Hear me strollin’ down the lane Steady backbeat from the rain Guitar’s a Bird a-talkin’ flight (え…? (Huh? 「めまして。 「ですか?」

35 widely unknown Japanese internet slang terms This recent ranking survey from goo Ranking was quite an effort to translate, a look at current net slang that are not yet widely known. Here is a related survey from a couple of years ago. Demographics Over the 5th and 6th of October 2012 1,064 members of the goo Research monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 58.2% of the sample were female, 10.5% in their teens, 13.7% in their twenties, 26.6% in their thirties, 27.6% in their forties, 11.7% in their fifties, and 9.9% aged sixty or older. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample. Number 16 was the first one I knew, having seen it used and explained on TV just last week! Here’s a video for number five: Ranking result Q: What current net slang do you think is not yet widely known? goo ranking,slang