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Accueil du site la tiny house - La tiny house

Accueil du site la tiny house - La tiny house

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Student designed 70 sq. ft. living pod can be towed with regular car From the innovative to the zany, it's always eye-opening to see what the nation's top environmental college programs are up to. We previously covered this food-growing, electric-car-charging Solar Garage by Vermont's Green Mountain College, now their Renewable Energy and Ecological Design (REED) students have come up with the OTIS, a 70-square foot mobile tiny home. © REED Green Mountain College

Cynthia Lin is creating ukulele videos and tutorials I share ukulele tutorials and arrangements for free on YouTube because I believe that everyone has the ability to create and make musicthrough teaching ukulele, i can help more people access their creative abilitiesthe joy and creative empowerment of making music can change the world for the better THE BACKSTORY:Aloha uke friends! My romance with the ukulele began about 4 years ago. After 6 years of touring and traveling with my beloved Taylor guitar, I was tired of constantly worrying about grumpy flight attendants and passengers who might inadvertently cram their luggage on top of my instrument. The size of the uke attracted me; the cultural phenomenon that the Uke has become won me over. While learning to dance hula in Chicago (of all places), I began singing with my kumu (teacher) and fell in love with Hawaiian music, those lush irresistible harmonies and the heart-and-soul storytelling approach.

How to Select a Tiny House Trailer - Tiny House Design One of the first big purchase decisions you’ll make when starting to build a tiny house on wheels (THOW) is the trailer. In fact the trailer is likely to be the single most expensive purchase in any tiny house project. In the past, most folks just went down to their local trailer retailer and bought a flatbed car/equipment hauler without the ducktail ramp (sloped back of trailer common on car/equipment haulers). But today there are several tiny house and trailer companies making purpose-built tiny house trailers. Impressive Tiny Houses - Small House Plans Type to Search Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter Follow Us On Pinterest Country Living

Minimalist multifunctional transformer boxes hide bed, office & kitchen We've seen numerous examples of modular, freestanding volumes that hide a multitude of functions and amenities in them, acting like amazing transformers of space. These "mystery boxes" come in all shapes and sizes and colours, but the aim is to ultimately allow people to maximize space, and hide clutter. Portuguese designers OODA transformed two derelict buildings in the city of Porto into affordable accommodations for tourists and seasonal foreign students, by inserting these minimalist, multifunctional volumes into small spaces. Situated in the central part of the city, the architects' proposal for the 16-unit LOIOS development aims to reconcile existing and underused residential infrastructure with the changing needs of the population in a cost-effective manner.

"Smart Student Unit" is a 100 square foot timber wonder Designboom shows two of our favorite things in one little project: A 100 square foot "smart student unit" made out of cross-laminated timber (CLT) the super-strong wood panels made from sustainably harvested wood. © Tenbom Architects via Designboom I love how the tables fold up into the wall and seal the windows. This thing is solid and safe.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Ukulele Chords and Lesson Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s beautiful rendition and medley of Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World has actually been around since 1993, a few years before his death in 1997. Movies like Meet Joe Black, 50 First Dates, Finding Forrester, and popular TV shows like Scrubs and So You Think You Can Dance has helped draw attention to this song. For ukulele players, it’s become a “must-know” song. How to Play Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World

Wikkelhouse - A Modular Cardboard House - Tiny House Design A cardboard house that doesn’t need a foundation, lasts at least 100 years, and takes a single day to install. Sounds too good to be true? It does… but it’s true. Wikkelhouse is made by wrapping 24 layers of high quality cardboard and glue around a form. It’s made in sections and each module is 1.2 meters deep. Little Beach Cottage on Wheels: By SignaTour Tiny Houses on January 14, 2014 Back in 2011 I showed you SignaTours teardrop campers, but did you know that they also build tiny houses? They are a camper manufacturer based in Tampa, Florida so they’re RV certified which means you can get insurance for one of their tiny houses pretty easily (just like you would with an RV).

How a talented architect makes an RV look like a charming cabin in the woods The tiny house movement has become a big thing as more and more people try to live with a smaller financial, environmental and physical footprint. As Alek Lisefski noted in his Tiny Project, it's about less house and more life. It's also about laws, that regulate what can go down a road, what can go on a property under zoning bylaws, what code it gets built under. A Modular Danish Summer House—with a Six-Month Lead Time: Remodelista Older A Modular Danish Summer House—with a Six-Month Lead Time by Sarah Lonsdale Issue 34 · Summer Wrap-Up · August 28, 2014 Newer Issue 34 · Summer Wrap-Up · August 28, 2014

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