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The Five Anime of Spring 2013 You Should Be Watching

The Five Anime of Spring 2013 You Should Be Watching
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The Innovative Way That Japan Is Saving Its Small Rural Towns - Snakku Japan is a land of two worlds. On one hand, you have the Japan that many people know: the bustling Tokyo, the historic Kyoto, and the relaxing hot spring resorts. On the other hand, you have the Japan that’s been forgotten and filled with abandoned houses, empty schools, and closed shops. But there’s still a glimmer of hope, thanks to an innovative program called the “Furusato Nozei”. small town store in Japan © Yanai Takahiro Small town Japan is disappearing faster than ever before. Rural Japanese Town © Ippei & Janine Naoi Launched in 2008, ‘Furusato Nozei’ ふるさと納税, or “hometown tax,” hopes to solve this issue. Small town Japanese train station Why would the Japanese donate money to the small municipalities? For one thing, even though the Japanese are leaving the countryside for major cities, they are still nostalgic and loyal to their ‘furusato’. But the biggest reason is because the municipalities have started to offer gifts in exchange for donations. Japanese Market © Bill Welham

Off The Beaten Path: Relax Your Day Away In This Hidden Village - Snakku What’s the one thing you must do when you go to Japan? Visit Mount Fuji? Eat great sushi? “Off The Beaten Path” is a series that explores some of the lesser known yet amazing places in Japan. Kurokawa Onsen is situated in the volcanic mountain ranges of Kyushu and is truly a hidden village. Map of Kurokawa Kurokawa onsen has long been a renowned hot spring town. Takefue Ryokan at Kurokawa Takefue Ryokan's private bath and rooms Hallway at Ryokan Takefue Ryokan Sanga in Kurokawa To this day, the town has kept the traditional atmosphere alive. © Juiceboxh3ro © William Cho Kurokawa Onsen stands out even in Japan for their picturesque ‘rotenburo’ or “outdoor hot springs.” The river that passed through middle of town © Kevin Tan With so many hot springs in this little town, don’t you wish you could take a dip in as many as possible? Tegata hanging along a local temple © Ricardobtg Beer cooled with natural spring water © Cipit Footbbath © Lazyfri13th Natural hot spring boiled eggs © Lazyfri13th

YogaSlackers What is Adventure Racing? and who is Team YogaSlackers? Want to race in a YogaSlackers Adventure Race? Check the or the END-AR! Past Adventures Feb 11 - Mar 14, 2014 Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge Nov 29 - Dec 12, 2013 Costa Rica Adventure Race World Championships! Costa Rica Aug 17, 2013 2013 Maah Daah Hey 100 Mtn bike race Jul 18 - Jul 21, 2013 Wyoming Cowboy Tough Rev 3 four day adventure Race Wyoming Feb 7 - Feb 25, 2013 2013 The Patagonian Expedition Race Punta Arenas, Patagonia, Chile Jan 1 - Jan 18, 2013 Rickshaw Run 2013 India Sep 21 - Sep 22, 2012 Bend Adventure Race Bend, OR Aug 8 - Aug 12, 2012 Gold Rush Motherlode Expedition Race Coeur D'Alene, ID Jun 19 - Jun 24, 2012 Untamed New England The Forks, ME Apr 28, 2012 End- Spar North Dakota Feb 28 - Mar 20, 2012 2012 New Zealand Adventure Te Anau, New Zealand Feb 14 - Feb 24, 2012 2012 Patagonian Expedition Race Sep 8 - Sep 12, 2011 2011 GoldRush Motherlode Aug 8 - Aug 14, 2011 2011 Expedition Idaho Race Jul 23 - Jul 31, 2011 Mar 14, 2011

NunatsiaqOnline 2015-12-31: NEWS: Icelandic storm makes North Pole feel like Vancouver December 31, 2015 - 8:30 am This weather map, from, shows unusually warm temperatures across Greenland on Dec. 30. (WEATHERBELL.COM IMAGE) Santa likely had to doff his red suit post-Christmas this year. That’s because a North Atlantic weather anomaly briefly made temperatures at the North Pole comparable to those felt the same day in Vancouver, B.C. Meteorologists at Environment Canada confirmed Dec. 30 that an ocean buoy near the North Pole registered a temperature of only 0 C. “We had a buoy report up near the [North] pole showing about zero degrees just north and west of the pole this morning,” said Environment Canada meteorologist Kirk Torneby. “It’s quite unseasonable and remarkable really.” An average temperature for the pole, Torneby said, is difficult to determine because of moving temperature buoys. He estimates the average temperature for this time of year, however, would be around -20 C. For Nunavut, however, the weather event will have less impact.

Optical Phenomena due to Rocket Exhaust Products in the Atmosphere Geophysica(2012), 48(1–2), 65–79 S.A. Chernouss1, Yu.V. Platov2, V.V. Alpatov3 and M.V.Uspensky4 1 - Polar Geophysical Institute of the KSC RAS, 184209, Apatity, Russia 2 - Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism,Ionosphere and Radiowave Propagation RAS, 142190 Troitsk, Moscow region, Russia 3 - Fedorov Institute of Applied Geophysics, 129128 Moscow, Russia 4 Finnish Meteorological Institute, P.O. Abstract Optical phenomena caused by a rocket exhaust in the upper atmosphere are presented and discussed. Keywords: rocket exhaust, upper atmosphere, gas-dust cloud, artificial glow, resonance scattering, acoustic-gravity waves 1. Launches of powerful and/or light rockets as well as operating rocket vehicle's engines in the atmosphere are accompanied by an injection of combustion products with its complex composition. The optical effects of the rocket engine operating can be seen as tracks left by expanded rocket plumes moving through the sky. Fig. 1. 2. 3. Fig. 2. Fig. 3. Fig. 4. 4. Fig. 5.

Wood-Based Bone Implants Developed In Italy A group of Italian researchers say they have developed a new procedure that turns wood into artificial bones. The procedure offers hope of a bone replacement material that lasts a lifetime. The findings were presented in the Royal Society of Chemistry Journal. Italian scientists at the Institute of Science and Technology of Ceramic Materials in Italy are currently developing wood-based bone implants for animals and humans that may assist neighboring bones to heal quicker and with more support than the artificial ones available today. Researcher Simone Sprio says since wood's physical structure is more spongy than solid, like many metal or ceramic implants, live bone should grow into wood-derived bone substitute quicker and more securely. Sprio says to makes the bone substitute, the scientists start with a block of wood and heat it until it turns into pure carbon. The process is done in this order to maintain the microstructure of the original wood known as hydroxyapatite.

Rattan bone implants set for human trials - SciDev.Net South Asia Rattan wood — the stems of a climbing palm that grows in Bangladesh. India and Sri Lanka — could be the source for bone implants by 2019. Italian firm GreenBone announced last month that trials on sheep prove that the technology works. It found that rattan can be used to build a scaffold to support damaged bones because rattan has the same strength, flexibility and porosity as bones. The chemical process that turns rattan into a bone-like material was developed by a team at the Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics (Istec) of the Italian National Research Council. Through this process, plant materials such as lignin and cellulose are removed from pieces of rattan wood, which are then treated to create hydroxyapatite, the same mineral that makes up human bones. Bone replacement is crucial for treating various conditions when bones cannot self-repair. A version of this article originally appeared on SciDev.Net’s Global Edition.

Wildcatting: A Stripper’s Guide to the Modern American Boomtown Top 7 Android smartphones with physical QWERTY keyboards The age of the Q is over. There’s no point denying it, arguing it or sugarcoating it. Flagship physical QWERTY phones are long gone, and they’re not coming back. Sad? Damn straight, as we all remember how we used to be able to send like five texts a minute on a full-size keypad-boasting handheld. Yes, they were bulky, clunky, even ugly, but they got the job done in a way no touchscreen-toting iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S will ever get close to. It’s also odd though how each and every mobile player (save for BlackBerry, maybe) turned their backs on productivity-centric gadgets all of a sudden, especially when Samsung, LG and Sony are so vocal about the diversity of their product lineups. Heck, right now, I’d probably settle for a Galaxy S3Q or LG Optimus G Slider. 7. Still stuck on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the 15 month-old Mach basically makes the cut here because there are no half-decent alternatives. 6. 5. 4. Worth the dough? Downsides? 3. 2. 1.

California's Time is Running Out For Drought Relief This Season From the Record-Tying El Niño | The Weather Channel Open Mike: Is it Too Late for El Nino to Help Drought? Mike Bettes poses the question is it too late for El Nino? Many thought it would ease California's drought but things haven't turned out that way. Aired Wednesday, February 10, 2016. While this fall and winter have provided needed rain and Sierra snow in California, time is running out for significant drought relief from this strong El Niño as we head into spring. After an optimistically wet start to the rainy season in the Golden State, including the highest Sierra snowpack measured in five years in late January, February has trended much drier, despite a record-tying El Niño. For instance, downtown San Francisco has only picked up about one-quarter of their average February rainfall-to-date through Feb. 24, typically their third wettest month of the year. According to the California Department of Water Resources, snowpack water content Feb. 25 ranged 84 to 96 percent of the late-February average in the Sierra. Wet Season Winding Down

What are the Noetic Sciences? no•et•ic: From the Greek noēsis / noētikos, meaning inner wisdom, direct knowing, or subjective understanding.sci•ence: Systems of acquiring knowledge that use observation, experimentation, and replication to describe and explain natural•et•ic sci•ences: A multidisciplinary field that brings objective scientific tools and techniques together with subjective inner knowing to study the full range of human experiences. For centuries, philosophers from Plato forward have used the term noetic to refer to experiences that pioneering psychologist William James (1902) described as: …states of insight into depths of truth unplumbed by the discursive intellect. They are illuminations, revelations, full of significance and importance, all inarticulate though they remain; and as a rule they carry with them a curious sense of authority. It led him to conclude that reality is more complex, subtle, and mysterious than conventional science had led him to believe.