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Real Animals That You Didn't Know Existed

Real Animals That You Didn't Know Existed
Maned Wolf The world we live in is filled with exotic wildlife, and that means more than just lions and giraffes. There are a multitude of species that are lesser known to the general public and fascinating to learn more about. Redditor preggit decided to introduce a whole batch of these real animals that look like they've been Photoshopped. They come in all shapes and sizes and we couldn't help but share them. One animal that preggit features is the maned wolf, which looks like it's a red fox that mated with a deer to create a furry, lovable face with long, slender legs, but is actually its own type of mammal. Top photo: The maned wolf is the largest canid in South America, resembling a large fox with reddish fur. Fossa The fossa is cat-like, carnivorous mammal that is endemic to Madagascar. Barbirusa Babirusa, meaning "Hog-deer," are members of the pig family found in Wallacea, or specifically the Indonesian islands of Sulawesi, Togian, Sula and Buru. Zebra Duiker Pink Fairy Armadillo Related:  Miscellaneous AnimalsC

Evergreen CIA Owned Airline: Dropping Poison On You And Your Family [Besides this outfit, it is reported that chemtrail planes also fly out of US and other NATO military bases in the US and around the world.] Evergreen Air is a CIA front company for chemtrail operations within the US, based out of Marana Air Park near Tucson Arizona and McMinville Oregon, near Portland. A major missing piece of a grand conspiracy has been targeted by a drunk pilot. In a small town 30 miles east of the Pacific Ocean in Oregon is the center of a major global operation. At a bar in McMinnville, Oregon, an inebriated pilot attempted to impress one of the pretty ladies with tales of his secret mission. The pilot’s pathetic attempt to portray himself as a Sean Connery or Daniel Craig caused him to (ante up) his importance and spill the secrets of the CIA’s asset Evergreen International Aviation. The slurred revelations confirmed suspicions that Evergreen (International Aviation) is part of the major crap dump on the planet. Was John P. Source

Animal Mind Control Scott Youtsey/Miracle studios A normally insatiable caterpillar suddenly stops eating. A quick look inside its body reveals the reason: dozens of little wasp larvae gnawing and secreting digestive enzymes to penetrate its body wall. They have been living inside the caterpillar for days—like little vampires, feeding on its “blood”—and are finally making their exodus to build their cocoons on its bright-green exterior. In the caterpillar’s brain, a massive immune reaction is taking place—the invertebrate equivalent of a cytokine storm—and among the factors being released is an invertebrate neurohormone called octopamine. But the parasitic larvae don’t stop there. Although researchers have observed countless examples of parasites hijacking the autonomy of their hosts, only now are they beginning to understand how the parasites tinker with numerous systems within the host, ultimately changing the host’s behavior in grotesque and horrific ways. Pet cockroaches Fatal attraction Suicidal insects

Hilarious Photos of Sexy Men and Adorable Cats in Similar Poses My Modern Metropolis Hilarious Photos of Sexy Men and Adorable Cats in Similar Poses Des Hommes et Des Chatons (Men and Cats) is a single-topic blog that pairs similar photos of attractive men with pictures of adorable cats. The brilliant match-ups feature a variety of heartthrobs (including celebrities like Channing Tatum and Michael Fassbender) posing seductively alongside shots of cuddly felines striking a pose that makes the viewer question which subject they're more interested in looking at. Whether the guy is having a hearty, open-mouthed laugh, giving a come-hither stare, or just drinking a carton of milk, the clever blog pairs the image up with a cat doing almost the same exact thing, props and all! Des Hommes et Des Chatons blog via [SNAP!] You might like: New Non-Photoshopped Body Art by Chooo-san Modern Pin-Up Beauties Flaunt Dresses Made Out of Milk Real Men Pose Next to Famous Underwear Ads Meet the Cutest Kitten in the World's Partner in Crime Recommended by Views: 893481 Lovely ^^

Ultimate Pirate Ship Bedroom (14 pics) "The rope bridge is connected to the top of the jail cell, built to accommodate evil doers, thieves and little sisters." Designer Steve Kuhl fulfills every boy's fantasy with this insanely cool pirate ship bedroom. The six-year-old occupant from Minnesota chose between a space ship, race car, castle, and pirate ship. The main feature of the room is the incredible floating pirate ship. But that's not all. Update: We talked to designer Steve Kuhl, asking him about the story behind the ultimate pirate ship bedroom. "This is what it looks like when you enter the bedroom. "Our client wanted us to build a one-of-a-kind bedroom for a one-of-a-kind son. "The base of the rope bridge is anchored on top of the jail cell. "As with many of the things we build, this is was a first. "We constructed the crows nest using a ten inch hand-hewn timber for extra strength. "Tell your pal to put her coat in the last locker and watch her reaction as she discovers the hidden room within.

Military Behind 4 Different Chemtrail Programs by Mike Blair 21 June 2001 from Rense Website Just what exactly are those mysterious airplane vapor trails seen filling America's (and Canada's) skies? A group of independent investigators may have the answer. These "tracks" in the skies, believed to be left by a combination of military and civilian aircraft drawn into the massive, multi-billion dollar program, are unlike regular high-flying aircraft's vapor trails. The principal chemical being deposited in the air consists of various mixtures of barium salts, which were revealed in studies undertaken by a Pennsylvania-based high-tech weapons scientist. Chemicals, he said, were being utilized as part of the development of a new radar system at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. The rally will be attended by hundreds of people from across the nation who are concerned about these poisons being dumped out of the sky onto millions of people on the ground. Many believed the phenomena were created at the Air Force laboratory.

The 7 Most Impressive Examples of Animal Architecture We have a pretty good idea about what sets humanity aside from the animals. We built the Pyramids, assholes. Well, we hate to break it to you, but animals have been cranking out architectural marvels since humanity was still trying to figure out how pooping works. We're talking about things like ... The Great Wall of Beavers Via Juliux Contrary to popular belief, the Great Wall of China cannot be seen from space. AFPDamn. First discovered by someone messing around on Google Earth, it's the largest piece of animal-built infrastructure on the planet, and according to some science people, it would have taken upwards of 20 years to build, and can be seen in satellite images from 1990. Via Originally constructed to keep out enemies -- like China's Great Wall -- it's now a tourist attraction for humans astonished about how such a huge thing was built by such inferior creatures. Photos.comNice beaver. Mile-High Termite Megacities"Is there a problem, asshole?

2011 International Photography Award Winners Advertising: Fashion, 2nd Place Winner John Wright If you love photography contests like we do, then you'll want to check out The International Photography Awards. The annual competition was created to salute the achievements of the world's finest photographers, to discover new and emerging talent, and to promote the appreciation of photography. Recently, the category winners were announced. To view all the winners, you can go to this page on the IPA website or you can check out 25 of our very favorites, below. Advertising: Fashion, 1st Place Winner Peter Lipmann Advertising: Music, 2nd Place Winner Poras Chaudhary Advertising: Other Ad, 1st Place Winner Adam Taylor Advertising: Product, 3rd Place Winner Adam Balcerek Architecture: Other, 2nd Place Winner Kacper Kowalski Book: Nature, 1st Place Winner Thorsten Milse Book: Nature, 2nd Place Winner Alex Bernasconi Editorial: Photo Essay and Feature Story, 2nd Place Winner Zhe Chen Editorial: War/Conflict, 3rd Place Winner Jorge Dirkx

Exclusive Interview: Ultimate Pirate Ship Bedroom Designer Last week, people of all ages came into My Modern Met to marvel at a pirate ship bedroom that looked like it belonged at Disneyland. In fact, all you had to do was search Twitter to see what grown adults were saying. Miketruong honestly said, "I'm 23 and yes, I want this." Och_Annie humorously stated, "I love my parents less for not getting my this ultimate pirate ship bedroom. More than just an incredible design, the ultimate pirate ship bedroom was the culmination of a father's dream. We were able to ask Kuhl a few more questions and he was also gracious enough to share more behind-the-scenes photos including some rough sketch drawings. How difficult was the process and how long did it take? What are your primary objectives when creating a room like this? What type of response did you get from the six-year-old kid and his parents? Kuhl Design Build website

The Most Incredible 3-D Printed Things We’ve Ever Seen ⚙ Co The levees have broken for 3-D printing, and the resulting deluge of printing-concepts-on-the-cheap is flowing faster than we can gather. The best of these rise to the surface for their innovating predictions of a faster/safer/healthier future. A Robotic Hand That Doesn’t Cost An Arm And A Leg Teen engineer Easton LaChappelle created his first robotic hand out of Legos, fishing wire, and surgical tubing--a feat that earned him 3rd place at the Colorado Science Fair. More importantly, it introduced him to a young girl who was born without an arm and needs new prostheses as she grows, which cost a hefty $80,000 per arm. Sensing an opportunity, LaChappelle taught himself 3-D printing and created a dextrous arm controlled by an Arduino chip. Speaking at TEDxMileHigh last month, LaChappelle presented the arm, which features as much motion and almost as much strength as a human arm and costs just $400. [Image credit: TEDxMileHigh] Kowabunga, Customized [Image credit: MADE, LLC] Drone Everything

Where the wild things are Elephants at the Addo Elephant National Park near Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Picture: AP Source: AP The Kermode, or spirit bear, fishes for salmon in British Columbia, Canada. A great white shark swims off the Neptune Islands of South Australia. A snow leopard in the Hemis National Park in northern India. A wild chimpanzee sits on a tree branch in Tanzania. A Bengal tiger of Madhya Pradesh in India. A young male mountain gorilla in Rwanda. THANKS to the efforts of conservation-minded companies operating in some of the world's most remote regions, travellers have the opportunity to make like David Attenborough and experience our most charismatic and endangered creatures in the wild. Spirit bear, British Columbia, Canada: Also known as the Kermode bear, this rare and reclusive creature lives deep in the Great Bear Rainforest, an eerie, fog-shrouded realm of ancient cedars and hemlocks, bound by chilly fjords and forested islands.

Surreal Fantasies When photos are manipulated in just the right way, realistic imagery can transform into surreal stories. The creator is able to depict whatever the mind wants, no matter how impossible it may seem. Indonesian native Djajakarta (Deviantart name) is capable of doing just that. His dreamy work will take you to another place where trees grow out of bodies and smoke magically forms into wild horses. djajakarta's Deviantart page Views: 11231 Tags: art, djajakarta, photo Perfectly-Timed Photos of Animals About to Become Dinner Call it survival of the fittest or just being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Today we take a look at incredible photos, taken at just the right moment, of animals about to feast on other animals. They show birds, reptiles and mammals about to consume their latest meal. If anything, they'll will make you happy that humans are on top of the food chain! Photographer Tom Samuelson said about his epic shot, above, "Great gray owls come south from Canada into Minnesota during the winter to find food. Bald Eagle with Duck Photo credit: Henrik Nilsson Osprey with Fish Photo credit: Austin Thomas Pelican with Fish Photo credit: Ali Alqudsi Eurasian Hoopoe with Caterpillar Photo credit: John Gooday Puffin with Small Fish Photo credit: Harry Eggens Boomslang Snake with Flap-Neck Chameleon Photo credit: Greg du Toit Indian Pond Heron Paddybird with Mouse Photo credit: Nitin Prabhudesai Red-Tailed Hawk with Squirrel Photo credit: Salah Baazizi Snake with Fish Photo credit: Hermant Kumar Brown Bear with Salmon