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DIY-pleated dress

DIY-pleated dress

Women's Shirred Maxi Dress Tutorial (Looking for more free patterns? Be sure to check out my free patterns and tutorials page here.) We have a vacation coming up in a few weeks, so I want to get a few new t-shirts and maxi dresses done to take on our trip. So far, I have finished this simple shirred maxi dress. It is a super simple project and I and wanted to share the tutorial with you. I personally prefer wearing and sewing with knits, so these directions are for knit fabric, but you could easily use Voile, a Rayon blend or quilting cotton. Get the full tutorial after the jump: Materials needed: 2 yards of 58 to 60 inch wide fabric.Elastic thread 1/4 inch wide regular elasticClear elastic (for gathering) ruler, tape measure, ball point needle, and other basic sewing supplies (New to working with knits? Step 1: Get measurements and cut fabric: Measurement A: For the length of the bodice, measure from your armpit to where you want the shirring to end. Cut fabric: Cut the bodice to measurement A by measurement B.

Circles and dots blue & blue dress !! Now with tutorial Finally, finally, finally!I'm so exited that i finished my first summer dress! I really needed one and the ones i started, for some reason, i never finished them (didnt like them, weren't what i wanted, blah) lol, but this one i did like, i actually love it so much. When i saw the fabric, i wasnt so sure but i went ahead and bought it because it was the only one i liked that was light and streachy and cheap, it was $1.30 USD/ metter. I started it this morning and worked on it on and off all day. It's a bit hard to sew when there's a little boy pulling on your leg hehehehe. Here's the dress: i'm still not sure if it fits my figure or makes me look weird. sorry the pictures are so crappy, there's no one to take them and these two are the best of the bunch. Here's a close up of the fabric (i think this one's the best pic What do you think? This is my first tutorial so bear with me These are the pieces you will need: The waist band is about 2.5 in. 1. 2. 3. And ta da!

Downloads | The Selfish Seamstress Who loves free patterns? Everyone loves free patterns! On this page, you can download patterns I have created for your own personal use at no cost. DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert or professional pattern drafter or grader. PATTERN: Kate Spade-Inspired Faux Fur Pullover A zany, vintage-y, loose-fitting alternative to a jacket in faux fur with raglan sleeves and a funnel neck. This easy-to-construct garment with just four pattern pieces is sized for XS, but it should be easy to enlarge by adding the desired extra width through the middle of each piece. The Selfish Seamstress Kate Spade-Inspired Fur Pullover Sewing Pattern by The Selfish Seamstress is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Kate Spade-Inspired Faux Fur Pullover XS (PDF) PATTERN: Ballet Skirt for Grown-ups A simple and elegant ballet skirt with no frou-frou. A pattern for a simple ballet wrap skirt, slightly longer in the back than in the front. Like this: Like Loading...

CONTRAST BACK DRESS TUTORIAL Ever since I made my contrast back sequin dress, I've been itching to make one from scratch. The initial idea came from this Stella McCartney dress that Rachel wore, so when I found this gorgeous floral fabric with metallic gold detailing at a local fabric shop, I knew I had to make it. I finished it just in time for Easter, and it was so much fun that I've vowed to make myself an Easter dress every year from now on. Maybe I'll even have a baby girl someday I can make us matching dresses. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here... made by me dress Materials: 1 yard floral fabric (can be any material, stretchy or not -- mine is a medium weight quilting-type cotton with a slight stretch)1 yard knit (I used a nice thick ponte knit)matching thread20-22 in. zipper 2 // sew darts in the BODICE TOP and in the SKIRT FRONT, as shown, so it fits nicely around your bust and hips. 3 // Once your darts are sewn, attach the BODICE TOP and SKIRT FRONT, sewing with right sides together.

Make a One-Hour Dress May 31st, 2013 Email 287 users recommend This dress is so quick to sew, you’ll find yourself making more than one. Jack Deustch Inspiration by Oscar de la Renta Sloan Howard Photo: Jack Deustch What says summer more than a chic, lightweight dress? What You'll Need: French curveHand-sewing needleInterlock knit, 2 yardsMeasuring tapePattern paperRulerSewing machineThread Make the Pattern 1. 2. View 5 member project galleries

tutorial: how to sew a simple maxi dress The Plan. Fabric. You will be making a maxi dress so buy fabric accordingly. I stand 5′ tall (I know, I know, I am tiny) and I needed 2.5 meters of fabric with a 45-inch width. Preparation and Cutting. Sewing. Don’t forget the banana. Instructions for making the rosettes are HERE. Mes histoires de couture ! Des idées à partager .... - Page 11 - Mes histoires de couture ! Des idées à partager .... " Coup d' Eclat !! Une robe d'un rose cendré en lin couleur dragée boutonnée sur l'épaule de deux beaux boutons de nacre. Du lin, pour soi ! Taille 38 / 40 - 1,30 m de toile de lin en 1,60 m de large - Fil assorti - 2 boutons de nacre rose Reproduire les patrons à grndeur, y compris les parties hachurées qui correspondent aux pattes de boutonnage de l'épaule gauche. du tissu. Couper l'épaule droite sans patte de boutonnage, l'épaule gauche avec les pattes de boutonnage en ajoutant les rentrés de couture uniquement sur l''ncolure et l'emmanchure. Dans les chutes, couper des bandes de biais de 2,5 cm de large. pour obtenir une bande d''environ 2OO cm. Surfiler le tour de chaque morceau et un bord de la bande biaisée. Toutes les coutures sont faites endroit contre endroit, à 1 cm des bords. Ouvrir les coutures au fer au fur et à mesure du travail. Piquer la bande biaisée autour des emmenchures et de l'encolure. Retourner sur l'envers. vers l'envers à 1,5 cm de la ligne d'épaule. Ourler la robe . AH !

Rooibos on friday (3 – the end) « My Daruma Vendredi, 22h, après une bien longue journée : c’était moins une pour le billet du vendredi…! La robe est terminée et j’en suis très contente. Monsieur Daruma me trouve un petit air secrétaire sage des années 60 qui n’est pas pour lui déplaire. Moi je dirais plutôt année 50 mais passons, voulez-vous, sur les subtilités stylistique du vintage. Côté couture, pas de problème particulier pour ce modèle Rooibos que j’ai trouvé plutôt plus facile que la robe Macaron du printemps dernier. Seule petite ombre au tableau : si le bustier était parfaitement ajusté, j’ai du retirer plusieurs centimètres de part et d’autre de la jupe qui était résolument trop ample à la taille et aux hanches. Je suis très très fière de mes poches (les toutes premières en 4 ans de couture!) Merci à Sarai Mitnick pour ce très très joli patron. Friday, 10 PM. The dress is finished and i am so pleased with it! The sewing went really well. I’m very proud of the pockets (my first ever in 4 years of sewing!) Like this:

Petite robe rouge Tutoriel Infinity | Coudre comme ma mère February 14, 2011 I’m always searching for a beautiful, well-fitting, versatile dress, and I finally found it. In fact, I MADE it. The infinity dress has got it all! I made my infinity dress in about 3 hours and for under $20! I found these infinity dresses on Craftster years ago and have always loved them. First, you need to do some measuring. So, 30/6.28 = 4.7. Then I decided on length of skirt and came up with 18″. To make your straps, you need to decide how wide to make them. To determine strap length, you need to make them 1.5 times your height. So, got that? To make your pattern, get packing paper, freezer paper, or a bunch of pieces of computer paper taped together. Then I measured 18″ down from that and made another line for my skirt length. Cut out on your lines. Now, keeping your fabric folded in half with selvages matched, fold the fabric in from the end so it’s doubled on itself. Next, cut a waistband 10″ tall and the length of your waist you measured. Now for construction.

Robe transformable : le Sac d’American Aparel Printemps, été… Des milliers de petites robes nous font les yeux doux… Laquelle se coudre ? On les veut toutes !! Pourquoi ne pas en coudre une robe qui en fait 10 ? Comment çà ??? Vous ne connaissez pas les infinity dress ? Ici la version “Le sac” d’American Aparel. Si vous voulez vous faire une robe comme ”Le Sac” d’American Aparel, n’hésitez pas à suivre les instructions sur le blog de VCTRY. Posté par: silvia