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Apportable - Objective-C for Android

Apportable - Objective-C for Android

jQuery Mobile | jQuery Mobile Game Programming Patterns Noodlecake Studios Game Development: Tips & Tricks Solutions for Mobile Developers | Havok Havok’s middleware technologies allow developers to easily port and optimize technology to mobile platforms and create cinematic, rich 3D immersive games. Cross-Platform, Out-of-the-Box Solution: Use a single set of tools and SDK to develop for PlayStation® Vita,  Android™, iOS, Windows® RT and Windows® Phone 8 simultaneously.Platform Optimized Runtime Technology: Faster development and increased productivity of your pipelineOptimum Scalability: Make full use of available hardware resources on leading mobile platformsReduced Development Risk: Industry-tested technologies that have been approved by numerous title releasesIndustry-Leading Support: Dedicated world-wide support to help ensure your team gets the most out of Havok’s technologies Also, check out our free game engine, Project Anarchy @

Online Learning: A Bachelor's Level Computer Science Program Curriculum (Updated) Introduction [Update: See also the follow-up post to this piece, An Intensive Bachelor's Level Computer Science Curriculum Program.] A few months back we took an in-depth look at MIT’s free online Introduction to Computer Science course, and laid out a self-study time table to complete the class within four months, along with a companion post providing learning benchmarks to chart your progress. In the present article, I'll step back and take a much more broad look at com-sci course offerings available for free on the internet, in order to answer a deceptively straightforward question: is it possible to complete the equivalent of a college bachelor’s degree in computer science through college and university courses that are freely available online? And if so, how does one do so? The former question is more difficult to answer than it may at first appear. Yet, this does not mean that all the necessary elements for such a curriculum are not freely accessible. Introductory Courses

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