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Wall Art, Printables: advertising

Wall Art, Printables: advertising

Comment analyser une création publicitaire ? - Le blog de michelrietsch La création est la dernière étape de la démarche publicitaire. Pour comprendre pourquoi et comment une annonce fonctionne, il faut l'analyser pour elle-même puis la mettre en rapport avec sa fonction. Voici une grille d'analyse pour ne rien oublier. 1. Découverte / Etonnement (approche brute) Description que voit-on ? 2. Comment fonctionne cette publicité ? > Par l’image : photo, illustration, montage, ambiance > Par les mots : accroche, body, base-line, arguments / expression, fond / forme > Par la construction graphique > Par la référence au contexte (ex. Repérez les figures de style employées (« réthorique » ) : Figures de sens (rhétorique de l’image) Métaphore : rapprochement de sens, comparaison imagée (fort comme un lion) Métonymie : désignation du contenu par le contenant, du tout par la partie (boire un verre) Allégorie : représentation imagée, dans une logique poétique (une source de vitalité) Hyperbôle : représentation exagérée, distorsion d’échelle Figures de mots : 3.

30 free icon sets for designers | Web design Icons are a critical element of UI design and as important a part of your web project as web fonts, but creating custom icons for each project is rarely practical as it's so time-consuming. On the other hand, finding those hidden treasures in a pool of tens of thousands of free icons also takes time. That's why we've stepped in to help out – we've picked out a great selection of free icons, and hopefully you'll find at least a few sets that you can put to good use in your own projects, whether personal or commercial. 85 brilliant Photoshop tutorials 01. iconmonstr The iconmonstr website is a great place to find black and white vector icons. 02. Find Icons helps you track down everything from flat black and white icons to colourful 3D icons. 03. At Icon Archive you'll have to sort the wheat from the chaff to a certain extent, but you are able to sort icons by colour, background colour, size, style and category, and download PNGs in four different sizes. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 11. 12. 13.

sudip 40 Of The Most Powerful Social Issue Ads That’ll Make You Stop And Think Many people complain about glossy advertisements and TV commercials as an obnoxious way for companies to invade our everyday lives and ram their products down our throats, but that’s not all that printed ads are good for. The best commercials on this list are excellent examples of effective advertising strategies for social issues marketing campaigns that let their voices be heard. A well-made advertisement is designed to grab your attention and to remain in your memory long after you’ve left it behind, and that is precisely what many of these social problems need. According to David Ogilvy, founder of the legendary Advertising Agency, his contemporary, Howard Gossage, said that “advertising justifies its existence when used in the public interest—it is much too powerful a tool to use solely for commercial purposes.” Torture Victims Are People Just Like You And Me Advertising Agency: Advico Y&R, Zurich, Switzerland Stop The Violence: Don’t Drink And Drive “THE END. Unhate Buckle up.

Download Free Vector Files: Silhouettes, Outlines, Cutouts, Shapes - Part 3 TONS of FREE vector silhouettes! Already collected 15000+ free silhouettes in 325 vector cliparts. Attention to all bloggers, web masters and tutorial writers. If you'll use this vector silhouettes in your tutorial with backlink to this page (use page title as a link text), I'll review your tutorial on my blog. In this case we will do 100% relevant link exchange to share our readers. Just sent me an e-mail to Vector Flourishes

Nickelodeon | Kids Games, Kids Celebrity Video, Kids Shows | Free Resources For Designers and Developers Watch32 2011 Robert Mugabe... What ... Documentary | Biography | History | News 1999 Citizen Kane - ... 1956 Walk The Proud ...

Freebies • Blog.SpoonGraphics 10 Free Retro Text Effect Graphic Styles for Adobe Illustrator Last week I shared a tutorial showing how to create a retro text style using Adobe Illustrator. I had lots of fun producing that effect, so I’ve been busy crafting a number of additional colour combinations to create a collection of 10 free retro text styles for you to download. Apply them to your text elements with just a single click to produce a variety of colourful titles with faux-3D, halftone texturing and subtle shading effects. 12 Free Cinematic Photo Effect Actions for Adobe Photoshop I’ve been having fun working on a brand new set of free Photoshop Actions to transform your photographs with various contrast and colour alterations. 10 Free Black Grunge Textures Made From The Ashes of Hell! 30 Free Magic Bitmap Texture Graphics for Adobe Illustrator I have a new collection of free design resources to share with you this week, and these are MAGIC… Well not really, but kind of!

Where the best designers go to find photos and graphics | Blog This is my collection of the best websites to find free photos, icons and patterns. If you’d like to suggest a resource, send me an email. Photo Blogs Quality over quantity. Photo blogs are all about quality (not quantity). Wondering how to search all these blogs in one place? You might also be interested in Splashbox, a way to sync new photos with your Dropbox. Photo blogs like Unsplash are all about quality. Photo Search Engines Quantity over quality. Photo search engines such as Pixabay are all about quantity over quality. Icon Collections My favorite spot for icons is Icon Monstr. Otherwise, there are a number of other great icon spots that I hear about: Font Awesome, The Noun Project, Find Icons and Icon Sweets. Patterns I love Subtle Patterns. If you’re looking for patterns that are a little less subtle, you’ll want to check out The Pattern Library, which has 50 patterns available. Unusual but Awesome Tools Here’s a few awesome tools that are a bit unusual. Placeit is awesome.