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Society for New Communications Research VISHNU : Document Search Engine : MultiMedia and Information Systems : Knowledge Media Institute : The Open University Overview This is a document search engine with several new visualization front ends that aid navigation through the set of documents returned by a query. Keywords from the document set are identified and selected on the fly. These keywords are then used to compute document clusters. The clusters can be displayed and explored using three visualisations: Sammon cluster view, Dendro map or radial interactive visualization. This link, VISHNU, will open the application in a new browser. Papers M Carey, D Heesch and S Rüger: Info Navigator: A visualization tool for document searching and browsing.

Time to Act Over the Corruption That is Killing Ethical Journalism - Ethical Journalism Network The world of journalism is full of good intentions but the idea of news media as a cornerstone of democracy and ethical values is fast disappearing according to a report released today by the Ethical Journalism Network. The report, Untold Stories: How Corruption and Conflicts of Interest Stalk the Newsroom, covers 18 countries and exposes how financially-stricken news media are being overwhelmed by political and corporate forces. The report finds that in countries both rich and poor, there are ‘dark arts’ at work in newsrooms: media managers are doing deals with advertisers to carry paid-for material disguised as honest news; reporters and editors accept bribes and irregular payments; and a culture of dependence on political and corporate friends makes it increasingly difficult to separate journalism from propaganda and impartial reporting from public relations. Today that balance of power has shifted. The story everywhere is one of an uphill struggle. Click here to download the report.

PegaSys // Ethereum Explained: Merkle Trees, World State, Transactions, and More December 27, 2018 Ethereum Explained: Merkle Trees, World State, Transactions, and More At PegaSys we understand that entering into the Ethereum world can be a daunting task. There are many new concepts and terms that one needs to learn to engage in the community. In Ethereum Explained our protocol engineer, Lucas Saldanha, provides an easy to digest summary of the Ethereum Yellow Paper for technical and non-technical people alike. Hi everyone! I hope that after reading this post, you’ll know what Merkle trees are and the role that they play in Ethereum, what the world state and account state are, and what a transaction and a block look like. (DISCLAIMER: this post is based on the Byzantium version of the Yellow Paper, version e94ebda from 5th June 2018) Merkle Trees Before discussing the main data objects in Ethereum, I’d like to present a summary of what Merkle trees are and the properties that make them useful. 1. World State Account State *nonce *balance *storageRoot *codeHash Transaction 1. *to

Center for Implementing Technology in Education (CITEd) What Should I do? Noah - ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Question: Ok so where to begin? I’m a 20 year old college student, and I’m wondering what to do. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was in elementary school, prescribed medicine and took it for years. I finally got sick of being on meds and stopped. I havent been on the medicine for some years now, but I’ve just recently started looking back on my performances in the past year or so. This Disclaimer applies to the Answer Below Dr. Answer: One of the many problems with ADHD is the fact that people do not seem to be aware that medicine alone cannot help those with this disorder. So, what I suggest is that you find the psychologists who are expert in ADHD and who can work with you. When I say that this is an ongoing process, what I mean is that there is no "cure" for ADHD but people can and do learn to cope with it. I am interested that you say that you are creative. Definitely stop using pot as that will only make things worse. Good Luck More "Ask Dr.

Verification Handbook The latest edition of the Verification Handbook arrives at a critical moment. Today’s information environment is more chaotic and easier to manipulate than ever before. This book equips journalists with the knowledge to investigate social media accounts, bots, private messaging apps, information operations, deep fakes, as well as other forms of disinformation and media manipulation. The first resource of its kind, it builds on the first edition of the Verification Handbook and the Verification Handbook for Investigative Reporting. Editor Craig Silverman recruited top reporters and academics focused on disinformation and media manipulation to share their tools and techniques.

Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Diagnostics Challenge and Treatment Dilemma Adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has always been a difficult-to-diagnose disorder for clinicians. This is mostly due to the lack of authentic diagnostic tools for adults, as well as because the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition,1 criteria for an ADHD diagnosis require evidence of symptoms present before age 12 years, which is not always known. Although ADHD symptoms were described more than 100 years ago in children, it is only in recent times that the adult form has received appropriate clinical attention; there are now medications approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to treat adult ADHD. In summary, diagnosis of adult ADHD requires a careful history, particularly evidence of social and academic difficulties during childhood. This issue of Psychiatric Annals discusses how to properly diagnose ADHD in adults, as it is truly an ethical dilemma and a diagnostic challenge for many clinicians. References

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