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Painting on tree trunks

Painting on tree trunks
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Chain Link Fencing As Art by Soo Sunny Park American artist Soo Sunny Park took over Rice Gallery, part of Rice University in Houston, Texas, with a glistening, labor intensive, abstract installation called Unwoven Light. The suspended piece is made up of 37 individual units composed of chain link fencing that is arranged into a sculptural form that’s all about light. Watch the video: As you make your way around the space, the ever-changing rainbows of color bounce off each piece of iridescent Plexiglas that has been wired into the openings of the metal fence. From Park: “Like a net, the sculpture is a filter that is meant to capture the light that is already there and force it to reveal itself. Unwoven Light is on display at Rice Gallery through August 30th, 2013. All photos © Nash Baker.

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Page 5Dogshaming “I check to make sure the crib is safe, EVERY time Mommy puts the baby in it. -Marty” He scrambles to get ahead of me, sometimes waking up the baby in the process, and sniffs the crib before letting me put the her in it. I stole and ate a chocolate croissant from the nice retired lady who looks after me when my mom is at work. Thank you for bringing me home from the shelter. “Mom a chipmunk got up there and I was getting him out for you! Bella has a bad habit of chewing up things we leave on our end tables. Caption in the photo is: I ATE THAT LITTLE SQUARE THINGY THAT DAD TAKES OUT OF HIS CAMERA AND STICKS INTO HIS COMPUTER. What do you MEAN this door wasn’t built for me? Perry is a 15 month old Jack Russell Terrier and mini Aussie cross. Ate all the rotten tomatoes out of our garden and puked them up all over our beige carpet. Cassie’s early morning surprise. “I woke up my Mommy and Daddy by throwing up at 3:00 in the morning, at the foot of their bed… under the sheets”

GABRIEL DAWE – Installations art pack vol.1 GABRIEL DAWE – website ShareThis Copy and Paste Stone Telling: The Magazine of Boundary-crossing Poetry by Shira Lipkin the girl's voice the changeling voice I have studied so hard to pass as one of you. I've spent a lifetime on it. I have tells. When I was little, I asked my alleged mother,what's a girl? She saidyou,you're a girl, and she laced me into dresses (that I tore off in the school parking lot, in line for the bus). My dancing was different. And everything is about containment is about being delicate and pretty laced into corsets whalebone stays digging into your ribs because it's not beauty if it doesn't hurt. But I studied. None of it is in my nature. I am something larger, more fluid, less constrained. Shira Lipkin is a writer, activist, mother, and nexus. Read Shira's discussion of this poem over at the Roundtable! If you enjoyed this poem, please consider donating a few dollars to help Stone Telling continue, and showcase many more fantastic and diverse voices! Photography:Untitled, by Graham Blackall.

What's ZENTANGLE? "Anything is possible, one stroke at a time." Zentangle® is a delightful method for creating beautiful pictures using repeated patterns. Many find it addicting! It’s easy to learn, easy to do, is enjoyed by a wide range of ages and skill levels, and is used in many fields of interest. Think you can’t draw? Sakura (who makes the Micron pens used in Zentangle) has posted an article I wrote on the company website. The Zentangle art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Here are three examples of Zentangle tiles.

Les 20 plus beaux endroits sur Terre : Buzzly Bien que la plupart de la planète ai été découverte et bien documentée, il y a encore beaucoup d’endroits qui restent relativement inconnus, et sans aucune raison valable. Voici la liste des endroits les plus magnifiques et souvent méconnus dans le monde qu’il faut visiter au moins une fois dans sa vie. Bon voyage à tous ! Tunnel de l'Amour, Ukraine Paria Canyon, Arizona, États-Unis Cratère de Ngorogoro, Tanzanie Grotte de Jeita, Nahr al-Kalb Valley, Lebanon Maui, Hawaii Mont Roraima, Venezuela Ayers Rock, Australie Grand désert de Uyuni, Bolivie Rocher de Pulpit, Preikestolen, Norvège Musée sous-marin, Cancùn, Mexique Pour voir la suite, rendez-vous page 2 ! Etched Leather Artwork by Mark Evans The artist Mark Evans creates portraits of famous faces, all hand-etched into leather hides. He creates artwork using knives as his ‘paintbrushes’. These leather works of art are incredible and impressivley detailed. >

Japanese breakthrough will make wind power cheaper than nuclear NOTE: Some major wind projects like the proposed TWE Carbon Valley project in Wyoming are already pricing in significantly lower than coal power -- $80 per MWh for wind versus $90 per MWh for coal -- and that is without government subsidies using today's wind turbine technology. The International Clean Energy Analysis (ICEA) gateway estimates that the U.S. possesses 2.2 million km2 of high wind potential (Class 3-7 winds) — about 850,000 square miles of land that could yield high levels of wind energy. This makes the U.S. something of a Saudi Arabia for wind energy, ranked third in the world for total wind energy potential. The United States uses about 26.6 billion MWh's, so at the above rate we could satisfy a full one-third of our total annual energy needs. Now what if a breakthrough came along that potentially tripled the energy output of those turbines? Well, such a breakthrough has been made, and it's called the "wind lens." Editor's note: Want more info?