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The Orbitron: a gallery of atomic orbitals and molecular orbitals

The Orbitron: a gallery of atomic orbitals and molecular orbitals
a gallery of atomic orbitals and molecular orbitals on the WWW Images representing atomic orbitals and molecular orbitalsAnimated plots of wave functionsAnimated plots of electron density"Dot-density" plots of electron densityPlots of radial distribution functions A note Please note: our server is very fast but The Orbitron contains files that are quite large, and so may take some time to download if your internet connection is slow. Adapted from Encarta World English Dictionary: -tron suffix. a device for manipulating atoms or subatomic particles, accelerator. Orbital /áwrbit'l/ noun. You can now buy the Orbitron atomic orbitals poster. Related:  Helpful info

11 Mots Merveilleux Recently Added to the French Dictionary Every year the publishers of one of the most popular French dictionaries, Le Petit Robert, release a list of the new words to be included in their next edition. For the 2014 edition, the words which will be making their dictionary début include recently coined terms from politics, sciences, and the arts, along with a sizeable helping of slang. The list reliably provokes indignant complaints about the decline of standards and ruination of the language, but detractors need not worry. The list actually shows how French remains robust, alive, and in step with the times. 1. galoche, galocher A galoche is a French kiss, and galocher is the verb "to French kiss." 2. gnagnagna This fabulous onomatopoeia is pronounced approximately "nya nya nya" and contains just as much derision, though of a slightly different kind. 3. clasher This verb borrows from the English "clash," but refers more specifically to a type of feud or "beef" between two people or factions, especially rappers. 4. kéké 5. chelou

Irregular Webcomic! #87 1 Imperial Officer: Lord Vader, the rebels have fled the ice world of Hoth. After going to the swamp planet of Dagobah, Skywalker has rejoined...2 Imperial Officer: ... his friends on the desert world of Tatooine. And now the rebel fleet is massing for an attack on the forest moon of Endor.3 Vader: I sense a great disturbance in the Force.3 Imperial Officer: My lord?4 Vader: How else can so many worlds be totally covered with only one terrain type without regard to latitudinal variations? 2012-02-08 Rerun commentary: If TV Tropes had existed when I wrote this comic, I almost certainly would have linked to this page. And in a strange piece of stable-time-loopery, this comic provides the introduction quote to that TV Tropes page.

untitled Medium Hairstyles | Hair & Beauty Galleries | Marie Claire Medium hairstyles are HUGE this season, so we've rounded up the coolest medium cuts to inspire you. Gone are the days of an awkward in-between stage...Medium hairstyles have become the 'it' length to cut in this summer. Somewhere between the collar bones and the jaw line, an affectionately termed 'midi haircut' is the one that the stars are all asking for, and we're sussing out the best 'dos to achieve the look. 'That mid-length is so modern, it's so fresh, I think it's really nice to go that length. It's also a great way to come out of the ombre look we did last year,' celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves told us. We're obsessed with the low-maintenance bed-head style, rocked by Kate Moss and Alexa Chung, but for a more polished medium hairstyle, take your inspiration from Reese Witherspoon and Elizabeth Olsen, who have been working glossy glamazon waves as well as the pin-straight look this year - love. Hair long enough to still perfect an updo, but short enough to avoid dreaded split-ends?

You’re not born knowing what a PhD is. You’re not born knowing what a PhD is. That may sound painfully obvious, but the implications mean a lot for aspiring scientists. I had a simple view of jobs as a kid. A fireman and a doctor were two different personas, learned from role models in my life. Problem is, I didn’t have any scientists in my life, and I know there are still a lot of people in the same situation. My scientist role models were Doc Emmett Brown, Bill Nye, and Beakman. As an adult, of course, I learned that stuff was all fantasy. When I finally got into science — as a teenager — I found that many of my peers were from families where science or medicine was the family business. I, on the other hand, had to catch up. The main lessons were that science doesn’t happen quickly, and to do it right you have to be a lot more than just really informed. So I wrote one. I had a lot to learn, and I was lucky to have mentors who educated me not just in science, but in its culture and philosophy. And so, the university was born.

Hair Price Calculator | HairSellon The Hair Price Calculator is a unique tool, created by HairSellon to value and estimate how much your hair is worth. Simply enter your details in the form below and click calculate. Help *Remember these are estimates of your hair’s value, often representing maximum worth. Calculator Help Length: Refers to the total straight length of the hair portion you wish to sell. Hair Thickness: To measure the thickness of your hair you must hold it in a tight ponytail and measure the total circumference. Hair Colour: Please select the nearest match from the dropdown box. Virgin Hair / Non-Virgin Hair? How Does the Hair Calculator Work? There are several factors that determine the overall value of your hair.

Behold, A Tinder-Like App For Female Friendships untitled Staying safe on social media- We’ve got your back! Introducing our new Social Media Safety Guides for Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, and Youtube! We have worked hard alongside each of these platforms to make the process of understanding online safety a priority. Every guide gives user friendly information on how to best use reporting and privacy tools on each platform, and for the very first time all of this information is located in one nifty location! What makes these guides different than what is up on each social media site? How do the social media partnerships work? What is online harassment? While there is space for debate and discussion online (as well as conflicting ideas!) Who experiences online harassment?

How to Get Rid of Pink Stains in Your Toilet Bowl and Bathtub Pink Stains – What Is It? Pink residue is generally not a problem with water quality. A pink discoloration may be a result of iron found in some well water or old pipes in the delivery system but would not be isolated to only one toilet, one fixture or one room. In most cases a pink residue is likely a result of airborne bacteria which produce a pinkish or dark gray film on moist surfaces. This film is usually found as a ring that accumulates at the water line in the toilet bowl or around showerheads, shower doors or curtains, sink drains, bathtubs, tiles and grout. Some people have also noted that the pink residue appears in their pet’s water bowl, which causes no apparent harm to the pet and is easily cleaned off. Many experts agree that the bacteria that causes these pink stains is most likely Serratia Marcescens, a bacteria which is found naturally in soil, food, and in animals. Pink Stains – How To Get Rid Of It

What Is That Pink Slime Lurking In Your Shower? (And How Do You Clean It?) Pink slime means one thing in the food world. But in your home, it's something entirely different -- a bacteria, to be exact. According to Melissa Maker, the owner of Clean My Space, the pink slime that forms at the bottom edge of your shower curtain is an airborne bacteria -- not a mold, as commonly thought -- technically known as Serratia marcescens. The pesky growth thrives in damp environments like bathrooms, and feeds off common toiletries, such as soap and shampoo. Gross. As startling as the words "airborne" and "bacteria" may be, Maker says the bathroom variety of pink slime is fairly innocuous if you manage it. The amount of moisture and soap scum in a bathroom will also determine how long you can keep the bacteria at bay, which is why Maker recommends properly ventilating the room during and after a shower for at least 30 minutes, and using a squeegee or after-shower spray to get rid of soap and shampoo residue on your shower curtain and tub. Shutterstock Rub Pencil Erasers To...

Overcoming the Fear of Driving Photo by Holly Andres I consider myself lucky in love and unlucky in cars. When I was 12, my dad fell asleep while driving us home from a visit to Grandma’s. We hit a telephone pole at 30 miles per hour. I broke my femur (the thickest bone in the human body) and had to be cut out of the car with the Jaws of Life. I had two surgeries and spent months on crutches and in physical therapy. For a few months afterward, I was jittery in cars. Then, when I was 18, I was slammed back to square one: As a camp counselor on a night off, I went to an ice cream parlor with four of my fellow wholesome teens. I grew up. When I met my husband-to-be, Jonathan, I moved to San Francisco for a time. Eventually we moved back to NYC, now over a decade ago, and had kids. Thanks, I’ll Walk When Jonathan drove, I’d stare wide-eyed at the road, making reflexive squeaks and jerks. Then, a couple of years ago, in the middle of the night, we were driving with our kids to a vacation in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

How Informational Interviews Could Help You Get a Job | Glamour You've got a secret job seeking weapon and didn't even know it: A successful informational interview—a meeting with an industry-leader you admire—could place you first in line when a coveted company position finally opens up, a new survey shows. The key? You have to ask thoughtful questions while showing off your mad skills. More than 2,200 chief financial officers responded to the recent Accountemps survey. In equally awesome news, you don't have to worry that asking for an informational interview will come out of left field. But don't be fooled: While an informational interview may be easy to set up, you have to do a lot before you'll see any first-in-line dividends. Lucky for you, we've already given you tips on how to ace an informational interview.

8 Things Recruiters Notice About Your Resume at First Glance (and 4 Things That Don't Matter) Replace the Word 'Very' with One of These 128 Modifiers Do you remember high school English class very well? If so, you likely spotted the flaw in that sentence. If you didn't, here's a refresher: As our composition teachers told us long ago, the modifier "very" is lazy and inprecise—and some of America's most prominent writers can vouch for that assessment. Florence King, the sharp-tongued American novelist, essayist, and columnist, reportedly once wrote: "'Very' is the most useless word in the English language and can always come out. More than useless, it is treacherous because it invariably weakens what it is intended to strengthen." There's always a stronger, more vivid word to describe something, which is why Lifehacker recently posted the infographic below, created by the editing pros over at [h/t Lifehacker]