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Cowl Neck Poncho Crochet Tutorial

Cowl Neck Poncho Crochet Tutorial

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Chevron Lace Wrap It’s only August, but already the sunsets are earlier, the temps are dropping a little lower, and Autumn is surely on its way. Fend off the chill of overactive AC now and cool temps later with this Chevron Lace Wrap! Made with fingering weight cotton it’s a not-too-warm shawl in the fall and spring, and a warm breathable scarf in the winter. Best of all it’s made with a memorable and easy two line repeat – so once you’ve got a few rows down, you can curl up on the couch with a movie or take it on the road! Armed only with a hook and a massive stash I was perusing through craft magazines at the bookstore when I came across the Summer 2012 issue of Stitch Craft Create. In it I found an article about basic yarn dyeing with food colouring products. In particular, I was intrigued by the idea of solar dyeing, which is a method that uses the heat from the sun to set the dye colour as an alternative to the more conventional method of the microwave or oven. With near-record high temperatures this summer, I figured I had a perfect opportunity to try this out. I bought 4 undyed skeins of yarn from a cute little LYS in Peterborough called Needles in the Hay. Two of the skeins are called Heritage, an aran-weight merino wool from Briggs & Little, and the other two are called Shepherd’s Own, a worsted-weight from Fibranatura.

Crocheted Linen Grocery Tote It's always a good time to eschew the plastic bag in favor of an earth friendly one. My favorite choice is the netted grocery tote. It has all the conveniences of a plastic bag and none of the detriments. I love that it scrunches up into a tiny ball inside my purse, weighs nothing, and fits more groceries than I can even carry - magic! Our knit version of this bag has been a perennial favorite at Purl (check out Elisa's Nest Tote), so here, finally, is a crocheted option.

Crochet Star Making - A Tutorial. Hello. I have been making crochet stars this week. For no good reason really, just because they're fun to make. So I thought some of you might like to have a bit of crafty fun too. These stars use up tiny amounts of wool, so get your scraps box out! I used a mixture of hot colours....

Knotted Headband Back in October, I was perusing Facebook when I noticed a picture that my fashionable friend Erika posted of herself wearing a crocheted earwarmer/headband. She is studying overseas in the UK, and she told me that she purchased this headband from Topshop for 10 British pounds, or about $15. I thought her headband was so cute and chic, and I immediately wanted to try making one, especially since hers was crocheted and looked so simple to make! I had seen some other knitted and crocheted headbands on-line through Craftgawker and on Etsy, and they were definitely very popular as stores such as Aldo and Urban Outfitters were also selling them. Below is my friend Erika wearing her Topshop earwarmer, and below her is a similar headband I found from ASOS. This earwarmer/headband is also commonly referred to as a turband (knotted look of turban + headband), and knitted/crocheted turbands as well as silk/fabric turbands have been spotted on many celebrities as part of the boho chic trend.

International Yarns and Latch Hook Kits shell: ([Tr, ch 2] 4 times, tr) in indicated stitch. Ch 72. Row 1 (RS): Sc in 2nd ch from hook, *sk next 4 ch, ([tr, ch 2] 4 times, tr) in next ch (shell made), sk next 4 ch, sc in next ch; repeat from * across, turn—7 pattern repeats. Row 2: Ch 8 (counts as tr, ch 4), sc in 3rd tr (middle) of first shell, *ch 4, (tr, ch 1, tr) in next sc (between shells), ch 4, sc in 3rd tr of next shell; repeat from * across, ch 4, tr in last sc, turn. Row 3: Ch 6 (counts as tr, ch 2), (tr, ch 2, tr) in first tr, sc in next sc, *shell in next ch-1 sp, sc in next sc; repeat from * across, ([tr, ch 2] twice, tr) in 4th ch of turning ch, turn. Row 4: Ch 1, sc in first tr, ch 4, (tr, ch 1, tr) in next sc, *ch 4, sc in 3rd tr of next shell, ch 4, (tr, ch 1, tr) in next sc; repeat from * across, ch 4, sc in 4th ch of turning ch, turn.

Easy Textured Cowl Matching Cowl and Gloves pattern As promised, here is the matching Cowl to my Easy Textured Fingerless Gloves, which I posted last week. Once I had decided what to do with this yarn this set worked up nice and quickly, and are keeping me lovely and warm this November. Granny Bobble Spiral Hi all, My attempt at a spiral bobble pattern posted here - has been a hit with all you pinners out there, and so I have refined the pattern... Granny Bobble Spiral - Crochet Dilly Bag Pattern In response to further requests, I've endeavoured to write a pattern for the crochet dilly bag. A much more difficult project, both for me to write and for you to make. To keep it as simple as possible, the pattern is for a smaller version of the large bag previously shown.This bag measures 15" (37.5cms) in circumference x 8 " (20cms) in height, an ideal size for a young girl, and also useful on many occasions for a big girl. Large enough to hold a phone, medium purse and glasses, keys plus other small belongings.The yarn can be any sturdy acrylic, wool or cotton. 8 ply and a 3.50mm hook were used.Because of the stitch variations, a plain colour would also look nice.